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May 03, 2024

Sword of the Samurai 3

by Peter Fever

The New Boy: Handsome, chiseled Asian stud Hiroya is the new boy around the samurai training school, and he hides a shocking secret. He's secretly the lover of samurai master Kosuke. When he appears in Kosuke's quarters, anxious to rekindle their love, he has to make sure no one sees and figures out their hidden love. They immediately kiss deeply and passionately, two trained warriors who know and love each other, body, mind and soul. Hiroya moves down to nibble on Kosuke's sensitive nipples and muscular chest, and is rewarded by the samurai master offering him his mighty sword of manhood. He sucks down that fleshy sword, then Kosuke in turn makes love to Hiroya's own weapon of love. He rocks Hiroya's perfect body back onto his shoulders and dives his face into the young athlete's musky buttocks.

By Peter Fever

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May 03, 2024

Colton & Cole Tape 3

by Gaycest

Big Brother: Cole and his younger brother Colton came out to each other on Christmas Eve and, after Colton revealed a long-term crush on his big brother, Cole popped his little brother's cherry. They've been fucking every chance they get, since then. Today, they are up in their old attic playroom wrestling around, and you know what that leads to. Colton was giving Cole that shy hungry-puppy-dog look that Cole's starting to recognize. There was nothing he could do but pull his pants down and let his brother have his favorite chew toy. Colton swallows his brother's fat cock like a champ giving him a blow job that makes Cole's toes curl. But it's not long before Cole has Colton on top of him where he can eat his brother's sweet hole while Colton chows down on Cole's cock.

By Gaycest

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May 03, 2024

Hugo, Virgil, Bob, Jimmie & Dallas

by Freshmen

Bob Coogler and Virgil Avedon decide to make breakfast for their friends. Hugo Carter, Dallas White and newcomer Jimmie Ackerman soon join them for some delicious food prepared with love. The boys decide to thank Bob and Virgil for such a lovely morning in the only way they know how. Virgil and Bob are generally known for their love of anal sex and the other three are happy to meet their needs. The five-way begins with a round of intense blowjobs as Bob and Virgil move from one hard dick to another. Dallas‘ long cock is as usual the center of the attention. After offering their asses for rim-jobs, Bob and Virgil finally get fucked by the three horny youngsters, their rock hard dicks taking Bob and Virgil to orgasm. Their final reward comes as they lay below a circle of hard cocks and wait for three big cumshots to land on their faces.

By Freshmen

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May 03, 2024

Gaycation Brazil: Breeding Marcelo

by Raw Hole

Exchange student Hanry Japa has traveled back from the US to Brazil to visit his homeland and its hot men. He sent a postcard back to a friend in LA with the charming salutation "Hey Bitch!" He's looking to build some muscle in Brazil for his modeling career, and his old crush Marcello William is up to the task of getting him in shape on the famous beaches of Rio. And, they're doing some fucking on the side. Muscular Marcello starts out getting his young buddy to pullup on the beach equipment, but in a few secs they're off to the hotel for this workout's happy ending. The two bareback studs peel off each others' shirts and drop their drawers. Marcello gobbles down Hanry's thick cock as Hanry tosses his head back and just enjoys. He kneels down to swallow DEEP, his hungry ass open and twitching for a rough screw.

By Raw Hole

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May 03, 2024

Haruyuki Meets Wild Boy Yusaku

by Japan Boyz

One guy definitely stands out in our Japanboyz stable as the most daring, edgy, and, yes absolutely WILD. With his split tongue, big crop of tattoos, shock of curly hair and pierced cock, Yusaku challenges all the clichés of sweet submissive Asian guys. He's a liberated, alternative, wild boy through and through. New model Haruyuki might have been a little anxious what hijinks this force of nature might be up to when they were matched for this onscreen hookup. But Wild Boys need love too, and this time Yusaku is enjoying playing the romantic Romeo up for pleasing his partner. He's more than happy to kick back, relax, and be the horny bottom to Haruyuki's seXXXy top. They start out like old buddies, kissing, cuddling, nibbling and sucking each other's nips and cocks.

