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Jun 30, 2024

If The Van is Rockin', Don't Cum Knockin'

by Alternadudes

Jeb & Gwyn were on a weekend holiday in their decked out camping van when the mood struck to get down and dirty. They pull out their dicks and get busy sucking until both of them are throbbing hard. They take it back to the van where they 69, rim and fuck to the sticky, wet, creamy finish!

By Alternadudes

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Jun 30, 2024

Country Boy Allen Tickled

by Tickled Hard

Allen is a friendly country boy who likes to experiment and has been tied up a lot, but this is the first time he's ever been tied up, locked in foot stocks and tickled by a pro. Allen screams and snorts from the very beginning, shaking all over and sweating as he squeals. Allen tries biting Franco, but with his wrists restrained, he just can't reach him with his mouth. Franco switches to a soft blowing, butterfly technique on Allen's side before slowly increasing the pressure and digging into his armpits. Allen's muscular young body twitches and writhes, but he can't free himself from Franco's tickling table. Franco pulls down Allen's boxers and attacks his thighs and knees with his thick fingers. He tickles Allen's big, smooth feet while Allen flails around, dick and balls bouncing everywhere.

By Tickled Hard

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Jun 30, 2024

Nico, Ferdinand & Caetano

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

We find Nico naked on a sofa, when daddy Ferdinand and young Caetano join him. An oral exchange, including some ass licking, follows. Then, oral turns to anal when both Nico and Ferdinand take it up the ass bareback. There's even a hot daisy chain fuck, with Nico in the middle and Ferdinand at the bottom. Finally, the trio finishes up with Nico and Ferdinand helping Caetano stroke out his cum load.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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Jun 30, 2024

Young Straight Tennis Player

by English Lads

Jamie Dexter makes his debut with us today as he transfers from FitYoungMen for his first video shoot! Jamie plays tennis and has a lean, defined, physique with hairy legs and a relaxed personality. He has a cheeky smile and secretly enjoys getting his kit off for the camera! Jamie shows off his lean muscles as he whips off his clothes and teases his impressive-sized uncut cock to a huge erection until he squirts cum everywhere as it drips down his leg I invite Jamie to the shower where he washes off his sticky mess! Great work, Jamie! A manhandling next!?

By English Lads

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Jun 30, 2024

Isaac: Uncut Muscle Stud Eats His Cum

by Straight Fraternity

Diego brings his buddy Isaac over to do a shoot, and they talk about the times they've banged girls together. But until he takes off his shirt, I don't know is how ripped Isaac is. I tell Isaac to strip so I can check out the rest, including his uncut dick. Jackpot! I love getting my hands all over his sexy body while I oil him down. Isaac gets to business stroking his cock, and this horny stud is ready to cum in no time. With Diego watching him over his shoulder, Isaac shoots a big load on his ripped abs, then takes a big glob on his finger and sucks it off. And even though his buddy gives him a hard time about it, Isaac admits he likes the taste.

By Straight Fraternity

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Jun 30, 2024

CAUSA 812 Bauer

by Club Amateur USA

HOLY GUACAMOLE, BATMAN! On Thursday, when I received Bauer’s model app & looked at his pix, I thought, “Okay. I think the membership will like him.” And then on Saturday afternoon when he was walking up the stairs outside the studio, I thought, “Holy shit! That boy is FINE!” Even better. With eyes & a smile that light up the room and positive energy that resonates throughout the shoot, Bauer is soon to become a new CAUSA favorite!

By Club Amateur USA

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Jun 30, 2024

Down n Dirty, Editor's Cut

by Men At Play

Why keep a sexual relationship a secret? In the case of Dani Robles and Hugo Castellano, they can’t have anyone at the office know they’re fucking! Hugo is getting nervous. People are starting to talk, and he doesn’t want their workplace fling to be public. But Dani has no intentions of ending it and asks him to meet at a warehouse behind their office. But, once they both arrive, it takes no time for the suited studs to get down to kissing and exchanging sloppy blowjobs. Dani has no problem deep-throating Hugo’s massive meat. Then Hugo thrusts and swirls his tongue up Dani’s gaping hole, practically burying his face in Dani’s taut ass. Dani is in complete control when they start to fuck, taking Hugo’s thick stiff cock. When Hugo is ready to cum, alpha bottom Dani won’t let him.

By Men At Play

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Jun 30, 2024

Cute Mate Andy Conboi

by Bentley Race

I just finished loading up a hot new scene with my red head mate Andy Conboi. When Andy came back to the city for weekend at the end of summer I jumped at the chance to get him over for one more shoot. And we met out in the street so I could get some fun photos in the city's lane ways. Andy is always up for trying different things. After getting some shots out in the city we heard back to the studio to get some more sporty photos in a jockstrap and long socks. You'll see from these photos shy I love shooting with him. This is also the first shoot where I have joined Andy in one of his videos. I loved the feeling of him squirting a load of cum as he sat riding on my face. The most perfect end to our day of shooting together.

By Bentley Race

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Jun 29, 2024

Taking Turns

by Cade Maddox

Bryce Jax and James Cassidy are one hot, jock couple. We met up in LA and shot a scorching little threesome video. And the way they took turns on my cock, you're going to love it. This fuck video is so fucking hot! Check out each of their OF & Twitters: @JamesToPlease and @BryceJaxxx

By Cade Maddox

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Jun 29, 2024

Silver Steele, Seth & Greg

by Chi Chi La Raw

Sarge Owns Their Raw Holes!: Sarge arrives in a bad mood and soldiers Seth Santoro and Greg Riley know they're in trouble. Of course he's ready to assert his dominance, but he decides to do it in a way they weren't expecting. They're not complaining, after so long with nothing but their own hands they're more than greedy for a pounding suck and fuck session, with holes licked out and Sarge's raw cock filling their holes. He takes a turn with both their wet rumps before the cum spewing finish gives them all a taste of juicy man milk.

By Chi Chi La Raw

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Jun 29, 2024

McKensie, Josh Frey & Tyler Carson

by Euroboyxxx

Forest Fucking Twink Threesome: Mckensie Cross's holding the map but he hasn't a clue where he's going and nor do the other two lads. Well and truly lost, these intrepid scouts decide to regroup and try to work out which way's north. The accusations start to fly and someone is going to pay for getting them in this mess. Mckensie decides the best way to relieve the stress of the situation is to stick his big cock into his buddies mouths and arses and for them to all blow a big load. That should clear their heads, they will still be lost but a lot more relaxed about it.

By Euroboyxxx

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Jun 29, 2024

Admiration: John & Gianni

by Kristen Bjorn

Gianni Gio and John Rodriguez hook up and discover that they have both had a deep admiration for each other for many years. As they chat it up, they find that this admiration stems from a deep appreciation for the other's body of work and adoration for the hard work put into their sculpted bodies. As the guys begin to strip down, the allure of what they see drives them to a deeper appreciation. When you have admired someone for such a long time, it can be overwhelming when you do meet and it can be the most gratifying experience of your life. Admiration has turned to pure lust as Gianni takes John's rising cock into his mouth and begins servicing it with his talented mouth and tongue. Gianni gives John the cock sucking of a lifetime and his rock-hard cock is evidence of his lust.

By Kristen Bjorn

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