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Men At Play - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024


Menatplay is getting into the hospitality industry by opening a male, adult-only, XXX service-focused venue, Hotel-X. Hotel-X caters to horned-up businessmen who can request all-you-can-eat “room service” or have the bellhops bring them their bags and stay to play. Hotel-X You're Always Welcum to Play Here! Businessman Damon Heart has heard good things about Hotel-X, with 5-star ratings for one-on-one guest service. Preferring to live his fantasies in the shadows, he has booked a private room at the new establishment with the mission to test their services. Mr. Heart makes his intentions clear to porter Manuel Reyes, who has found a not-so-subtly packed dildo in his suitcase. But the sex toy is just a bait. Damon wants to fuck the life out of Manuel with his own cock after loosing him up with his mouth and fingers.

Scout Boys - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Scout Milo, Ch 1

The Pledge: When I signed up to become a scoutmaster, I knew I'd be entering a world of temptation. I managed to control my carnal urges for the longest time, but Milo changed everything. I'd been selected to oversee his induction into the Elite Scouts and was about to attach the all-important pin to his shirt collar when something powerful happened. It started as little more than an innocent peck on the lips, but within seconds I was kissing him forcefully while pulling his diminutive body into mine. I found myself unbuckling his belt and caressing the huge bulge in his underpants. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my hungry lips around his dick. He moaned uncontrollably. He was putty in my hands.

Raging Stallion - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Drew & Sean

Hairy fucker Drew Valentino wasn't expecting a quick stop in the men's room to involve swallowing down a random man's nine-inch cock, but he just can't say no once Sean Xavier flashes his big dick. With no one else in the public restroom, the two strangers rim and suck each other off until they're aching to flip-fuck and bury their boners in each other's holes. Sean, leaning up against a urinal, gets pounded out by Drew and then turns the tables on Drew's hairy ass across before slurping up Drew's fresh nut.

Gaycest - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

The Ties that Bind Tape 6

Next Steps: As the New Year approached, Dr. Legrand Wolf's time with long lost, newly discovered Ukrainian son Serg was rapidly coming to a conclusion. Awaiting her beloved son's return home to Kyiv, Serg's mother misses him dearly. In the meantime, however, Serg wishes with all of his heart, mind, and body to spend as much time as humanly possible with his fantastic father. Dr. Wolf suggests to the boy that they spend the day together further exploring the vast city of New York—going to all of the spots that Serg has always dreamed of visiting. Later, Dr. Wolf escorts his beautiful, bright eyed wonder back to his luxury apartment right on the outskirts of Central Park. Serg is absolutely dazzled by his father's upscale living quarters.

Hot House - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Devin & Jake

Sitting in a bathtub with his hand wrapped around his own big dick, Devin Franco can't help but jerk his meat as he watches a naked Jake Klerin showering off. Jake, intrigued and horny, soon joins Devin in the tub where he's rimmed and fucked by his new bareback bath buddy. Devin's fat slab of cock continues to fill Jake's hole until Devin is pulling out to cream and Jake is standing up to unload directly onto Devin's tongue.

Private Playground XXX - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Glowball 2022: Cam 2 Pt. 3

More of the Neon Naughtiness that is GLOWBALL! These guys could clearly go all night, but they know we have a closing time. Time to get in all the fucking and sucking before the end of the night!

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Hazel & Omar Show

Welcome to the only show where the guests and hosts are the same people, and the entire show is them fucking. This is Hazel's first time on GISP, and Omar's first video ever and it's one of the hottest fucks you'll see anywhere. The sexual tension between them was visible from space, and it exploded once the cameras started rolling. Omar's beautiful uncut cock was a perfect fit for Hazel's nice pink hole, it even made Hazel cum hands free as he was riding it. Hazel's load was big, but Omar's 4-day load shot ropes of cum all over the place.

Czech Hunter - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Czech Hunter 730

I wasn't very lucky during this hunt at first. It was difficult to find anyone outside because of heavy snowing. Then I noticed this dude in a white jacket walking my way. He looked pretty cool, so I approached him. Well, he didn't like my camera and was in no mood to talk. I had to offer him money straight away to catch his attention. The dude was 21 years old and had no job. Money was the right way to get to him. We couldn't go to his flat, so I invited him to mine. My naughty offer didn't surprise him that much. He grabbed the money and whipped his shaven cock out. Soon he was kneeling in front of me with my dick in his mouth. And it felt incredible. Thank God the guy wanted to earn all the money I had on me. He complained about the size of my dong a bit but enjoyed it in the end.

House Of Angell - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Have I Earened Dad's Load

This story chronicles the deep profound love between a father and son. Liam Angell shows the hunger he has for his Dad James York and services him to earn the load that he hungers for. Intimacy and bonding is at the core of their relationship and no one can satisfy Liam like his Dad.

