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Sketchy Sex - Update 04/30/2018


My ass has never been fucked this good and my roomie recorded everything.Every guy that came into our apartment was seriously hung. The loads just kept cumming! The guys, the sex and the ass pounding, cock sucking fun. This is like a dream you never want to end and these hot studs show you how much they love group action. If this scene doesn't get you hot, hard and blast a nut, you may need to see a specialist.

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Chaos Men - Update 04/30/2018

Dani & Nathan - RAW

I love when I have two models that can't keep their hands off each other before the cameras start recording. This is Dani's first full-sex scene and he was worried that he might not have chemistry with his partner. Thankfully he was blown away, and even Nathan was happy to have a gay guy who just wanted to fuck his brains out. Nathan had originally wanted to work with a straight guy and while Nicholas Duff was just that, he realized it was missing some passion that another gay guy could give him. And there is plenty of passion here!

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BadPuppy - Update 04/30/2018

Gabriel & Keiron

Gabriel Phoenix and Keiron Knight immediately gravitate to each other during the interview. Seconds after the interview is complete the two are lip-locked with Gabriel stripping Keiron out of his shirt. Gabriel is soon on the floor sucking a naked Keiron's cock. Gabriel really gets into Keiron's thick, uncut piece of meat. Keiron's cock is rock-hard, and his nuts almost crawl up inside him by the time Gabriel finishes blowing him. Gabriel is soon sitting on the sofa, stripping out of his clothes. Keiron follows and kneels in front of Gabriel and swallows every inch of his large, uncut cock. Keiron gets up, kneels on the sofa and offers his ass to Gabriel.

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Sneaky Peek - Update 04/30/2018

Beautiful Chap

Through the tiny hole in the wall I managed to film this very beautiful chap completely revealed in the shower. He soaks him immaculate body and reveals a very suckable dick. I would love to be in there with him. As we washed and rubs his body I feel my own dick wake as it grows in my pains. He flips and flops his dick around as the water drips down his sweet body. He was so exquisite that I couldn't wait any longer and looked down to see, I was already stroking my hard dick.

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Maskurbate - Update 04/30/2018

Far Away Love

Larry McCormick's new boyfriend went away for work, and like any new relationship, it's hard to be separated from the one you love. They spent all their free time texting each other. Larry fantasizes about his return and simply can't wait to hold him in his arms again. This Adonis of a man will have you going gaga over his perfectly chiseled body and flawless masked looks. He may be hiding something but it's not that big juicy uncut hard cock.

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Young Bastards - Update 04/30/2018

Gay Wrestling Boys

With their hot young bodies writhing around on in oiled up spandex Florian and Joshua can't help but get horny. Their cocks are getting stiff as their uniforms slip away, their shafts sliding and slipping around against each other as precum leaks from their helmets. The lust is too much, Florian can't resist grabbing that incredible XXL cock his friend has, wanking and sucking him. With a little more oil to ease the way the gay wrestling boys frot their dicks together and Joshua turns his attention to that delicious ass, playing with his friend's smooth round buttocks and sliding his engorged meat into that tight hole.

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Corbin Fisher - Update 04/30/2018

Thomas Controls Wesley

Southern boys Thomas and Wesley are enjoying the snowy weather here in Nevada, especially since it’s something that neither of them get to see very much at home. The downside of winter, though, is that chill that gets right down into your bones, so these two definitely needed to warm up when they got back inside - and the more clothes that come off, the hotter they get! Wesley’s been waiting for his turn with Thomas for a long time, and the best way he can think of to fight that winter chill is to work a hot, thick load out of Thomas!

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Bel Ami Online - Update 04/29/2018

Kris & Raphael

So today we have a special all Hungarian update for you. Raphael Nyon is back with Kris Evans in one of his remaining scenes with us. Having the title of Sex God, there are certain expectations we all have of Kris, and he never fails to deliver. There is always a risk in a scene with Kris that his scene partner doesn't get enough attention from you guys, but Raphael seems to be able to hold enough attention on his own here as well and his athletic but slim (by comparison) build makes for the perfect partner for Kris.

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English Lads - Update 04/29/2018

Straight Dominic's 1st Cock

Dominic's an experimental young lad, and Chris Little has done lots of experimenting so these two seem like a good pairing! Chris Little is his usual naughty cheeky self, Dominic is a handsome lad, and Chris goes straight in and snogs him - the two lads kiss loads in this shoot, which makes for a lot of sexiness! Dominic goes straight for Chris's cock and sucks him. Chris returns the favour, both lads getting rock solid and fooling around with each other, pulling each other's legs back! They rub their dicks together, suck some more and wank each other hard - great body contact.

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CMNM - Update 04/29/2018

Before Gamen Tension

Tension is always high before a game. It's not long before a big derby match against the club's most hated rival Wakely RFC. Valued player Matt has been complaining about the knotted muscles he's been getting from rigorous training, especially in his groin and haunches. It's time to attend to him. Between hazing rituals and attentive massages, the team's management really know how to create a brotherly spirit amongst the players.

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