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Apr 17, 2024

Andie Takes On Beckett

by Aussies Do It

Wondering what sparks will ignite in a full-on fuck scene between two of ADI's hottest recent BOTTOM boys? Neither Colombian spitfire Andie or British transplant Beckett makes any claims for themselves in the topping department, but you might be surprised by this scorching hookup. Beckett acquits himself as the top fucker very well, and the satisfied moans of "Wooooww!" from Andie confirm it isn't just acting or a question of appearances. In the interview section both young studs are often at a loss for words to answer the director's questions, but soon they are joking with each other and totally relaxed. Andie's first to slurp down Beckett's dick, and it's clear he wants that cock. Beckett's happy to sling it, drilling deep into Andie's hot and fresh butthole.

By Aussies Do It

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Apr 17, 2024

Sweet Nothings from Suave Rico

by Raw Hole

Rico Maximo is handsome, hung, horny and suave, whispering sweet nothings in a seductive purr to partner Evan Rubio. He eggs cute mustachioed Evan on with barely audible sweet talk as Evan gamely swallows Rico's cock down to the smooth shaved root. Evan is so heated up by Rico's smooth talk and big honking stiffy that he groans with delight when Rico rims and opens his hole with a long nimble tongue. Soon it's more than a tongue sliding slick and bare into that ass. Rico plows his uncut ass-splitter deep and hard into Evan's fuckhungry hole. For his part Evan is in a bottom's seventh heaven, eyes heavy-lidded and half-closed in ecstasy. He lies back with legs stretched high and wide, a perfect invitation for Rico to take that ass and make it his.

By Raw Hole

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Apr 17, 2024

International Transfer Tape 2

by Gaycest

Making Up: Coach Patrick was more than happy to massage Dr. Wolf and Professor Snow to their complete satisfaction in fact, he proclaimed that he was anxious to do it. The Coach could give a sweet hand job. The massage had barely begun before Dr. Wolf suggested that the three of them return to his place and continue the fun there. They were barely able to cram into Dr. Wolf's bedroom before clothes were torn off, with huge cocks springing out of their underwear and hands all over each other's hot, older bodies. Tongues and lips licked, kissed, and tasted. Coach Patrick was placed in the center of the bed and spit-roasted with an intensity that had both the tops and eager bottom howling. Then Serg walked in, full-mast and touching himself. Dr. Wolf shot his son a look.

By Gaycest

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Apr 17, 2024

My Asian Girlfriend 4

by Sex Japan TV

The passionate beauty was waiting for her boyfriend from work for a long time, she was excited all day. As soon as he came, the girl immediately began to show with her appearance that she wanted to feel his penis in herself. The guy did not get upset and began to pester her, taking off her underwear.

By Sex Japan TV

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Apr 16, 2024

Sword of the Samurai 1

by Peter Fever

Touch My Sword: From our PeterFever East creative team in Tokyo comes a new exciting series, with the look and flavor of traditional Japanese samurai culture, and starring the hottest Asian models around! Our newest Japanese model discovery, hot and beefy Nozomu, is the experienced samurai warrior sharing his knowledge and technique with a younger student, played by sexy Asian superstar in the making Ramu. Practicing in the dojo, Ramu thanks his horny mentor for today's lesson, asking to see Nozomu's legendary katana sword, passed down through generations. Opening up his garb, Nozomu shows Ramu his other legendary sword, the one dangling between his muscular thighs. The obedient student asks to taste it, and their encounter begins.

By Peter Fever

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Apr 16, 2024

Draining Hairy Nuts

by Alternadudes

Spencer Gray's big hairy nuts need draining so it's a good thing Maxx Stoner is around to give the twink what he needs. The two make out for a split second before Maxx gets between Spencer's open legs to start servicing the throbbing cock in his face. Maxx knows what he's doing and goes balls deep down Spencer's shiny, wet shaft. Maxx begs for his cum and Spencer catches the cocksucker off-guard with a few good squirts to the face before Maxx gains his composure and opens his mouth to swallow the rest. A couple nice drops hit the chair, but not to worry, Maxx is there for clean up duty with his tongue!

