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Jason Sparks Live - Update

February 28, 2019

Alex Brogan & Scott

The boys quickly get down to business, with Alex sucking Brogan while Brogan sucks Scott. Then Scott and brogan stand up to let Alex work on both of them, individually and then at the same time. It isn't long before Alex gets in position and starts getting fucked by Brogan while still sucking Scott's hard cock. Brogan gets on his back and Alex slides him inside but not long after Scott sticks his hard cock in too completely filling Alex's hole with both their dicks. Brogan then pulls out and gets in position for Alex to suck him while Scott keeps fucking Alex. Brogan is the first to cum shooting his load all over Scott's chin, neck, chest and even the bed.

Str8 to Gay - Update

February 28, 2019

Get Your Dick Outta 3

Adorable Zander Lane doesn’t want to hear about his friend’s sexy, hung stepdad, Bruce Beckham, anymore because the fit bottom gets extra horny. Boyish Zander sneaks into the house so he can find the muscular hunk, and get a piece of his big dick to try for himself. He finds naked Bryce out back by the pool, and stages a fake drowning. As expected Bruce comes to his rescue, and soon the real fun begins when Zander rewards Bruce with his open mouth, and tight hole.

Czech Hunter - Update

February 28, 2019

Czech Hunter 396

I was supposed to meet a guy which I met on the street earlier today. However, since he was in a rush we agreed to meet an hour later in the nearby pub. I almost thought he would not show up since he was already 20 minutes late, but it was my lucky day; he walked in and came to my table. When I switched on the cam he got really nervous. I had to stop the recording and start it again after I explained to him that this is just my private hobby. Therefore, I started to ask him about his hobbies, his private life and his financial situation. And… bingo! He was urgently in need of some spare money. Of course, no big surprise, but I was able to help him out. I offered him some money for a blowjob.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

February 28, 2019

Dan & Ben

Handsome fit stud Dan Broughton works up a sweat with highly sexed thick dicked lad Ben Grey in this sensational video with non stop action. With amazing chemistry from the start, the lads begin with passionate kissing and groping, both getting hard bulges in their shorts, then strip to their undies. Some nippleplay and bulge action, then down to some very hot sucking. They take turns deep sucking each others big uncut dicks in some great positions, with facefucking and deepthroat action too, there's loads of insanely hot oral, and the lads seem like they cant get enough of each other. Dan gives Ben's hole a good licking then fingers him as he pushes his throbbing veiny cock up between his legs.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

February 28, 2019

Sexy City Worker

It's back to business this month and there are a whole slew of sexy city workers in their freshly tailored suits roaming the streets. Adrian spies the firm arse and promising bulge of a new hot corporate fucker and finagles his way into his office. Once he's in the corridors this straight bastard is easy pickings! Back in their lair, Adrian and Dave revel in peeling off his suit and inhaling the rich scent of this city gent's manly body. It's time to train this cunt into being a submissive bitch and we want him hyper aware of what's happening to him every step of the way. Suspended in place he wakes to his new living nightmare as we perv over his body spreading his virgin arse and making him think longingly of his girlfriend.

Dominic Pacifico - Update

February 28, 2019

Reaching Into Drew

Dominic is dirty, verbal daddy to Drew Dixon's obedient bottom boy. Drew gags on Dominic's cock as Dominic reaches around to pull his head down closer. Lean, handsome Brit Drew licks and worships Dominic's heavy nuts, his leather cap turned backward for maximum sucking with no visor in the way. He turns and crouches face down onto the leather platform so his ass is up and spread open to dive in and suck. Dominic feeds on Drew's hairy crack and hole, hands grabbing tight to spread the hole. Drew's hole opens and puckers for Dominic's talented tongue. It's an easy slide in as Dominic plows his cock into the welcoming orifice. That hole is so hungry that no cock will be enough.

BadPuppy - Update

February 28, 2019

Zack & Harry

Zack Hood returns from the gym and declares the following to Harry Quinn, "Good morning, my sweet bitch. I am back from the gym, and I'm fucking horny." And with that, Zack pulls down his pants and pulls Harry's mouth onto his raging hard-on. Harry wastes no time sucking down and enjoying Zack's piece of man-meat. Zack soon orders Harry out of his clothes and Harry is soon sliding his tight, young ass down onto Zack's rock-hard cock. Harry starts riding Zack's cock, his own thick, uncut dick bouncing up and down in time with the ass-fucking he's taking. Zack stands and bends Harry over the sofa, exposing his sweet, tight asshole. Zack shoves his cock right back in and continues the ass-fucking he was previously giving Harry.

Club Amateur USA - Update

February 28, 2019

Nolan 647

Within a few hours of Nolan creating a profile on AFF and me liking his pix, he'd emailed me interest in possibly participating in a video, and the rest, as they say, is history. With his big, beautiful cock leaking like the proverbial sieve, Nolan discovered the joys of his prostate, and one of the sexiest things to see is when a guy involuntarily bites his bottom lip in response to erotic or sensual pleasure. Nolan does not disappoint.

Maverick Men Directs - Update

February 27, 2019

Muscle Stud Ride

I LOVED filming this video! I can’t get enough of these two guys, each for unique reasons. They're both hung, hot, and sexy and they really know how to fuck in front of a camera, but I especially love it when the chemistry is so thick that it oozes everywhere, like a delicious mix of sweat and cum. These guys were ready, willing, and able to fuck the very minute I introduced them to one another! After the vid, they both separately thanked me for matching them up.

Hairy and Raw - Update

February 27, 2019

Needing It

There's a difference between wanting something and needing it, especially when it comes to cock. And if any of you know, or have been following Alex Hawk, then you know there's one thing he craves and needs more than anything in the world. Cock. Okay, maybe there are two things because this little piggy needs cum, too! With Atlas Grant, the scruffy power bottom gets both. After a solid make-out session, super hairy muscle bear Atlas pumps Alex's throat full of cock while doing a bit of sucking himself with some sweaty 69 oral action. Atlas then slobbers all over Alex's hungry ass, finger fucking and stretching his hole open with a couple of fingers.

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