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Men - Update

March 28, 2017

Every Town Secrets (Pt. 3)

Paul Canon has a hunch the rival soccer team was cheating. He confronts their coach, Damien Kyle, but his anger is swiftly transferred to passion as the two coaches pummel each other with their hard cocks behind closed doors.

Sean Cody - Update

March 28, 2017

Jakob & Joey: Bareback

“Let’s see what I’m working with…damn bro!” Jakob was pleasantly surprised with Joey’s ripped body. Naturally, Joey became a little bashful, but proud nonetheless. Jakob was telling us how much he enjoyed his first time with a guy on Sean Cody, and Joey saw this as an opportunity to be better than the last...challenge accepted! I think it’s safe to say that the newbie had yet another great time with one of our experienced bottoms.

Gay Asian Network - Update

March 28, 2017

Jay's Big Adventure (Ep. 2)

Jay checks in with Rave after the shoot. The two use a sling set up, ready to dirty. Jay takes a knee, sucking the huge cock; he gets a, good boy, for the full swallow. Strapping Jay in, it's now Rave's turn to take a knee; the taste of Jay's hole and the sensation of fingering the boy has this magician ready to make some tasty magic for Wrapping it in a magnum, Rave lubes up and does a bit more gauging; he then pushes in and immediately gives the boy goosebumps. Using the ebb and flow of the machine, it looks like Mr. Hardick has found a perfect bottom for his cock. The two get lost in the motion when suddenly, Jay starts dripping then shooting out precum; holy shit, Jay's response to being fucked has Rave amazed. Going a bit fast, Rave edges and pulls out just in time to cover Jay's groin with loads of jizz. Rave gives a, damn you're hot.

Cum Pig men - Update

March 28, 2017

A Fat Delivery

Showin' up at my door, Christop delivers a cock I can really sink my throat into. Face fucking me, he slaps that wet fat meat up against my cheeks then shoves it back in. That was some nice deep throating, Christop quips as he grabs the back of my head and shoves himself in for more. He gets sweaty and aggressive while I suck his big balls; my tongue slides up between his hairy legs. Christop is close. Stroking his cock and thrusting his hips, he blows all over my face and the front of my shirt; damn, that's a tasty distribution. This video included the talented throat of Chrisbot.

Desperate Straight Guys - Update

March 28, 2017

Cummin' to the Dark Side

I don't know if it's a circle or suckle of life, but when the bills come due, you gotta pay up. Paired with Christopher Evens, I figure if the ankle bracelet doesn't scare him, my dick won't either. Giving him head, I worked it up fast and concentrated on the hard cash, not his stiff dick in my mouth. After a bit, he gave me a reach around then I felt his cock throb just before he blew; my mouth was open so, I ate it. Close myself, Chris kept at it until I too was freed of my jizz; looks like we're up for another scene for

Cocky Boys - Update

March 28, 2017

Jacen & Tegan

Tegan's basically in heaven as Jacen then flips him over and drills him face to face. Tegan is ready to explode at this point and he unleashes a powerful load, with some even shooting into his own mouth! While you can check off being a "fountain that feeds itself" as another one of Tegan's unique characteristics, Tegan only wants more. He slides to the floor begging Jacen for a facial, which Jacen happily provides. For a CockyBoys newcomer, Jacen's huge cumshot surely sets the bar very high! And as new friends both on and off the Internet, it's safe to say these two will most likely link up again in the future... whether it's for another hot flip-fuck or for catching rare Pokemon together on the street!

Mix It Up Boy - Update

March 28, 2017

Chase Carter + Logan Heart + Micah Andrews

Logan and Micah are chillin down by the train tracks smokin a blunt and when dat shit has gone up in smoke they call up their home Chase to score some more dope. Problem is, they didn't bring no money and Chase ain't frontin unless they suck his dick. Micah gets right in the middle of the two and takes all dat black dick right in his face and ass. He loves gettin fucked by these two strong guys getting filled in all his holes and take two phat nuts right in his mouth!

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 28, 2017

Hugh & Ryder's 4-Load Fuck Fest

Ryder and Hugh go back and forth on whether they should fuck or make love, promising a little bit of both. The definitely make good on their promises on putting on quite the hot show! Rock hard and intensely in the moment, Hugh and Ryder lose themselves in sex so good they both cum twice - leaving Ryder with two jizz-stuffed holes!

Sean Cody - Update

March 27, 2017


Newbie Wallace looked down at his dick, “That’s Wally, he gets a lot of attention.” We were curious to know more about Wally. “Well, he likes to play more than I do…the fucker stands up when he’s not supposed to.” Thankfully here at Sean Cody, we encourage the “fuckers” to stand!

Str8Chaser - Update

March 27, 2017


Maxx is a chill Texan dude who was walking through the park to catch the bus when I met him. I talked to him for a little while and offered him some cash to show me the goods. When he showed me that he was game I offered him even more to come back with me to the hotel room. I was then pleasantly surprised with how good he was at taking my big dick.

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