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Jul 03, 2024

Falcon 1971: 2

by Falcon Studios

College hunk Ro Reyes is in a deep rest and falling into another wet dream about his favorite vintage Falcon Studios fuck Big Ben and Tom Manley in 'Double Whammy' only this time, he's imagining himself getting in on the action and being fucked by a massive slab of cock. The horny student dreams that he's wearing only a jockstrap as hung stranger Alexander Muller eats out and barebacks his bubble butt. Just as Tom's virgin hole does in the original Falcon film, Ro takes every inch of his top's big dick as he gets fucked across the bed until the men are covered in cum.

By Falcon Studios

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Jul 02, 2024

Angel & Grant

by Bareback +

Angel Elias used his long, thick, uncut cock to make Grant Ducati's hole gape. These two studs take each other's HUGE COCK'S into their mouths and it's a mouthful. They get right into ass eating and deep hard ass stretching anal penetration. Make sure you have a few cum rags.

By Bareback +

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Jul 02, 2024

Giving In 2

by Fisting Inferno

Beau Butler, Colt Spence, Adam Wirthmore are getting ready for some hardcore gay fetish sex action and not holding back one bit. Flogging their stud into submission as he groans with every hard impact tightening his restraints. This is one 3-some that will make you want to see more. With big dicks and deep anal sex.

By Fisting Inferno

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Jul 02, 2024

Alex & Brandon

by Jock Breeders

Hot bottom stud Alex Marco confessed to his buddy Brandon Blake that his fondest wish is to one day be in a messy gangbang. While Brandon likes this idea a lot, he wants Alex to himself, first! Brandon can't help but grab Alex's handsome head and shove his thick cock inside. The moment Alex is allowed to come up for a breath, he falls back on the bed and urges Brandon to shoot a massive cum load all over his perfect pecs.

By Jock Breeders

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Jul 02, 2024

Luke Rex & Jimmy Standard

by Treasure Island Media

Luke Rex & Jimmy Standard go out back to fuck on a hot Florida spring afternoon. Jimmy begs for Luke’s big fat meat to plow his hole and dump his seed. “Put that cum inside me!"

By Treasure Island Media

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Jul 02, 2024

Jordan & Eneko

by Jalif Studios

Jordan Fox knows he is a fine figure of a man. His smooth body ripples with muscles. He's handsome, sexy, and knows what he wants. He's in a sex club. His pecs are out and he's ready to fuck. He steps into a cage, drops his shorts and toys seductively with his big hard dick. Someone's passing. Jordan thrusts his meat through the bars of the cage and tells the stranger to suck it. The stranger's name is Eneko Xtrem. He instantly wraps his soft lips around Jordan's hard penis, deep-throating it like a true pro. Jordan likes what Eneko's doing. He gives a thumbs up and roughly grabs the stranger's head before repeatedly slapping his face. Jordan may be in a cage, but he's by no means the sub. Jordan exits the cage and pushes Eneko onto a bench, throwing his legs into the air and casually sinking his eight inch weapon deep into the bottom boy's guts.

By Jalif Studios

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Jul 02, 2024

Apprentice Devall Ch 6

by Masonic Boys

The Atonement: I looked at all four men. It was too dark in the chamber to guess who was behind each mask. One sat at the end of the low table, eventually removing his mask and revealing himself as Master Napoli. The others followed suit. First Master Drayke, then Apprentice Blue and finally Master Patrick. Each had played a key role in my education to this point. It was both comforting and scary to see them together. Apprentice Blue and Master Drayke pulled away a satin sheet. The long wooden bench underneath was covered with penis-shaped objects of increasing sizes. I knew instinctively that I would eventually be required to sit down on them. Master Napoli instructed Patrick to prepare the first peg with oil. I then dutifully lowered myself down onto it.

