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Sean Cody - Update

February 29, 2016

Brandon & Blake: Bareback

“Have you two ever met?” I asked Brandon. “We have for sure! We’ve passed each other in the studio once or twice but this is the first time I’ve ever been able to work with him.” Blake was pretty excited as well. “I like when I get to bottom for the big muscle guys! It’s nice to be able to give up control a bit. The two went to the bay to goof off and build up some sexual tension before heading back to the studio. “Just trying to get the heart pumping before, you know…he pounds me out!” Blake laughed Blake and Brandon took their time sixty-nining and really got ready to put on a show.

Men - Update

February 29, 2016

Betting On The Straight Guy (Pt. 2)

Alex Mecum likes to fuck after a good workout and can you blame him when Phenix Saint is his trainer.

Cocky Boys - Update

February 29, 2016

Can I Cum Over?

Alexander has a dark, muscular build, a thick uncut cock, and a very adventurous, dominating personality. Frankie was in town for the night and couldn't help but fantasize about Alexander after first locking eyes with him earlier in his hotel. That fantasy turned to reality when Alexander showed up in his room late, and the guys immediately locked lips. Frankie pulled out Alexander's cock and sucked him off first before falling back on his bed to let Alexander suck him off as well. After removing their clothes...

Hot Older Male - Update

February 29, 2016

Vinnie Stefano fucks Chip Young

Big muscle daddy Vinnie Stefano is opening up his bar when young and hungry Chip Young shows up asking for work - any work. Well Vinnie has got something in his pants for Chip to work on all right. Soon these two are fucking in the back bar patio until both are fully drained.

Men At Play - Update

February 29, 2016


It starts as a perfectly innocent evening - two friends watching a football game on TV, drinking a couple of beers and bonding like any regular friends would do. But as the beer starts flowing and the friends get more into the game, Hector starts suspecting that the blokey touching between them might not be that innocent after all. So he decides to get it all out in the open - literally unzipping his trousers and flopping his thick uncut dick out, and asks Dario straight up ‘Is this what you want? Then start sucking.”

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 29, 2016

Playin' Around

When it's cold outside, what's better than meeting up with a buddy for a brojob? C'mon. You're just playin' around.

Corbin Fisher - Update

February 29, 2016

Ashton Fucks Cameron

Ashton is a big and buff nightclub bouncer and he knows how to handle trouble. Since Cameron is nothing but trouble (of the best kind!) it's a sure bet Ashton will handle him right. Ashton kisses and blows Cameron, then eats out Cameron's ass before pounding him.

Military Classified - Update

February 29, 2016


Today I'm bringing together two of my fav straight boys... DWIGHT and ADAMSON! I've been getting alot of requests for Adamson and Dwight so today I've managed to convince these two into some gay for pay action on Rob's ass! The challenge for Rob will be to handle two 9 inch monsters.. one lean and one THICK! Watch Rob take both these straight dicks and makes these two orgasm from a guy that literally takes them by surprise.

English Lads - Update

February 29, 2016


Jack is one of these super confident young teenagers, at just nineteen he has played lots of rugby and swimming and working out at the gym and as you can see its developed a fine specimen of manhood with great size muscles and really strong definition. Jack enjoys showing his muscles and just cant wait to strip down and enjoying showing us how he looks in some different and quite small underwear and jock-strap. Though there isn’t much room to put his tackle, since Jack has a big uncut cock about nine inches long and real thick. After working out his body and big cock he lies back and shoots a nice big load of cum over his abs. Well done Jack, we like straight men this confident and cocky!

Bad Boy Bondage - Update

February 28, 2016

Mikeal & Chad Play Together (Pt. 6)

Things heat up and Chad gets covered in wax.

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