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Cocky Boys - Update

February 28, 2014

Tobias Dominates Samuel

Tobias is the type of guy who knows exactly what he wants, no questions asked. He's obviously had a lot of experience and he likes a guy who can keep up with him. Samuel Stone is just that kind of guy -- an eager bottom with a perfect ass and expert dick sucking skills.

Next Door Buddies - Update

February 27, 2014


For Riddick Stone and his employee Ryan, it's been a really slow day at their garage. Barely a customer all day. As it nears the middle of the afternoon, neither of them have done much anything, and so they're growing understandably restless.

Czech Hunter - Update

February 27, 2014

Czech Hunter 130

I met this youngster who told me he came to Prague for sightseeing. He was from quiet far away, from South-Bohemia, and he was quite open-minded. I was surprised that this guy, a car-mechanic, seemed to have experienced a lot already. I asked him about his situation and expenses and finally came to the conclusion that it might make sense to make him an offer.

Island Studs - Update

February 27, 2014

Uncut Hung Hippy

I first saw Ra, a free-spirited New Age hippy farm boy with a thick uncut cock, furry surfer ass crack, teenage boy tits and an all-natural smooth body, skinny-dipping at a local nudist beach in Hawaii with his friends. This organic nudist boy is naked showing off his full bush of uncut cock hair, shaving his scruffy face, digging holes in the tropical garden, planting trees and walking around outdoors with a raging hardon in this exclusive video from Island Studs.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

February 26, 2014

Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Glad to see Dakota Ford is back in the BSB fold after having his sweet ass busted by Kaden. He shares today's stage with Paul Canon, who for some reason is eating at his palms. There is dead skin that needs to be removed. Dakota is slightly freaked out that he'll have to kiss a mouth that just swallowed skin. Paul brushes this aside, adding he doesn't believe anyone who says he's never tasted his own man milk. Dakota starts to argue his jizz has never passed his lips, but quickly backtracks. There is video evidence suggesting otherwise! LOL! "It was an awkward taste," Dakota says to the cameraman when asked how his cum tasted. "Mine is sweet," Paul maintains.

The cameraman reminds that pineapple is supposed to make cum taste like the nectar of the gods. There's also some conversation if semen tastes differently according to race. No one has a well versed answer for such a provocative question, so let's leave the query alone. Dakota is asked about Paul. He likes him, adding he has an ironic sense of humor. "I'm a sarcastic asshole," Paul confesses. Dakota adds Paul's smile makes it difficult to read some of his statements. One of the reasons why his fan club is so rabid! LOL!

The boys strip, and look who has finally earned some BSB underwear. "It took more than I expected," Dakota says. Paul gets out of his pants, and after the "get to it signal" from the cameraman, he grabs Dakota and places a wet kiss on the boy's lips. Dakota returns the passion. He then takes a seat, and Paul hits his knees. The veteran slurps at Dakota's pole, and the newbie moans. Instantly. Paul's warm mouth gets that hefty rod plumped up. "Oh, you're sucking that dick so good," Dakota moans. Paul takes the entire thing down his throat with ease. Does he even have a gag reflex?

Dakota gets on the floor, and opens his mouth. He licks Paul's meat like an ice cream cone. "Yeah, suck that dick," Paul commands. From the start Dakota has effort tears. "That's a lot of dick, man," Dakota says. "Not too bad for a newbie," Paul observes. Time for some ass busting. Dakota gets on the bed, and Paul slathers lube on his pickle. Dakota cries out the moment Paul enters his hole. Even tries to keep him from going balls deep. "God, you dick is so big," Dakota whimpers. "It's so deep. It's so deep."

Paul wants some of Dakota's sausage deep in his ass. Dakota goes to the chair, and Paul puts his booty over the man missile. At first Paul goes up and down slow, but the pace picks up. So does his cursing. That's dong is a hard ride. Dakota offers a reach around to make things feel better. "Take it," Dakota commands. Paul's hole is stretched beyond belief, but he takes that monster like he needs his ass filled.

Paul gets on the bed, and puts his tasty thighs in the air. "You ready for this," Dakota asks. Paul doesn't answer, but Dakota enters anyway. The pounding is balls deep, making both lads curse and moan. Paul takes his busting like a man. "Oh shit," he cries. "It's so deep." Just the way fucking is supposed to be. Deep and long. LOL! Paul eventually busts a nut that shoots up in the air, landing near his ear! Dakota pulls out and jerks his cum out. His man milk fills up Paul's belly button. Paul feels "cummy" and a little "shitty." Dakota tastes some of his cum and it gets a bland on the taste meter. Which is fine, as long as he keeps eating it. LOL!