By Japan Boyz

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May 03, 2024

Daddy Sucks a Stud

by Pits and Pubes

Matt Coven and Guy Criss have been wanting to suck each other for a very long time and they finally get what they want in a hotel room when both their boyfriends aren't around. Guy worships Matt's caged hairy dick until he unleashes the beast to his new cocksucker. It unfurls into Guy's hungry mouth and he promptly sucks it dry. Matt takes his turn on Guy's thick dick until Guy unloads all over Matt's curly, ginger bush.

By Pits and Pubes

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May 03, 2024

Butt Slut

by DamianXDragon

Ricardo's butt says it all. He's a Butt Slut. His tight pink hole edges and milks my dick until I shoot a fucking huge load all over him. Watch his bubbly ass jiggle as I pound it relentlessly. His hole grips my foreskin and slides it back and forth over the head of my cock till I'm screaming ‘I'm coming' over and over again. Wait till you see me drive deep, spray my load and hose him down.

By DamianXDragon

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May 03, 2024

Real Asian Milfs Pt 2

by Sex Japan TV

Sakurai - Asian beauty Sakurai Hitomi was very excited at home while no one was there. She decided to wait for her boyfriend, or rather his penis. As soon as he came over, she showed by her appearance that she wanted to feel his penis in her hot snatch and getting into a doggy pose, was ready and willing. The guy immediately began to play with a vibrator on her pussy and then, after a passionate blow job, passionately fucked her and came in her and all over himself.

By Sex Japan TV

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May 02, 2024


by Raging Stallion

Down in the cruising grounds, Brian Bonds and Logan Stevens slide their hard cocks thru a glory hole, prompting Drake Masters to get down on his knees and begin servicing the two swollen dicks. After Drake has had his fill of cock in his mouth, Logan and Brian join him face to face to return the favor. Brian takes the front, feed Drake his cock, while Logan takes the back end, tongue-fucking Drake's hairy hole. After rimming Drake's crack, Logan stands up to mount Drake raw from behind. It's a musky spit-roast and Drake can't get enough. Logan alternates between plunging his bare cock in and out of Drake's ass and kneeling down to lick Drake's sweaty fuck-hole. Brian and Logan trade places and Drake offers his sore hole up to Brian's tongue and his mouth to Logan's uncut pole.

By Raging Stallion

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May 02, 2024

Count Me In 2

by Falcon Studios

Cristiano is on his knees, pulling down Sumner Blayne's white briefs, and excited to fill his mouth with the hot jock's big dick. Sumner returns the favor by flipping Cristiano's body upside down to rim and 69 with his buddy on the couch. With Cristiano's hole wet and ready, Sumner then spends the rest of this afternoon fuck session pounding his long cock into Cristiano's hungry ass until his balls are exploding and Cristiano is eating up his fresh cum.

By Falcon Studios

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May 02, 2024

Rough Me Up

by Men

Twinks Damian Night and Dillon Roman's sensual kissing on the couch turns serious after Damian smacks the bottom's hard ass. Dillon likes it and wants more as the guys take each other's clothes off. Dillon sucks the top then rides him, and Damian bends the cute twink over to lick his hole and fuck him nice and hard in doggystyle and missionary. Damian cums as Dillon bounces on his cock, and the top flips him onto his back for a hard pounding before he cums again in the bottom's mouth!

By Men

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May 02, 2024

Leather Goods

by Fisting Inferno

Wearing only their finest 'Leather Goods', Johnny Ford and Ryan Sebastian are orally servicing a bound Ty Roderick in the shadows of an abandoned warehouse. Now freed from his restraints, Ty uses his big dick to bareback both strangers as they ride him and then take a pounding from behind. Next, after spit-roasting Johnny and flogging his bare ass, the men deliver their final strokes and pumps as they cover each other in nut.

By Fisting Inferno

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