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BadPuppy - Update

July 29, 2015

Tom & Martin

We're thrilled to bring the World's Hottest Ginger, Tom Vojak, back to Badpuppy, and accompanying him is new hottie & voracious bottom, Martin Porter. When Tom first appeared Summer 2014, he was new to the whole guy-on-guy thing & was more reserved in his... shall we say... oral endeavours. Well, not anymore! Tom goes to town on Martin's perpetually hard cock & tight, hairy manhole, and Martin's not too shy in the sucking department, either. It gets a little twisted when the ass pounding begins, but hey, why not a little kink every once in awhile? Enjoy!

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

July 29, 2015

Eric Bottoms Up

First Colt worships his muscles, kissing, rubbing and admiring his jacked body. Then he readies Eric by rimming and fingering his hole to begin stretching it out. Getting broken in by Colt’s thick cock is no easy feat but Eric isn't giving in- or rather he is! Little by little the tone of his grunts and moans change. Eric relaxes and let’s the sensations overtake him. His loud explosion from being railed makes it all worth it in the end!

Next Door World - Update

July 29, 2015

Tempting Faith

He's a dedicated young man with lots of spunk. He's Ace Stone and he's a missionary for the Church of Next Door Bottoming Saints (CNDBS). Although Ace loves spreading the Good News, he knows it's sometimes tough work. On this particular outing, he's biked to the top of a tall hill, where one Mark Long happens to reside. Mark isn't into hearing about Ace's Faith as much as he's interested in getting into Ace's pants!When Mark answers his door to find young, chipper Ace, he has a feeling Ace is the type of young man who will swallow just about anything. Mark invites him inside to find out exactly how impressionable this sweet boy really is.Ace is excited to be invited in and goes right into his rehearsed lines. But Mark isn't like the rest of folks with whom Ace has sat down; Mark wants to strike a very special deal...

Deviant Otter - Update

July 28, 2015

Dick Hunger

A couple weeks one of my fuck buddies from RI hit me up because he was looking for someone to drive up the highway with and fuck around at rest stops. I’ve never done anything like that, shocking I know, so I was down for an adventure. As soon as I picked him up he was already on my dick, not that I was complaining, I fucking love road head! Especially when the tops off my jeep and everyone can see in. We pulled off at a truck stop and you would not believe how many trails and used lube packets are behind those fences, and a decent gathering of dudes for noon on a Wednesday. We found a spot away from the riffraff and I fed him my dick and then let him suck out a nice thick load.

Men Over 30 - Update

July 28, 2015

My Old Jersey

Landon and Cameron are catching up on old times talking about the good ol days when they use to hook up all the time. Cameron shows Landon his jersey that he has kept over the years after they broke up so he could use it to have his smell with him at all times. Landon was very surprised that he had it and had forgotten all about it. Cameron starts to smell Landon and pulls him in close as they begin to kiss and rekindle the fire between them. You can see the excitement on Cameron's face as Landon sucks his cock and ball like back in the day. Cameron repays the favor with his deep throating skills that he uses only on Landon. They both are just too excited to keep sucking cock so Landon fucks him just like he remembers it and Cameron loves the dick deep inside him as he grinds Landon. He can't hold it in no longer so Landon releases his warm load over Cameron's sexy chest.

Men - Update

July 28, 2015

Scared Str8 (Pt. 2)

Travis Stevens gets thrown behind bars and his cellmate, Roman Todd, lays out the options very clearly for his cute ass. After hearing what could be in store for him the next day, Travis agrees to be Roman's personal prison bitch in exchange for some looking after. Travis shows just what a good little bitch he is by wrapping his perfect lips around Roman's fat cock and then getting his sweet ass drilled.

Straight Rent Boys - Update

July 28, 2015

Straight Boy Brandon Gets Blown Away

Gage, 22, comes into to, "you know, just wanted to have some fun." This gay boy loves straight guys and ethnic, even more; works great as we also have Brandon in. Chatting with the two, Brandon, 23, agrees reluctantly to trade blowjobs; Gage chimes right in, "yeah, I would." Pulling off his shirt, I must say the boy does not know what "it's been a while" means when it comes to working out; unfortunately, I do. Letting Gage "have at," Brandon closes his eyes and earns some money; Gage keeps his eyes and hands busy.

Hot Boy USA - Update

July 28, 2015

Cody Love

They don't get much sexier than 18 year old blond haired, blue eyed Cody Love. This cutie sports a nice 7 inch cock and has a very fine ass. Cody is a smart young man that graduated first in his high school class and attends college, studying fashion and design. Enjoy, as he strips naked, strokes his big dick and delivers a nice load of cum.

William Higgins - Update

July 28, 2015

Milen and Rosta

Milen Petrof and Rosta Benecky are in bed, and Rosta tells Milen that he should not go to school. Instead Rosta leans over to kiss his friend. He moves down to kiss Milen's chest and then releases his hard cock from his underwear. Rosta's mouth encloses the cock, sucking on it. Then he removes the underwear and returns to sucking on that stiff dick. Rosta then removes his own underwear, revealing his massive cock and moves over Milen so that they can enjoy a 69. He sucks hard on Milen's cock as his own is in his friends mouth too. Milen moves to sit on the bedhard, so that Rosta can suck him some more. Rosta is loving that dick, looking up into Milen's eyes as he sucks.

Military Classified - Update

July 28, 2015


Today is a special day because I've managed to put together a team of straight guys that have come to be known as the 9 inch club! Yep DWIGHT and NORCO have teamed up to take on rob's ass and deliver a fuck scene that has "pro" written all over it. Watch as Norco and Dwight use their young cocks to set Rob straight... straight up his ass! The rest is history!

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