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Apr 11, 2024

Outta The Park! 4

by Raging Stallion

Baseball player Ricky Larkin is trying to buy food at the concession stand from worker, Lucas Leon. When Ricky orders up a 'nice big juicy wiener', Lucas takes the hint and gets on his knees in front of the concession stand to service the star player's big hairy cock. Lucas' mouth gets Ricky revved up and soon Lucas is naked and bent over a picnic table with Ricky's face planted firmly in his scruffy ass. Ricky eats Lucas until neither stud can take the anticipation any longer. Ricky stands up and slowly slides his big raw dick, deep inside Lucas, stretching his hole to the limits as he picks up the pace and fucks the wiener-slinger harder. Ricky wants maximum, bareback penetration and gets Lucas on the floor to pile-drive the horny hunk.

By Raging Stallion

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Apr 11, 2024

Open Holes

by Fisting Inferno

Eager bottom Bruce Jones is wearing nothing but a harness, jockstrap, and boots as hairy daddy Lawson James buries his beard deep in his ass. Ready to destroy some hole, muscle hunk Lawson takes his bareback cock and lubed fist to Bruce's backside before breaking out a monstrously oversized dildo. Bruce's wrecked slit rides takes the XXL toy until his balls are begging to blow and both men are finally unloading all over Bruce's fuck bench.

By Fisting Inferno

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Apr 11, 2024

Alex Debuts on CockyBoys with Hunter

by Cocky Boys

Alex Kof gets his CockyBoys welcome from Hunter, who's hot to sub for him the second he walks in on Alex stroking his big dick. In no time Hunter is worshipfully sucking his cock and getting Alex even harder. He takes it easy rimming Hunter and teasing his hole until Hunter begs for his cock. That's when Alex pounds him and soon finds that Hunter can take his cock no matter how he fucks him. Alex fucks him every which way and yet, Hunter is still up to suck him even more passionately and ride him. Alex then takes full charge fucking him in mid-air and drilling him to the bed, working up as sweat fucking the cum out of Hunter. And when Alex cums, he breeds Hunter and fingers his seed deep into him. Some super-serious fucking and yet they have some playful dick play at the end!

By Cocky Boys

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Apr 11, 2024

Global Entry: Scotland

by Naked Sword

Nakedsword Originals: Ginger hunk Jonas Jackson, originally from Edinburgh, and industry newcomer Dino Bravo are in Scotland, sitting down for an exclusive interview and ready to fuck bareback. Right after their pre-fuck chat with NakedSword, the two swap blowjobs and hop on a nearby counter where Jonas rims and rams Dino’s hole. Moving over to the stairwell, Jonas’ big dick goes ass-to-mouth before Dino takes one final raw ride and is served up an extra creamy facial.

By Naked Sword

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Apr 10, 2024

Dex Ch 1

by Fun Size Boys

A Day with Dex: Mr. Steele launched himself from the lifeguard's chair and immediately dove into the water. A former Marine, he was still as active and spry. Soon, Mr. Steele had reached the youngster he saw flailing, grabbed the boy by the scruff, and pulled him away from the mighty current just in time. A strapping man, still very capable of strenuous physical activity as he'd been as a younger man in the service. He assured the boy, Dex, that watching out for the public was his job. No need to repay a man's duty. Dex flung his arms around Mr. Steele and gave him a big hug. The former marine chuckled and briefly hugged the boy back. Then he noticed that Dex was more than just grateful he was very much aroused. Finally, Dex grabbed Mr. Steele's hand and confessed that he sorely wanted to take the older man home with him.

By Fun Size Boys

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Apr 10, 2024

Ginger's Birthday Gangbang Part 2

by Private Playground XXX

We can't get enough of Ginger's round, bubble ass and neither can these tops. Four beefy fuckers take their turn as ginger boy proves he's got the talent to keep bringing them back!

By Private Playground XXX

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Apr 10, 2024

Second Hole Digger

by XL Fucker

You gotta really love big dick to enjoy a pounding from 10.5+ inches and lucky for us Patrick is a real size queen. He let's Leandro (we gave him the nickname "Second Hole Driller") dig him deep and even lets him hit that second hole over and over again.

By XL Fucker

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Apr 10, 2024

Musclebear Holes VS Daddy Cock

by Raw Road Nation

If you like Nasty Dads with horse-hung cut raw cocks and also bubble-butt very muscular hairy bear holes then you have found your dream scene in this epic World Title Bout fuck that will break the internet. The formidable most famous raw breeding dads and the best Muscle-bears. So much body swapping & cunt-swapping as this group pass each other around like 3 week old cum rags and you even get a full on human centipede of anal masculine play at one point.

By Raw Road Nation

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Apr 10, 2024

Meet Me At The Gloryhole


Riley Mitchel is looking for some action in the bathroom and behind the gloryhole horny King Cuba awaits with his big hard dick. Watch the two studs suck and fuck until they both release some stress.


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Apr 10, 2024

Stepbro's Help Breaking The 4th Wall

by Next Door Taboo

What to do when you and your bud Andrew Miller needs to film some content, but your cameraman bails last minute? Fortunately for Josh Brady, his new step-bro Andrew Delta has a wide open afternoon. Will he rise to the challenge? Can he keep a secret? Will Andrew Miller and Josh Brady be able to keep their hands off of their cameraman? Obviously not. Andrew Delta tries to keep it professional but very quickly gives in to the gropes and advances, turning this scene from a duo to a taboo trio.

By Next Door Taboo

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Apr 10, 2024

R1P & D!P

by Face Down Ass Up

A room full of guys and all this slut can think about is more cock.

By Face Down Ass Up

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Apr 10, 2024

Carl's First Audition

by Maskurbate

This week, I'm excited to release Carl's first audition from the vault! This shooting was Carl's first porn scene ever. He did so well that it's hard to believe he had never performed naked in front of a camera! As soon as I saw Carl, I had a big crush on him. He has everything I love in a guy: nice personality, ripped muscled body, perfect skin, big cock and a smile to die for! I still cannot believe that I discovered him. He's a star!

By Maskurbate

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