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Apr 23, 2024

Warren Blindfolded & Bound

by Straight Fraternity

After shooting a few other videos for me, Warren knows the drill. He confidently strips naked and lets me tape up his wrists, wrap his ankles to the chair and blindfold him. I rub all over his smooth, sweaty body and lube his cock. It's easy to get a young guy like Warren going. I jack his slick dick a few different ways, then finish him off with my Pocket Pussy. He splatters his big load all over the floor, but he stays hard, so I ask him if he can cum more. I give the jack-off sleeve back to Warren so he can try to shoot again. He rips off his ankle straps and strokes and strokes his cock. He even plays with his asshole a little, but will he be able to go over the edge?

By Straight Fraternity

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Apr 23, 2024

Silver Muscle Daddies

by Hot Older Male

Show Us How To Fuck: Hot Older Muscle Daddies Dino Tamborino and Drake North choose some seriously hot fucking over doing their chores and man do they show us how to fuck. Dino is all bottom in this scene for Drake's big, thick cock and takes it like a champ while begging to be bred.

By Hot Older Male

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Apr 23, 2024

CAUSA 807 Malik

by Club Amateur USA

Malik comes to us through AdultFriendFinder & in quick order. He messaged me on Thursday; we chatted on Friday; and Saturday late afternoon, Malik was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table. From another man sexually stimulating him to his nipples & his prostate, this an epic video of first-time sex-periences with a total recording time of seven hours & 41 minutes across four camcorders (about an hour & 51-minute shoot). Malik was into it all & all into it when around the hour & 25-minute mark, I paused to regroup realizing that from his nipples to his prostate, Malik had been overstimulated. So, he grabbed his phone & went to town. Thankfully, Malik is ready for more sex-ploration, and hopefully, we’ll see him back in a couple of months for another round.

By Club Amateur USA

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Apr 23, 2024

Bring A Mate To Work Day

by Bentley Race

When our mates bring their mates over for a shoot we always end up having a lot of fun. When one of my mates told me he couldn't make it to a shoot, his co-star Byron suggested bringing along one another mate. A guy I had not met before. This is where I got to meet Joel Jackson. Both Byron and Joel are adorable. I got them kissing and stripping each other naked while taking their photos. Byron was so cute telling Joel what to do and how to pose for the photos. Afterwards we made a really hot video too where Byron fucks Joel until Joel blows his load. What a nice way to finish Joel's first porn making experience. Joel joins a bunch of new boys we have been adding to the site over summer here in Australia.

By Bentley Race

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Apr 22, 2024

House Beta Bitch

by Frat X

We dont give fucks we take fucks. Make sure you hold onto something 'cause once you're on the ground, there's no going back!

By Frat X

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Apr 22, 2024

The Reporter

by Kristen Bjorn

Magnus Loki is a photojournalist and has been assigned to do a cover story on a famous church in the area, while photographing the church he notices a hot gentleman, Adam Tyrant sitting near the church and takes some pics of Adam. Magnus offers to take more photos for Adam and so they head off to Magnus’ flat. Once inside the passion between Adam and Magnus heats up quickly. Already stripped down to their underwear and their cocks are flush and quickly rising. Magnus goes down on Adam and quickly brings his hot cock to full attention. Adam swaps with Magnus and shows him just what a hungry and talented cock sucker he truly is, devouring Magnus’ magnificent cock. Magnus flips Adam onto his back, spreads his legs open, exposing the hot, smooth, pink center of his hot ass.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Apr 22, 2024

Labios & Ojo

by Bi Latin Men

Labios and Ojo are two sexy clean looking studs just trying to get some extra cash and they'll go bi to make the most of it. With a lot of uncutcock sucking and deep anal penetration that will make you blow your load right along with them.

By Bi Latin Men

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Apr 22, 2024


by Face Down Ass Up

I'm not done with this pig yet. Fucking all these guys makes me a total whore. The dirty ones are the best, they give it to me rough and hard.

By Face Down Ass Up

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Apr 22, 2024

Bob, Joe & Tommy

by Bel Ami Online

Joe Angelli joins real life couple (now ex) Bob Coogler and Tommy Clapton for a steamy 3way today. If only every unexpected visit would turn out this way the world would be a happier place! Both Tommy and Joe take turns being the top here, and Tommy and Bob both bottom, so there is plenty of fun for everyone to have. Maybe in vain here, but to head off some opinions about Joe's hair, he believes it is an integral part of who he is and is adamant that it stays (we guess he will change his mind at some point). We think he is certainly sexy enough even with the hair that we're willing to wait it out. We hope that you can enjoy the scene well enough even if you are not a fan of the hair.

By Bel Ami Online

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Apr 22, 2024

Big Things Cum In Small Packages

by Cutler's Den

Jason Luna, Ian Streling & Cutler X: Jason Luna is your favorite fuck toy. He makes any dick look giant and makes the hung huge disappear. This was not a planned event but all three guys are in the house right now and Cutler is rubbing his tightly packed crotch through his work out pants not that anyone is missing this. Jason wants to get Ian's dick for sure and having Cutler come in as a third is irresistible. Jason opens wide to get filled and re-filled then filled some more.

By Cutler's Den

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Apr 22, 2024



It's Kenny Gillis's (Ty Roderick) first Pride, and he's excited (and nervous). He lets Chase Manwin (Dylan Hayes)show him the ropes and the feeling of being free to be himself is better than Kenny could've ever expected.


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Apr 22, 2024

Double D Dump

by Sketchy Sex

The long hair covering his face won't stop us from filling it with dick. This whore's hole is gaped so wide, we are going to have fun filling it with two cocks at once.

By Sketchy Sex

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