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Helix Studios - Update

April 30, 2019

Introducing Jacob Hansen

Whenever you see an “Introducing” scene from us, you know we’ve got some fresh new meat for you and, this time is no exception! Josh Brady gets the 411 on Indianapolis native, Jacob Hansen. The guys talk topping and bottoming, first times, and what kinks he’s into. The newbie even turns the tables by asking his interviewer, josh about HIS favorite fetishes and kinks, which is fine by us! This obviously gets Josh’s jets revved up, because he immediately goes in for a kiss and, the horned up hotties don’t stop there. The chemistry between these two is fire! After some rough groping and deep kisses, Josh pushes the newbie on the bed and deep throats his thick dick and licks cum filled sack.

Family DIck - Update

April 30, 2019

Number One Dad

Brayden loves spending time with his hunky stepdad. He especially enjoys snuggling up on the couch and watching movies with him. Today, he can barely stay awake as he rests his head on his daddy’s muscular body. As he begins to drift, the old man slowly caresses the boy’s butt and feels his cock growing in his pajamas. Brayden opens his eyes only to see his daddy’s big dick throbbing in his underwear. He looks up at his pop for permission, and the old man smiles before poking his prick through the flap. The boy runs his lips over the head of his daddy’s dick and gets on all fours to perk his ass out for a raw pounding. Then, his pop penetrates his virgin asshole slowly before breeding his bubble butt with a gooey load of DNA!

Brother Crush - Update

April 30, 2019

Are You Jerking It!

Aaron remembers what it was like being a horny teenager, but he still likes to tease his little step brother from time to time. So when he catches his younger step brother playing with his cock under a blanket, he breaks out his phone to film the whole thing. The little guy denies everything, but when Aaron pulls away the blanket and sees the boy’s dick standing at full mast, he is shocked! Who knew his little buddy had such a huge package? He encourages the kid to continue stroking, until he finally gets so horny that he has to sample the boy’s hole himself. He slides his cock in gently and then starts to pump until the boy is moaning in pleasure, and busts a juicy glob of protein for the boy to enjoy!

Drill My Hole - Update

April 30, 2019

Girls Night 3

In the final installment of Girls Night, Johnny Rapid makes the most of his time in Abella Danger's smoking body by bringing home matching muscle hunks JJ Knight and Damien Stone. Unfortunately for Johnny, Farrah Moan's reign of terror rages on. After playfully tormenting JJ and Damien, Farrah turns Johnny back into a boy just in time for both of his guests to plant a big kiss on his cock. JJ and Damien decide to forgive Johnny for tricking them and make amends the only way they know how, with a punishing double penetration and dueling volcanic cum shots across Johnny's tight ass.

Jason Sparks Live - Update

April 30, 2019

Bareback in Pittsburgh

Heath stud beams as he strokes Jack's arm, coyly smiling his way through Jason's questions before getting his first taste of Heath's lips. The two passionately kiss and caress each other's smooth bodies before Heath takes Jack's massive cock in his mouth. He may be a first-timer on camera, but he knows his way around a huge dick! Jack follows up by devouring Heath's member, getting it hard and wet for his tight hole. When Heath gets his raw cock between Jack's cheeks, the young top pounds away at his prostate with precision, bringing Jack closer and closer to the edge before busting his load all over his backside!

Jalif Studios - Update

April 30, 2019

Jordan & Rod

Rod has a bit of reputation in the league for fraternizing with the visiting teams. He loves finding secluded spots after games to fool around with his sexy, heated opponents. His coach, Jordan, however, is not having it. He follows his player to one of these private rendezvous spots, finding him ready and willing to suck the cock of whoever shows up. Frustrated, he has his young slut player service him instead! The handsome coach whips out his big cock and teaches his player that he needs to be a real man by tasting one in his mouth! Rod's eyes widen seeing his coach's monster meat, but couldn't be happier swallowing it down and submitting to him! With his piece sufficiently hard, coach Jordan shows him just who's in charge by bending his player over and fucks his tight hole.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

April 30, 2019

Down To Sling

Come take a ride in Daddy’s sling boy. Sean gets himself nice and spread open so Daddy Will can really get up inside. One thing about our videos is that they are all real. No scripts, no acting, just the real life and love of a Daddy and his boy. If you love hard core dirty anal action then you'll bust your nuts as that cum oozes out of that breeded pucker while Sean rubs it and eats it right out of his open used pucker.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

April 30, 2019

Mateo Breeds Ty

We love Ty, and we love making Ty happy. One of the best ways to make him happy is by giving him a big dick. Say hello to studly Mateo Fernandez and his big ass dick a 9" uncut beauty. Mateo can be a quiet at first, but give him a willing bottom who can take his rough, kinky fucking, and it's a whole different story. One of Mateo's favorite things to do is eat a nice ass, and you can tell by how aggressively he devours Ty's. Mateo started off by teasing Ty's wet hole with his big dick before sliding it in balls deep. The fucking got so intense, Mateo was holding Ty down by his entire face as he power fucked him before dumping his entire load into his ass. Ty pushed Mateo's load out of his hole, giving Mateo more lube to shove his cock back in one last time.

8TeenBoy - Update

April 29, 2019

New Boy

New boy on the block, Trent Olsen just flew into town to film with us; so, we put the newbie up in one of our model apartments, which are filled with gorgeous guys always ready to get it IN! Milo Harper doesn’t even wait for the tasty 19 year old twink to unpack before offering to settle the newbie's nerves. He wraps his arms around the beautiful blond babe and moves in close. Trent can feel his thickening dick throbbing beneath his pants. Harper heats Olsen up with sensual kisses while slowly striping the peaches and cream pretty boy from his clothes. Milo gives Trent’s tent pitcher the full wet welcome wagon treatment, swallowing every thick inch down to the balls.

Men - Update

April 29, 2019

Green Thumb Dick

Fresh-faced, athletic Zander Lane can't seem to keep his plants alive so he calls up a holistic gardening service. When the muscular stud Jake Porter shows up at his door Zander can barely pick his jaw up off the floor. Jake tells Zander that his sexual frustration is killing the plants and there's only one solution. Jake spreads Zander's hole and gives him a hard and satisfying fuck that is guaranteed to bring life back into his home.

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