By Masonic Boys

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Jul 02, 2024

Plumber's Big Tool

by Men At Play

Juan McCoy, Mika Ayden, and Viktor Rom face each other in a "winner takes all" poker game. After a few hands, it becomes clear that Juan and Viktor are experienced, winning and stripping Mika of most of his money. However, with the high stakes, Mika refuses to give up, but how far is he willing to go? When he runs out of money, the naïve gambler realizes that he is fucked. He needed to win cash to pay off a debt, and now he’s lost everything. Lucky for Mika, the other two players have an idea they’ll give him some cash if he takes off his pants. But they don’t care about the cash winnings; they prefer to win the right to do whatever they desire with the blonde French stud. It starts with Viktor fingering, tie stuffing, and eating poor Mika’s tight hole while Juan jerks off his massive cock through his pant fly.

By Men At Play

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Jul 02, 2024

Grant Ducati Ch 3

by Twink Top

Singled Out: I'm sitting on the sofa when he comes in the door and, before I can say anything, he's already apologizing. I reassure him that he's not in trouble. In fact, I want to tell him that he's doing pretty good. He just needs a little more self-confidence. Like I suspect, it's SHS. It's time to put my plan into action and hope he's up for it. I spread my legs wide. I look straight at his crotch and I say, "In my experience smaller guys have a lot of power on, and off, the field." Then I look up at him, meeting his gaze and throw him the bait, "I'm never disappointed." He gives me an uncertain grin. I reach out and take his hand, "If you are up for it." He sinks down on the sofa next to me and gives me a hesitant kiss and I return it eagerly.

By Twink Top

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Jul 01, 2024

The Pink Lotus Episode Three

by Peter Fever

'A-Gays Only' Pool Party: With Nolan busy bitching over the lost urn, Travis lazes by the resort pool in search of some action on the side. When hot blond muscle-boy Mika Aydan strolls by, he uses all his charm to blurt out "Hey I'm horny, wanna FUCK?" Who can resist a line like that? Not Mika, and they wander off arm in arm to the hotel suite. Travis gets Mika down on the bed and nibbles at his stubbly beard, grinding his crotch into Mika's. With his cock standing straight out, Mika strips down and goes to work on the hot him-bo. Kneeling off the side of the bed, he swallows Travis's stiff fuck-tool in one cock-starved gobble. With just one polite gag, he gets Travis hard and ready for more. On hands and knees, his muscular ass jutting forward into Travis' hungry face, Mika revels in a deep juicy rim job.

By Peter Fever

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Jul 01, 2024

Chueca's Appetizers

by TheBroNetwork

Chueca is a neighborhood in Madrid, Spain. Located in central Madrid, It is a lively, gay-friendly neighborhood with cozy sidewalk cafes, tapas bars, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Jony Star is an excited young jock who's visiting the city solo and accidentally wanders into Chueca. As he tries to find his way out of the area, he bumps into Diego Spicy, another young stud on the streets and asks for directions. Jony is looking for recommendations so he can live his Madrid visit to the fullest and trusts Diego to lead the way. After heading to Diego's place for a quick change before going out for a taste of the city, they decide to stay in for a guaranteed snack. Enjoy these Bros of Spain, and let us know what you think!

By TheBroNetwork

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Jul 01, 2024

Grant Ch 2

by Fun Size Boys

Dr. Wolf's Office: I realized that, even if prostate exams were real, I was bent over an exam table and being finger-banged by my doctor. Before I could even decide how I felt about that, he shoved another finger in my ass. It was like my mind just stopped working. I couldn't think about anything except those fingers reaching up into my guts. He had me lay back down on the table and kept playing with my dick. I'm not sure why I did it, but his crotch was just inches away from my hand, and I reached out and started stroking the lump in his pants. Maybe I just wondered if he was turned on, too. He asked if I wanted to see it and I nodded my head yes. It was huge! I didn't even know guys got that big. So, we were jacking each other off and then he started kissing me.

By Fun Size Boys

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