Bel Ami Online - Update

February 26, 2014

Andre & Austin

The Xtra Big Dick Club is not only full of "big" stars of BelAmi but is also presenting Xlarge guests. We are always bombarded with requests to have Andre Boleyn bottom, but it is not so often that he agrees to do it for us, so we were especially pleased that when we invited American guest, Austin Merrick over, he was in a special bottoming mood, and readily agreed to take on Austin's Xtra large dick.

Men Over 30 - Update

February 25, 2014

Sex Cums First

Nothing ever gets done in porn, not even when you're going to make a plate of food, because there is always someone who wants that dick and in this case it's Christopher sneaking up on Andrew. Forget about the plate and instead the menu consists of the cock of Justice and Daniels' tight ass. Andrew bends him over the counter so he can get his wet tongue deep in his ass. You must always lube up first and nothing better than a hot wet rim job just before a hard throbbing cock goes in. Christopher likes it edgy and fears no pain but he loves to have cum all over himself.

Cocky Boys - Update

February 25, 2014

Sons of Montreal: Pierre vs. Jake

If there was ever an instance where you want to say to someone, "why don't y'all just go ahead and fuck already?!" it would be Jake Bass and Pierre Fitch! Both sons of Montreal, they have at one time or another been both friends and rivals. Both boys have big personalities (and egos) and it's safe to say Pierre and Jake have more than once crossed paths in Montreal -- even sharing the same ex-boyfriends. Over the years, they have indeed become classic frenemies.

Men On Edge - Update

February 25, 2014

Twice The Edging

First off we have Rico Romero, a brand new stud here with KinkMen and he's a little nervous for his first shoot. We calm his nerves with a blindfold around his eyes as we tie him up next to the windows. Rico's uncut cock begins to bulge out of his underwear, so we tear the underwear away and really start teasing him. After nibbling on his foreskin and applying tit suckers on his nips, we tease Rico's cockhead with vibrating hitachi's and he accidentally shoots his load.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

February 23, 2014

Duncan Tyler Fucks Tristan Stiles

Ever since he's appeared on the BSB scene, Tristan Stiles has shown the skills of an expert pass around bottom. Oh, he's topped but when his legs are in the air it's like Tristan finds another gear. In today's update, he's paired with Duncan "donkey dick" Tyler. There's talk about Duncan's voice and his distinctive laugh. "I giggle when I'm nervous," Duncan explains to the cameraman. "It's the deepest giggle I've heard," the cameraman replies.

Duncan hasn't been doing much, except snow boarding. The cameraman thinks that's the reason why the deep voiced stud has so many scars. Some of them were caused by over excited folk. "I got bit by a drunk female," Duncan explains as he points to a scar on his thigh. The biter is his neighbor. "It's worse than living next to a pit bull," the cameraman jokes. As the lads take off their clothes, the cameraman promises Tristan doesn't go for biting people. When they're naked, the cameraman gives Duncan a command. "Down on your knees, son." Duncan giggles, hits his knees, and sucks on Tristan's tool.

A few swipes get Tristan all hot and bothered. As he slobbers all over that meat, Duncan gives his monster meat a few strokes. Duncan isn't an expert on pole technique, but he rarely pays attention to the gag reflex. Which makes him hotter than he already is. It's Tristan's turn to suck, and he can barely get that pink head in his mouth. He tries to deep throat salami and fails. However, Duncan has few complaints. Especially when the sexy boy looks up at him. It's fucking time. Tristan puts his palms on the chairs. Duncan has to work his meat in slow because his poor bottom is moaning and groaning from the start.

"Fuck, yeah," Duncan whispers. The strokes are long and slow. Tristan's face is twisted between pain and pleasure. The crying continues when he gets on the bed. The pounding pace picks up. Tristan leans over and kisses his top man. Duncan kisses back. Tristan gets on his back for the final round. He puts a hand on Duncan's pale thigh to thwart some of the anal invasion. Duncan isn't having any of that. He wants to mark that ass. Tristan beats his meat as he gets royally fucked. His load shoots out and covers the area around his belly button. Duncan pulls out and his jizz covers everything, from Tristan's chest to his stomach. "My whole body was numb," Tristan describes the porking just received. That's a lot of sausage for a tight hole. Makes sense Tristan lost some sensation, no?

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