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Active Duty - Update

March 31, 2014

Tim Tops 1st Timer Roy

In this Active Duty scene, we meet Mike's cute new recruit Roy who bottoms bareback for shredded Tim! Before he was deployed, Roy did a solo for Mike that we have yet to see. Now that he's back, Mike didn't waste any time getting the straight new recruit both sucking and bottoming for the first time! The guys may start out pretty nervous, but before long Tim is slipping his bare rod into Roy for a nice long ride. Roy does a great job for a first timer, and we later learn that Mike gave him a toy to practice with at home. Don't miss this one!

All Australian Boys - Update

March 30, 2014


Luke is a real find. We met him at the gym where he works in Perth, Western Australia. We flew him across the country, as we knew he has a great look and would do very well modelling. Good looking with sapphire blue eyes, a great body and a big cock that gets hard easily – he has it all. Luke is available for modelling assignments in Australia and overseas and can be booked from the website.

Raging Stallion - Update

March 28, 2014

Size Matters 1

Landon Conrad is sporting a beard, and he kicks back in his leather chair. Hot, young ginger Seamus O'Reilly kneels between his outspread thighs, wearing a jockstrap. He nuzzles Landon's crotch until Landon's pants are likely to burst. When Landon pulls out his fat and fully engorged meat, Seamus is on it in a microsecond. He sucks until his cheeks are hollow. Landon's hips surge, triggering Seamus to suck harder. Landon's shirt falls open to show pumped pecs and a hairy chest.

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 28, 2014

Elder Hardt

Every Preparation Day, Elder Hardt checks his email for new instructions from the brethren. But this week was different. He signed into his email and found just one message, from Bishop Angus. The subject line read, “Request for a Bishop’s interview with Elder Hardt.” The men of the Order tapped Elder Hardt to find and prepare young men for the “harvest.” For months now Elder Hardt has been diligently recruiting his fellow missionaries. In the process, word has been getting around that Hardt has a highly unusual talent. As the rumors went, Elder Hardt could literally spray his seed like a squirt gun while having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. It is also rumored that one of the triggers for this type of a “squirting orgasm” is having his prostate thoroughly pounded. Of course, Bishop Angus was more than happy to go to town on Elder Hardt’s tail in pursuit of the truth. Elder Hardt called and setup his appointment on PDay. Two days later he was sitting in the bishop’s office while his companion went on splits with the district missionaries. During the boy’s interview, the bishop stripped Elder Hardt and began working his backside. Bishop Angus didn’t have to wait long to find out if the rumors were true. Sure enough, the young man sprayed his seed all over the bishop’s desk. And then, well, his orgasms kept on going and he just kept on spraying.

Next Door Buddies - Update

March 27, 2014

City Cock & Farm Bottom

When Conner Hastings agreed to help a friend out with some work, he had no idea he'd be working with a city slicker like Derrick Dime. Derrick isn't really cut out for country life or manual labor. When it comes to his hands, he's got other skills though.

Bait Buddies - Update

March 27, 2014

Right Tool - Right Job

And boy does our new straight buddy Gavin have the right ''tool'' for this job - it's a bit over 9 inches and thick. We shot this a while ago and since have sent Gavin, a part-time bartender and football coach, to several Gay4Pay jobs. However, Caruso was lucky enough to nab this cute, masculine boy at the beginning of his new career and shift his focus from pussy to dick where nowadays he can make more money.

Czech Hunter - Update

March 27, 2014

Czech Hunter 134

Not every day I get such a beauty in front of my cam. But then he didn't want to get fucked by me. How can that be? It's sometimes hard to understand those "straight" guys. While I was still asking myself those questions it meanwhile started to rain. Great luck. Anyway, so I at least managed to meet this innocent looking 18-y.o. cutie from Ostrava. It took me some time and money to take his worries and talk him into my "dirty game".

Like 'em Straight - Update

March 26, 2014

Dick Dynasty: Robbie

Brendon's camera and the warm studio lights act as an aphrodisiac on cute young Robbie. This is a return engagement and he gets more turned on with each visit. Fairly vibrating in his beautiful skin, Robbie writhes and moans with each touch from the older man. His sweet ass lives to be rimmed and Brendon gives it a tongue lashing like no other. And as a bonus, Brendon wants to get fucked by this twenty something.

Naked Kombat - Update

March 26, 2014

Brock Avery vs Seth Santoro

Returning to the mat is hot hunk Seth "The Tsunami" Santoro. Tsunami may have lost his first fight to Kip "The Giant" Johnson but he's back for redemption, now that he's gotten a feel for how NK works. Newcomer Brock "The Big Show" Avery stands in Tsunami's way, with his years of martial arts training, Big Show plans on dominating his opponent all the way through to the sex round, and promises him a rough thunderfuck.

Sketchy Sex - Update

March 26, 2014

Fill Dumpster --> Exit

Eli got so cock hungry he was fucking himself with a coca-cola bottle. While Nate had a lineup outside of random online hookups. We don’t allow loitering here, we just ask that you dump your loads and get out. Unless you got 9+ then you can do whatever the fuck you want.

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