By Alternadudes

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Apr 16, 2024

Max & Billy

by Hard Brit Lads

Fit, muscled, masculine lads Max Schneider and Billy Roberts suck and fuck in a derelict warehouse graffiti, rubble and sweat. These two have great bodies, rock solid uncut cocks from the start. The sex is urgent, passionate, and intense, with both lads swallowing cock and face fucking. Max fingers Billy's arse, then fucks him in two amazing positions, making him shoot a thick load, and Max spunks onto his arse. A spectacular scene!

By Hard Brit Lads

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Apr 16, 2024

Eric & Pablo

by Bring Me A Boy

A twink like Pablo Alt will try to get away with a lot, but a strong father figure like Eric Lenn can put them on the right path, leading straight to daddy's dick. Pablo was in his room drawing when his stepdad, Eric, walked in and caught him sketching pictures of naked men. Pablo knows school comes first, but not before daddy. After a few spanks, it was time for Pablo to prove he had learned his lesson. Eric relaxed on the bed while his boy put his education to work, starting with dick-tasting. But Eric knows a good student when he sees one and gives Pablo's cock some attention as well before focusing on his stepson's ass. Pablo's tight hole took a few tries to get in, but once Eric was in, nobody wanted him to pull out.

By Bring Me A Boy

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Apr 16, 2024

Saul & Joel

by Hairy and Raw

Joel Someone has a Papi, and his name is Saul Leinad. The interracial couple is at it even before we got the cameras rolling, with the two of them making out like fiends. It doesn't take much to get Joel on his knees. In fact, Saul doesn't even have to nudge. The scruffy white boy knows where he belongs, before Papi, doing whatever Papi wants. Because what Papi wants, Papi gets. Like Joel's sweet white ass. Bearded Saul buries his face in Joel's ass and devours the puckered pink morsel, savoring the tender flesh. After spit lubing Joel, Saul pulls out that mouth watering monster cock and Joel turns into a cock sucking whore. But Saul isn’t a selfish Papi and returns the favor, sucking Joel's cock and servicing his balls. Hungry Joel then goes back to servicing his Papi, at least for a little while.

By Hairy and Raw

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Apr 16, 2024

Bare Ranger & Blueheeler

by Bear Films

Nothing like fucking your boyfriend on film for everyone to see. But it's an extra beary treat when it's Bare Ranger and Blueheeler. These bears know how to turn each other on. We start getting to know more about these two sexy bearded hunks as they cuddle on the couch for an interview. But talk soon turns into action as the bears hit the bed. Kissing is just the beginning as Bare Ranger lets Blueheeler do what he does best. The newbie to porn, but not to his partners cock, showed us how they met, and doesn't hold back on the details, as he swallows the thick piece of bear meat. Bare Ranger tried to do the same, but ass was what Blueheeler wanted, and he knew where to find it. Legs up in the air with a dick up his hole leaves Bare Ranger wanting some hole himself as they flip fuck.

By Bear Films

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Apr 16, 2024

James Cannon Tickled

by Tickled Hard

James can't stand being tickled, but with a promise of sex, Franco convinced him to submit to a tickling session. With Texas' help, he ties James to the table with rope and the torture commences. James grits his teeth and tries to resist, but Daddy won't stop. He tickles James until he howls for mercy, then blindfolds him and tickles his size 10 1/2 feet through his sweaty athletic socks. James screams and shouts, but his outbursts only encourage Franco to do more. He tickles James' bare soles with a soap saver and slides in between his toes with lubed up fingers. To escalate the torture, Franco sits on James' chest and tickles him hard in the armpits and ribs. James begs for it to stop when Franco tickles him deeper, but Franco flips him over and tickles him face down.

By Tickled Hard

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Apr 16, 2024

Evan & Carlos

by Southern Strokes

Long practices always seem to make young jock twinks horny, and Evan Novak and Carlos Costa Gilead are no exception. After getting home and flopping on the couch, Evan decided that Carlos needed help with the situation in his shorts. That big cock was not going to suck itself. Evan wasted no time getting his mouth on Carlos's dick and letting it fill his pie hole with meat. Carlos was happy to do the same as he devoured Evan's dick, knowing that he had to save enough for his ass. Evan had no problem holding back and soon was nuts deep in Carlos as they fucked on the couch. With Evan's parents coming home, they knew they did not have long to fuck, but were going to make the best of it, as well as a mess worth every stain.

By Southern Strokes

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