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BadPuppy - Update

December 23, 2014

Joey & Seton

Who needs foreplay when ya have two young & hung hotties, Joey Intenso & Seton Neil, already naked with raging erections? Enjoy!

All Australian Boys - Update

December 23, 2014


This shoot we got twinky young Ryan with his slim Youthful body and his Man size cock hanging off it. Together, with James with his big cock and great cocksucking ability. Ryan wanted to cum earlier from James’s relentlessly sucking and then before he knew it. He blew all over James’s chest, to James’s absolute ecstasy which made him blow too. A shoot not to be missed.

Gay Hoopla - Update

December 23, 2014

Jeff and Phillip Flip-Fuck

Phillip Anadarko and Jeff Niels found themselves asleep and horny in the same bed all cuddled up. After some thrusts between the two brought enough energy to actually awake them, they kissed. During the time, Christmas was getting close and both wanted candy canes in their mouths. Phillip later took out a toy to star to loosen Jeff’s sweet little ass. Phillip was done playing games and wanted to fuck Jeff’s manhole. The two started off the morning right, chopping down that wood.

Bound Gods - Update

December 23, 2014

Muscle Hookup Gone Wrong

Muscled hunk Nick Capra has been checking out the boy bar in town and noticed a hot stud from out of town, Conner Halsted. He brings Conner back to his place and when Nick gets a little aggressive, Conner suddenly remembers he has somewhere else to be. But before he can make it to the door, Nick binds his hands behind his back and shuts him up with a gag in his mouth.

Chaos Men - Update

December 23, 2014

Shay: Solo

Shay has a lot of talent! Oh, he is talented in the cock department, but it's not just the size that makes him talented, it is the crazy cool muscle control he has! Sure, most of us can make our hard cocks jump around a bit, but Shay seems to have extra power over his hard cock. Once he is hard he can make it move it around a lot, even making it stand up on its own! Perfect for Monster Cock Week!

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

December 23, 2014

Christian & Kennedy Fuck

Both guys took turns blowing each other, with Christian really working up Kennedy-- fingering him until Kennedy demanded to be fucked! Christian was all too ready to oblige, giving him what he'd been wanting all day, an ass full of big dick.

Sean Cody - Update

December 23, 2014

Ollie & Dusty: Bareback

Both boys work together to deliver a hot ass-slamming bareback fuck at Sean Cody!

UK Hot Jocks - Update

December 23, 2014

Hard Gear: Sam and Jace

Sam and Jace Square up to each other on top of the play tyres. They size each other up, explore their muscular bodies and grab hold of the gear. Looking like pristine jock boys they can't wait to messy up their kit and get piss dirty with each other! They release their hard dicks and have a meaty sword fight before Sam decides he wants it in his mouth. Licking around his low hanging balls and enjoying the lot. Jace reciprocates, sucking sam off like he wants what's inside... And I don't just mean cum!

Falcon Studios - Update

December 23, 2014

Naughty Pines 2

Topher DiMaggio strips, and a hawk circles as his magnificent body comes into view, one discarded item of clothing at a time. He slides into the hot tub. Sean Zevran got a hawk's-eye look at Topher too, and it's got him turned on in all the best ways. You feel the lust when. Sean steps into his tent fully clothed only to emerge fully nude seconds later. Sean poses, cock twitching, for Topher to drink in the view. Then he enters the tub. Watch them above and below the water line: they lock thighs, cross hands to jack each other's cocks, and kiss like lovers. Blow jobs are traded.

Men - Update

December 23, 2014

Booked Solid

Hotels are booked solid across the metropolis city due to many events set to occur over the weekend. Johnny Forza made a last minute booking and accidentally booked in the same room as Mike Edge. Johnny pleads that Mike give him the room, but Mike has only one thing on the mind for the weekend… getting laid. Johnny has two options that lay in front of him: sleep on the streets or offer himself up as Mike’s play toy for the weekend. Johnny chooses the second option and Mike has no qualms of accepting.

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