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Helix Studios - Update

October 25, 2015

Getting It On The Set

Why wait for a finished set when we have two fetching pro bucks on our hands that can get to work anywhere the urge swells. See young veteran superstud Josh Bensan throw down with the smooth & smoking hot rookie sensation Grayson Lange in a makeshift meat packer that is bound to make you blow. Make sure and stay tuned after the boys blast for some adorable post pound shower shenanigans otherwise known as "cleanup credits."

Bentley Race - Update

October 25, 2015

Skippy & Perry

Hot on the tail of his first topping scene Skippy is keen to get in to more dominant scenes with my bottom mates. And today he's getting it on with my French twink mate, Perry Laroux. Perry is a 20 year old student spending a year in Australia. After I met him I was keen to get him in to some scenes with my other mates. He was the perfect hook up partner for this scene with Skippy. The photoshoot was fun, but not nearly as hot as the fucking session on my bed. In fact I thought Skippy was gonna break the bed as he rode Perry's arse like crazy! Perry could hold back any longer and blew his load while Skippy was pumping in to him. Then he took a break to give his new mate a helping hand to get off. I really like seeing Skippy in this new topping role. Now all my mates are lining up for a turn.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

October 25, 2015

Drew & Dolph

Dolf Dietrich fucks a hot load in Drew Sebastian’s butt and Drew rewards him by pounding the hell out of him with his monster-sized cock and shooting a huge load up his hole.

All Australian Boys - Update

October 24, 2015

Dylan 2

Dylan loves playing Rugby league. Growing up in the suburbs of North Western Sydney. Working as a landscaper, he really likes to be in the outdoors.

Workin' Men XXX - Update

October 24, 2015


Woman chasing, abusing, loving and leaving guy that he is, Dale just happens to enjoy blowjobs from either sex. He's a friendly and funny guy with a dry sense of humor. Despite the appearance of arrogance, Dale really doesn't take himself all that seriously. I personally take that big cock of his seriously!

BadPuppy - Update

October 24, 2015

Michal Kozub

32 year old straight and furry muscle guy Michal has never had sex with a guy; but, has always wanted to take his clothes off and masturbate in front of the camera. After a brief interview, Michal stands up and while showing off his body he slowly strips naked. All the while Michal is rubbing his hot, chiseled chest he pulls down his red underwear showing off a thick, uncut cock surrounded by man-fur that is usually shaved off of other guys.

Bear Films - Update

October 24, 2015

Joe and Bo

After walking through the dunes, something he’s not accustomed to doing, Joe Hardness needs some to massage his aching legs. And Bo Francis, staying at the same B&B, is just the man! Except the salt and pepper bearded daddy has something else in mind. So would you, with a humpy, horny man making himself available the way Joe does! Wearing his cockring and his dick bobbing up and down as if craving attention, Bo can hardly resist. The hairy daddy quickly takes hold of Joe’s cock and starts sucking. But what Bo truly enjoys is milking a man. With slick hands, Bo starts stroking, focusing exclusively on Joe’s hard-on, edging him until Joe can’t hold back any longer. We get to see a juicy, mouth-watering cumshot in both regular speed and slo-mo, making us all wish Bo would work on us next!

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 24, 2015

Elder Lindsay Manhandled by Bishop Angus

When the mission President transferred Elder Lindsay to a new area, he had never met Bishop Angus, president of The Order’s presiding bishopric. Elder Lindsay had attracted the notice of The Order, a group of Mormon high priests who initiate new members into their ranks through a series of sexual rituals dating back to the restoration of the true church. These powerful men have kept their erotic rites known as “signs and tokens of the priesthood” secret, generally not discussing these sacred practices with rank and file Mormons. The Order only recruits and accepts the most attractive young Mormon boys as candidates for membership, and Elder Lindsay definitely qualifies.

Czech Hunter - Update

October 24, 2015

Czech Hunter 217

Today it was already quite late when I started my hunt. Outside it was cold and rainy and for a moment I thought about staying home instead. But I changed my mind and walked to the shopping center round the corner a few minutes before closing. Not much time left for having a look around. And although it was clear that I couldn’t be too picky today I was lucky to meet a blond guy within a minute. He was nervous because of my cam but agreed to have a chat with me. He moved to Prague just recently because of the local University and he honestly wanted to become a teacher. Not bad I thought. And most important: he was quite broke and didn’t have any friends yet in Prague. And when I noticed that he was almost a bit bi-curious I decided to try my luck.

American Muscle Hunks - Update

October 24, 2015

Damien Michaels & Johnny V

The view is amazing in this video - Johnny V and Damien Michaels muscles banging against each other! Outside looks nice too ... American Muscle Hunks embraces the raw essence of male beauty and sexuality. Eroticism is intimate and should be personal. You are able to enjoy a unique erotic viewing experience by creating a connection with each HUNK. You will see hard, sweaty muscle sex that gives you live, front row interaction. All of our HUNKS are aspiring actors, bodybuilders, and muscle enthusiasts – and they enjoy showing you every inch of their rock hard, chiseled bodies.

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