Corbin Fisher - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Sharing Eli

Sure, Eli can handle a solid dicking. But can he handle a solid dicking from the two biggest, meatiest cocks currently in the CF stable?! Yes. Yes he can. Of course he can! How could we ever even doubt it!? Eli can handle Barron and Rocky and their big fat dicks, and Eli's going to love every second (and inch!) of this scorching hot three-way where Barron and Rocky totally have their way with Eli, plug him at both ends, and work him over good and hard! It must have been quite the experience for Eli, getting tossed around by Barron and Rocky. They take turns having him sit on their cocks, flip him around back and forth between them so each gets to use his ass while the other fucks his throat.

ASGMAX - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

My Stepbrother's Gay

Masyn Thorne and Luca Ambrose have recently become stepbrothers, so they know almost nothing about each other. So, when Masyn finds out that Luca is gay, Masyn is excited. He has SO many questions. But Luca's way of answering them is a bit unorthodox. Will Masyn get all of his questions answered? Or will Luca leave him hanging?

Men - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Austin & Allen

Tall, muscular stud Austin Wolf leans against a pillar outside by the pool, sensually touching himself as he soaks up the sun. Allen King approaches and the top gives him a rare smile before they kiss and head inside. Allen tugs down Austin's jeans to suck his cock, and Austin gets the bottom's hole ready with his tongue and his fingers before fucking Allen doggystyle. He lifts Allen onto the kitchen counter to fuck him deep in missionary, then climbs up to watch the bottom ride him. Allen orgasms and gets down to suck out Austin's cum.

Cocky Boys - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Theo Tops Saint Daniel

Saint Daniel may have to wait for Theo Brady to show up, but it's worth it because Theo arrives super-hard, smothers him with passionate kisses and gives cock-hungry Saint everything he wants. Saint gets to suck Theo who then uses his throat, eats out his ass and dominates him, pounding his hole in the window for everyone to see. When Theo makes soft-spoken demands, Saint gets on the bed to get sucked sensuously, then gets his ass jack-hammered. Theo's cock is still deep inside him when Saint sits up and rides him like a champ but Theo gets his mouth on his cock once more. Theo soon gives him a jumbo facial which triggers Saint to shoot his load too. A true afternoon delight !

Bi Latin Men - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Discipline & Vatito

Discipline and Vatito are two hot and kinky studs that need some money fast and they know exactly where to get it. These two sexy Mexican hunks waste no time in putting on a good show and you'll love every prick draining second of it. This sexy cream-filled ending is so hot!

TheBroNetwork - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Heat Stroke

Mateo Zagal is taking advantage of the heat to amp up his workout and maximize the burn. When he's joined by Sir Peter in the sauna it's no reason to slow down his frenzied workout. Although Sir Peter is mildly annoyed, Mateo gives him a sexy show showing off his beautiful muscular body. But when the muscular stud gets dizzy from heat exhaustion Peter is there to get him back in order. Peter is noticeably turned on and these gorgeous studs fuck and suck each other in a fantastic flip-flop fuck!

Treasure Island Media - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Arty & Zane

Zane Taylor is always up to take a load and he is the kind of bottom that will do whatever it takes to get it from his top's balls. Zane sucks and then rides Arty Boer's cock until the horny stud flips him over and power pounds his cum out!

Young Bastards - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Slutty Sports Boy Takes 2

Rene becomes a sex toy for muscle top Faisul and sporty lad Uriel. The horny twink is admiring the swollen jock strap of big guy Faisul but Uriel is soon on the scene from the showers and his cock is in need, too. In moments the boy finds himself being shared by the greedy tops, his hot and wet mouth drooling with precum and spit while they team up to feed him their hooded meat. With two sporty penises to please it’s no wonder they’re soon sharing his naked little hole, taking turns to ram their raw cocks between his damp cheeks while the other makes the boy gag on their dong. The slutty sports boy gets a great reward with a cum load fucked into his hole and another wanked out in his face, finishing with his own spermy delivery while his Dom tops watch.

Raw Hole - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

El Maestro "Analizes" Anuel

With a name like El Maestro, this hooded Latin top stud is destined to make beautiful music with thirsty bottom Anuel when he "analizes" that hungry hole. Anuel is a lean, good looking Colombian who falls to his knees as soon as he spies Maestro's big hard meat. But that mega-tool was meant for greater things even than a juicy throat, and in a flash Maestro has Anuel where he wants him, on all fours taking raw cock like it's all he was made for.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Martin, Duncan & Jamie

Duncan Sheen was coming over to hang with his buddy Martin Dajnar, but he wasn't home. Luckily, Martin's twink stepson, Jamie Kelvin, kept him company until Daddy arrived to join them. Duncan was down to wait but was shocked when Jamie touched his leg and told him to keep quiet. Kelvin wanted his cock, and Duncan was ready to give it. Jamie swallowed Duncan's cock and loved feeling it in the back of his throat, but he would rather feel it up his hole. He didn't have to wait long as he took Duncan's cock for a ride. That's when Martin came home and joined in on the fun. Jamie rode dick while sucking cock as the two men switched positions. Martin fucked Jamie's tight hole while showing his boy off to his friend. They worked Jamie until he couldn't hold back, which opened the cum floodgates.

