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Jun 27, 2024

Sergeant Beef

by House Of Angell

In this match between Army and Navy, Army definitely comes out on top. Big beefy Sergeant JT Brocke shows how grateful he is for Sailor Liam Angell’s service. JT is the perfect example of America’s finest.

By House Of Angell

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Jun 26, 2024

Ass Then Class

by Frat X

The rule is we take turns on the new bro before classes begin. Not gonna sit in biology all fuckin day without gettin' my nut off first. This little bitch boy was down for the cause. He sucked up all our protein and didn't seem to mind. I think we'll keep him around, keep nuttin' on him, and make our class days smoother.

By Frat X

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Jun 26, 2024

Breaking In Hudson

by Corbin Fisher

Hudson's just full of surprises, and they're always of the most pleasant nature! Hudson showed up to CF coming across as a sweet and innocent, midwestern boy next door type. Lo and behold, he then surprises us in his introductory solo with the confession he's quite sexual, and sexually adventurous! The pleasant surprises continued as Hudson stripped down to show off a nice, big dick and impressive, big balls his entire package is quite the package! Oh, to be Eli here, who gets to be the first guy at CF to play with Hudson's impressive package and first to find out what other wonderful surprises Hudson has in store for us! Before Hudson gets Eli bent over to tongue his hole then bury his thick dick in Eli and drill him deep, Eli gets a chance to surprise and impress Hudson with his stellar oral skills.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jun 26, 2024

The Mafia Ch 5

by Stag Homme

Mafia's Shadow: It's evident to me however, that even with me having seen some of these men before, I am just another play thing to them. It's hard for me to forget a man like Manuel Skye after having my hole practically split open by his thick uncut cock. But I am a loyal submissive, and I do whatever I am told, without question. He undresses me as he searches for the wire that isn't there, an excuse to feel those big hands roam across my skin, and my ass. Having a strong man take control makes me feel so small. The moment any article of clothing comes off I immediately feel dominated, almost as if with each piece I take off the closer I get to being fully aroused. I open Manuel's shirt as he leans in for a kiss.

By Stag Homme

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Jun 26, 2024

Game Night

by Raging Stallion

With football season officially wrapped up, horny daddy Bruce Jones is getting into a raw foursome with his entire 'Game Night' squad, even stepping away for some special alone time with hung muscle hunk Sean Xavier. After being bred by Sean's impressive nine inches, Bruce welcomes back Drew Valentino and Grayden Hall to continue this bareback fuck fest that finds him being spit-roasted and stuffed full of his friends' big dicks. The men continue spit-roasting Bruce and completely servicing each other's throbbing poles until their balls are ready to blow and Bruce's sweaty ass and beard are left covered in pools of creamy nut.

By Raging Stallion

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Jun 26, 2024

Dylan Hayes Cumdump 1

by Bareback +

Promiscuous pretty boy Dylan Hayes has always been more than a little envious of the hot bottom whenever he agrees to top at a cumdump sex party. But now, it's finally his turn to get his hungry boy hole filled!

By Bareback +

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Jun 26, 2024

Pant Splitting

by Men At Play

Luciano has just been asked to attend a meeting in progress to present a new project for board approval. He is nervous, and his colleague Allen King tells him to relax; everything will be fine. On his way to the meeting, Luciano clumsily drops a stack of papers, and when he bends over to pick them up, his tight pants rip open and expose his smooth ass. Unable to go to the board meeting with ripped pants, Allen offers to let him wear his pants. Allen puts on a pair of sweatpants he brought to wear to the gym later. After the board meeting, Luciano returns to his office and thanks Allen for saving his ass. But this good deed comes with a price - Allen asks Luciano to put his torn pants back on and get on all fours!

By Men At Play

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Jun 26, 2024

Palmer & Scotty

by Jock Breeders

This might be Palmer Black's first time getting naked and having sex on camera; the precision and gusto with which the furry stud takes on Scotty Knox's hard dick would have you believe otherwise! Scotty slides his rock-hard cock into Palmer's hairy ass. The toned bottom stud can barely keep his hands off his own throbbing dick, intermittently stroking it as Scotty pumps in and out of his hole.

By Jock Breeders

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Jun 26, 2024

Remember When

by TheBroNetwork

When Santiago bumps into his old army buddy Ryan Bones, they quickly begin to reminisce about old times. But when Santiago invites Ryan back to his place he finally gets the chance to get something off his chest and explore a fantasy that was once all but forbidden.

By TheBroNetwork

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Jun 25, 2024

The Boy Serg Ch 6

by Boy For Sale

The Auction: Much to my delight, I happened to be in a position to jump on this rare opportunity. The bids went higher and higher but I held on, determined to have my prize. After what seemed like an eternity the auction closed, Boy Serg was mine. I stepped onto the stage with dignity and power. This time, Master Snow asked his best friend, Legrand, to act as handler; Master Legrand fucked Serg, as I had last time. I was ok with that. I knew that Boy Serg was experienced. Of course, Master Legrand had owned the boy himself. Seeing him plunder the boy's hole with his massive cock was thrilling to watch. The fact that the boy had already been opened up saved me the trouble of getting him ready for my own cock. To my surprise, his hole was still a tight sheath around my sword.

By Boy For Sale

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Jun 25, 2024

Bottoms Pit

by Face Down Ass Up

I love crawl from dick to dick on my knees. I just want my hole filled with as many loads as I can. I'll take anything they'll give me in and hole they like.

By Face Down Ass Up

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Jun 25, 2024

Jonathan & Pete

by Jalif Studios

A sleazy basement sex club pulses with Euro beats. Jonathan Darko is on the prowl, stalking the darkened corridors in search of his next prey. He finds Pete Bull reclining on a bench, legs spread seductively, ready for whatever comes his way. The two men lock eyes. They want it, and they're gonna get it. They're making out within seconds. Cocks bulging in their shiny sports gear. Pete pulls Jonathan's dick out from his tight-fitting jock strap and starts to suck, before dropping to the floor and worshiping Darko's sweat-drenched sneakers. Dominant Darko is heavily tattooed and stands above Pete like a god, spraying the sub with streams of saliva, before removing his sneaker and pushing it against Pete's nose like a gas mask. Pete breathes in the heady, rubbery aroma.

By Jalif Studios

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