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Sean Cody - Update

January 26, 2015


Check out this fresh-faced freshman! Anthony flashes that cute smile while sporting around that long dick! A sparkling tourquiouse pool only serves to elevate his bright-eyed playfullness.

Suck Off Guys - Update

January 26, 2015

Cum Club - Uncut Hairy Load

"Uncut Hairy" made it very clear that he wants to stay anonymous because he’s pretty much straight & didn’t want his friends to find out he got his cock sucked by a dude. He arrives & immediately put his crotch to Aaron’s face. Aaron wastes no time opening his pants to reveal his beautiful cock. Once his cock was in Aaron’s mouth, it was literally seconds to full hardness. "Uncut Hairy" has a very sexy voice & moaned a lot. It didn’t take long for him to bust his nut. Aaron opened wide & stroked his dick until the cum started flying into his mouth. He swallows, then sucks out the remaining cum dripping from this amazing uncut cock.

Cocksure Men - Update

January 26, 2015

Thomas Barebacks Adam

Hairy muscle stud Thomas Ride & sexy jock Adam Weisz kiss like their in heat. They kiss & play with their cocks before Thomas hops on top of Adam & fucks his mouth. He then goes down on Adam & swallows his thick cock, wrapping his lips around his dick. Adam squats over Thomas' face, making Thomas dig his tongue deep into his bubble butt, getting it ready for the thick, uncut cock. Adam rides Thomas pole bareback while Thomas thrusts his raw cock deep into Adam's hole. Thomas pulls Adam closer towards him. He enters Adam in one thrust & plows his tight hole bareback.

Bait Buddies - Update

January 26, 2015

Like Nothing Before

Billy, that cute 23 year old, blond muscular hottie is back for a second stint as Bait boy. Caruso called him at the last minute, but he didn't want to come at first because he's been working at a straight club in Ft Lauderdale every night & just got out of work at 5:30am. Caruso tells him he has a hot straight boy with an 8'' cock who's going to fuck him, Billy couldn't get in his car fast enough. If there's two things Billy loves, first are big cocks and second, older men. Caruso could only deliver on the former, because our straight country boy from upstate N.Y., Jake, is only 22, but he's cute and carries a big stick.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

January 26, 2015

Daddy Chasers (Sc. 1)

Jason Phoenix gets called in to supervise a warehouse while the boss is off running other errands. What the boss doesn't know is that warehouse worker Trenton Ducati is packing much more than boxes for his boss Jason to inspect. This scene finishes off with a dildo machine, what more can we say?

Debt Dandy - Update

January 26, 2015

Debt Dandy 70

The lowest debt ever. This young fella needs only 11,000. Sportive and sexy hunk, will definitely go for my dirty offer. I was a bit worried, cause he owes only to his mum and two friends, no bank or other institutions are involved. After the usual chat I’ve presented my offer. He said no, straight away. So I slowly started to raise the bid. 1,000 by 1,000. Once I got to 15,000 and he said no again. 35,000 crowns was the highest offer I could give to him. As soon as he saw that much money, I’ve seen the Jackpot sign in his eyes. He literally said “ That’s an offer I simply can’t refuse.”. That was the sentence I was waiting for. Soon after that, I’ve had him stripped off, naked and waiting for my orders. Was again great fun to fuck another arrogant straight guy.

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

January 26, 2015

Connor Bangs Lucas

What happens when legends fuck? A lot of hot sex! Lucas takes Connor's huge cock from almost every angle and loves it. From missionary to doggy to the crabwalk these two blond titans fuck fast and furiously until Connor fucks the cum out of Lucas!

Men - Update

January 26, 2015

Colby Breaks Him In (Pt. 3)

Although a newcomer, Jake Morgan has clearly had all kinds of experience on the rodeo. This cowboy loves to give blowjobs and says his cum tastes like candy. Colby is gentle at first, but when he sees just how much Jake enjoys a hard fucking, he gives that tight hole exactly what it craves. Colby ravages Jake’s barnyard ass until the eager cowboy blows his load with Colby’s thick cock still deep inside him.

Bentley Race - Update

January 26, 2015

Hitting the Hot Tub with Skippy

I pulled my mate Skippy Baxter aside at one of his recent shoots to do a little solo modelling for me. It's actually hard to pull him away from my other mates. I really wanted to get shots of him alone in the hot tub. Skippy has been working out a lot lately and the results are really starting to show. Eventually I got him to get completely naked in the water. Of course stroking his cock under the water was his own direction. I love shooting with Skippy. He's a lot of fun to hang out with.

William Higgins - Update

January 26, 2015

Vilem and Robert: RAW

Vilem Tel and Robert Benet are both very handsome guys. They are also very hot, and are enjoying a pillow fight, which soon turns into more. As they play they begin to kiss each other, groping as well, through their underwear. Vilem's cock gets hard in his underwear and he stands, dropping so that Robert can suck his big cock. That cock is so thick and hard. Robert eagerly takes it into his mouth and sucks on it, licking around the head and taking it deep in his throat...

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