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Jul 04, 2024

Kirk with Freddy & John

by Freshmen

Today's video opens to a picture perfect morning featuring our Freshmen dream team. Like almost every young guy, John Leto wakes up with a hard on which needs to be put to use. After a quick shower with his mates Freddy McQueen and Kirk Gauguin, they all get into bed where a circle blowjob leads to more fun. Kirk is the lucky top today while John and Freddy pile up on each other and offer their holes for fucking. Kirk lives up to his fame and bangs both holes mercilessly. John and Freddy enjoy some deep fucking as Kirk switches between worshiping their young asses and hard erect cocks. Finally this fresh young couple use Kirk's body to reach climax and cum all over his face. Kirk then delivers his load to the couple who are always hungry for cum before they all take another shower together.

By Freshmen

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Jul 04, 2024

Ellis & Jamie Team Up On Alex

by Bi College Fucks

Although still pretty new to everything CF has offer, Alex is loving every experience but if you ask him, bisexual threesomes are still his strong favorite! He might be a glutton for pleasure, but he prefers to see himself as loving everything about sex! Ellis starts off just watching, but seeing Alex and Jamie going at it hard, made him yearn for a hard fucking too. So he jumped right in gave Jamie a hand (or rather a mouth) to help sucking and rimming until Alex was at the brink of cumming! Jamie gets an idea, why not give Ellis absolutely everything he wants? Getting into a completely impressive position, she rides while Alex fucked him from behind. At the beginning it was all about Alex, but Ellis gets the full treatment at the end though both guys make quite the white hot mess!

By Bi College Fucks

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Jul 04, 2024

Extra Large, Completely In Charge

by XL Fucker

Solomon is a pretty inexperienced bottom so he's really jumping into the "deep end" by taking on Gutão's monster cock. He definitely struggles and you can tell he is definitely aching pretty bad by the end but he gets Gutão off and learns his lesson that he who is extra large is completely in charge!

By XL Fucker

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Jul 04, 2024

Football Nude 17: First Time Bromance!

by Island Studs

Bubble Butt, All American Blue Collar H-Vac installer Brenden is back for his third hot video for and his First Man on Man Duo Action, First Time Bromance with Tall 6'8", Ripped, Handsome Norwegian Newbie Ashton in hardcore pounding Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Football team in Football Nude 17: posing, flexing, jogging and hugging each other in their sexy jockstraps and then fully nude out in public beside a Mountain River, sweating as they pound each other with the Pigskin in a full body contact football match, joke about Brenden's famous Low Hanging Donkey Balls as they jump and play together, in the Aloha Spirit of Island Studs, pose with a color Aloha sign before wrapping their arms around their naked bodies this Exclusive new video from Island Studs.

By Island Studs

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Jul 04, 2024

Mare Market: Cellphone Footage

by Private Playground XXX

Get the ultimate Fly on the Wall experience with this bonus footage taken at our Mare Market event. One of our most true-to-amateur nature videos ever no editing, no fancy cameras or lighting, no actors just sweaty, raw fun.

By Private Playground XXX

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Jul 04, 2024

Canyon & Alex

by Cocky Boys

Canyon Cole returns to use his uncanny charm on another top: Alex Kof! While Alex is similarly inclined to sensuality, he's more the strong, silent type but with Canyon he smiles and vocally interacts right from the start. Canyon virtually worships Alex's muscles and cock and gets some ass-eating and passionate fucking in return along with Alex showing his romantic side! Alex takes Canyon to bed to lovingly suck him and eat him out, then plow him with Canyon showing how much he loves it. Alex is inspired to fuck him on his back and in midair but it's when Canyon rides him that they visibly connect romantically. It all leads to Alex fucking the cum out of Canyon and breeding him and they leave one more indication this was one special encounter.

By Cocky Boys

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Jul 03, 2024

Hardcore Trooper Sex Loving Twinks

by Hung Young Brit

Whenever there is a horny event with a guaranteed fuck loads of sex, you can count on AJ Baxter to be in any city country or Glory-hole either on his knees, serving all the cum filled balls or handcuffed in a sling, getting pounded bareback till the early hours of the night every night! We were in Spain and he was there of course for the Grabbys and he had accidentally arrived a day early so we offered him a bed for the night. However he was more interested in getting his hole filled and asked if we knew anyone.

By Hung Young Brit

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Jul 03, 2024

Jocks Versus Twunk

by WhoreHimOut

Time to bring in the big boys to get the work done. Pumping ass takes some real stamina so we invited a couple of our resident muscle-heads, Dante Martin and Scott Lazarus to help turn out this week's trick. Get ready for a dozen+ testosterone fueled loads we're stacking up before the finale.

By WhoreHimOut

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Jul 03, 2024

Fuck Your Cum In Me

by Maverick Men

I feel it’s so hot when a guy is physically very into us and enjoys our sexual energy, this guy can take a dick and loves to top as well, he’s a winner winner chicken dinner for us, and hopefully he will keep coming back for more. You will love the close up fat cock hole penetration scenes in this video, not to mention the hot moaning and hyper hot ass fucking.

By Maverick Men

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Jul 03, 2024

Sharing Is Caring

by Guys In Sweatpants

Meet boyfriends, Bryce and James. They're hot, down to earth, love to fuck and love to share. Naturally their chemistry is off the charts too. The only thing that could be hotter than watching these two have passionate sex and enjoy every inch of each other's bodies is if Bryce turns to you and says, "do you want a turn?" as his load is still dripping out of his man. Well that happened, and it's hot as fuck.

By Guys In Sweatpants

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Jul 03, 2024

NAKEDSWORD ORIGINALS: Leonaordo, Caio & Ramon

by Naked Sword

Leonaordo is on his knees as he grips onto and sucks off Caio Rodrigues and Ramon Hot’s massive cocks. Eager to fuck the young twink, the pair of hung muscle tops rim Leonaordo’s hole before taking turns pumping their big bareback dicks into his smooth ass. Leonaordo moans and slams his eyes shut as the two ripped fuckers pound his slit, lift his entire body in the air, and mount his ass to their complete satisfaction.

By Naked Sword

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Jul 03, 2024

The Young Dad

by Muscle Bear Porn

Looks like we have found another beefy bull for the Muscle Bear Bull Ranch. Daddy Kano has all the right stuff in all the right places. To be held in those massive arms and big shoulders is a dream for a boy like Liam Angell. That big uncut dick sure doesn't.

By Muscle Bear Porn

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