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Corbin Fisher - Update

August 11, 2019

After Hours

Dane and Kellan went at it in a blazing hot POV session before, but after that hot fuck session it was only fair we got the chance to see Dane deliver a deep, long, relentless fuck to Kellan and that’s precisely what we get here! Watching Dane in action makes it clear just what a horny, hyper sexual stud he is despite those boyish and seemingly innocent looks, Dane loves to fuck and is perpetually ready for action. He’s truly versatile you can tell he’s having himself a blast whether on the receiving end of a deep dicking, or the one giving that deep dicking. Heck, Dane’s such a stud even upperclassman CF stud Kellan ends this session totally impressed! We’ve all come to love Kellan’s flawlessly handsome face, hot body, and that dick of his that just does not quit.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 09, 2019

Brooks Dane & Elian

I’m going to skip right to the end to point out just how well Brooks has settled in at CF. Elian is on his back, taking Brooks’ cock in his hole deep while Dane alternates between feeding his cock to Elian and letting Elian tongue his hole. The guys all blow their loads in quick succession - Brooks blows his load all over Elian’s cock, Elian’s own dick starts firing off a massive load, and Dane starts to blow his load all over Elian’s face and in to Elian’s hungry mouth. And while Elian’s licking up and swallowing down Dane’s cum, Brooks just instinctively - so caught up in the moment, riled up and horny - leans down to begin licking up his and Elian’s cum off Elian’s cock and abs. Well done, Brooks! Heck - well done, all 3 of these studs!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 07, 2019

Elian & Brooks

One of the things I like most about Brooks is how down to earth he is. He is sexy, but also so much fun to be around and so easy going, while also being entirely unaware of just how sexy he is! He’s also taken to action with the other guys at CF like a natural - he knows what feels good for himself, gets off on making someone else feel good, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious this young man can fuck like a champ! Elian certainly discovers that’s the case here, as Brooks totally goes to town on Elian’s hole and Elian can not get enough of it! These two studs really have themselves quite the time here.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 05, 2019

Walker & Jaden Get Busy

Walker's shown that he can really take it, but we wanted to see how well he could dish it out - and the answer was very well indeed! Jaden's also proving himself to be something of a rising star around CF, and you can tell with each performance that he gets more and more confident in the bedroom, this time taking Walker's huge cock like a total champ. Walker's giving his all in this episode, going down on Jaden and eating him out until he's practically begging to be fucked, which Walker is more than happy to oblige on! These two toned studs go at it like crazy on the bed, fucking hard until Walker bends Jaden over and plows him until they both cum!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 03, 2019

Brook Scores With Dane

Brooks and Dane sounds a little bit like a musical group, huh? Folks have been clamoring for Texan stud Brooks to hop back into the action, so he's here to take Dane for a ride. After a little jaunt to the park for a friendly tennis match, these two come back to the house to get more intimately acquainted. Dane goes down on Brooks, taking his big dick in his mouth and slurping all over it, until Brooks gets Dane's legs up in the air and goes to town eating him out! After getting Dane nice and ready, Brooks slides rights in and pounds our vet like an expert! Brooks fucks Dane until he busts a nut, and then cums on his ass, before sliding that hot load up inside him!

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 28, 2019

Jaden Rails Walker

Walker was really chomping at the bit to jump right into the action here at CF, so we decided to pair him and his horse-hung cock up with fellow midwestern stud Jaden. After showing each other the finer points of working outside in the park, these two lean studs come back to the house and get to work showing each other the finer points of man-on man action! Jaden starts by sucking Walker's big dick, getting him all hot and bothered, before fucking his mouth and then turning his attention to his tight ass. When Jaden fucks, he really goes for it, and Walker's more than happy to sit back and enjoy the ride. Both of these newbies really put on an amazing show, and we can't wait to show you what else they have in store!

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 26, 2019

Jaden Pounds Clark

It's been snowy out here in the Sierras, so it's the perfect time to build a snowman - what could be more wholesome than that? Clark's hot body and big dick have already made him a fan favorite, especially when he's pounding a hot ass. Jaden's been equally as popular, with his sexy, lean body and confident attitude, so he's the perfect person to break Clark in for his bottoming debut! After sucking Clark's dick, Jaden fucks him so hard that his glasses fly off, and that's just the beginning! Clark takes everything Jaden dishes out like a champ, and Jaden really goes to town, pulling Clark's wavy hair and really dominating him, until these two both end up covered in jizz!

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 22, 2019

Jaden's Facial

It’s hard not to bond after a little man on man action, especially for your CF action debut, but Jaden really has taken a shine to Dane during his time here - from sunrise to sunset they’re playing pool and listening to music, and they’re positively inseparable around the house. One afternoon, though, these best buds’ friendly game of pool gets a lot friendlier. Grinding on the couch escalates to Dane sucking Jaden’s dick, and then even letting his wild side out by giving him a foot job! Then it’s Jaden’s turn to go down on Dane’s thick cock, and before you know it, Jaden’s long legs are in the air and Dane’s chowing down on his hot ass.

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 20, 2019

Paris Fling

Harper and Josh Louvre Paris! This video starts out with all of the CF studs checking out Paris and The Louvre - a fascinating museum overflowing with priceless works of art. You'll notice, in this video's many minutes of extended bonus footage, Josh is a bit sleepy! I guess all that non-stop sightseeing and sex wore him out! Thankfully, Harper was on hand to wake Josh up. Josh always looks hot getting fucked - he has what must be one of the hottest asses at CF, and he always makes it obvious he can't get enough of the feeling of a fellow CF stud's stiff dick in his ass. For his part, Harper loves to fuck and work over a tight hole with his big cock, and sets out to do precisely that to Josh's!

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 18, 2019

Clark Dicks Dane

There's a lot to like about Clark - namely that he's got a big fat dick, and he's open-minded about what he does with it. Well, when Dane's involved, it's hard not to be ready to try anything! Having broken in many freshmen during his time here, Dane was the perfect guy to give Clark the full CF experience. Or so we thought! While going down on Dane, Clark got him so excited that he came right in his mouth, showing that this newbie knows a thing or two already. Having already set the bar pretty high, Clark goes to town on Dane's perfect ass, and fucks him until he cums again, before covering him in his own load! In terms of first time performances, Clark's set the bar pretty high, but we can't wait to show you what else he's capable of.

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