Peter Fever - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Key To My Hole, Scene One

The Invitation: Horny Nolan is tempted by his memory of beautiful Jay Wu and the summer flirtation they shared when Jay was on break from his husband. Writing to his summer flame, he rekindles that spark in both of them, despite the face they're married now to other guys. Before he seals and sends the message, he encloses a key to a room at the gay resort they talked about, with an invitation to meet again. When Jay sneaks away to meet Nolan, they immediately strip and begin their illicit fun. Jay peels off Nolan's shorts and pops the big tool into his thirsty mouth. Nolan repays him with a juicy blowjob, slurping his long curved prong to the fuzzy root. They heat things up in the bubbling hot tub, where Jay smacks his stiff dick against Nolan's firm chest before fucking it down the twink's throat.

BareBack That Hole - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Douglas & Sebas

Stud Douglas Smith knew what he wanted when he invited sexy bottom Sebas Cortes to his house, and when it came to being a bottom hole, Sebas was ready to show his worth. Douglas saw Sebas dancing across the room and knew he had to fuck his hole. Sebas was looking for a top to do just that and was happy to join Douglas at his place. The two studs were on each other as soon as the door closed. Kissing turned into stripping and licking before Sebas dropped to his knees and took Douglas's meat into his mouth. Douglas only gave Sebas a taste and left him wanting more after getting his dick sucked and ass licked. Douglas gave his new buddy what he needed and got what he craved in return before they both unloaded their seed.

Japan Boyz - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Rikiya Reams Kurosuke

If you're looking with hot guys obviously having fun hooking up, this might not be the first video you'd run toward. These studs have a different way of expressing themselves. Tough muscle top Rikiya stares off into the distance more often than connecting directly with Kurosuke, who often wears a grimace that serves as universal expression of pain, pleasure, concentration and intensity. But don't be fooled, their sexual connection is real and hot. Kurosuke really wants that big cock of Riki's and is very motivated to take it, even if it's hard to keep up with Rikiya's deep drilling. He pants and groans like he's on fire, and his hard cock burns with intense pleasure while his ass is struggling to take it. Finally both Asian studs hit their groove and their bodies collide together like a well-oiled machine.

Bear Films - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Randy & Adam

Up next for a re-jizz are Randy Hix and Adam Stroker. Two sexy men we found flirting with each other at the Bear Run pool. And they came ready to show you how two hot bears should fuck. Kissing was great, but Randy knew where his lips did their best work. Soon, Adam found out as well and had to hold back from cumming too quickly. But after sucking Randy's dick for a few, he was back where he wanted to be. Tonsils deep inside daddy's mouth, which was fine by Randy. Especially when Randy knew where he wanted daddy's dick to be, and it wasn't solely in Adam's mouth. Adam had no problems taking Randy's cock as he opened his legs wide while strokin'.

Aussies Do It - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Timmy Takes Elijah's Big Tool

Aussies Do It's latest find is an expatriate German 18 year old bottom with a bit of class and a little sass. Timmy doesn't mince words when he tells the director he prefers having sex with Aussie men, the reason being that dirty talk is a lot more fun in English. He's slim and good looking, with dirty blond hair that he can't really pinpoint as to the exact color. Obviously happy to be paired with hot, hung hunk Elijah for this first outing, he's more than ready to get into gear for his initial porn shoot. Elijah is his usual thoroughbred beauty complete with stallion-sized cock, his gleaming smile and multiple tattoos just what Timmy looks for in a potential hookup. They start with the usual kissing, more passionate and driven than many models getting together for the first time.

Southern Strokes - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Amon & Adam

Young wrestling twinks Amon Volkov and Adam Keller spend much time together, practicing for their meets. Except whoever gets pinned isn't always the loser. Amon takes Adam to the ground and pins him. You would think that would be the end, but actually, it was just the start. Dick is the prize as Adam straddles Amon on the ground while groping both of their cocks. It's not long before Adam's cock is getting wet, but these two boys are all about sharing. Soon, Adam is the one with a cock in his mouth before being the first to get fucked. Amon gives his buddy a nice pounding before finding the best seat in the house. Neither minded the change, but Adam was ready for more dick from his young stud friend, as well as his seed.

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