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Str8Chaser - Update

May 17, 2017


I normally don't do this, but Jimmy was just too cute and I was not gonna let his loud mouthed girlfriend stop me. They both openned up with an offer of cash. I knew I had him once I got him to take off his shirt. I guess I went a step too far asking to see his big dick as his girlfriend got pissed and took off. Luckily, Jimmy only had my hard cash on his mind.

Cum Pig men - Update

May 17, 2017

Nasty Boy On His Knees

Hell yeah, a nice thin boy with a hungry mouth; London calls me up for a quickie. As he sucks me tip to taint, he asks, do you like that? Oh, fuck yeah. Gobbling me to my groin, London moans as I pump my cock into his pie hole. Wet and sloppy, he really knows how to satisfy; the deviant looks up and says, you're getting me anxious for that load. Close to nutting, he begs for it; I blow right into his mouth. Spitting my cum back out to rub on my cock, he is such a cocksucker.

Men - Update

May 17, 2017

My Cousin Ashton (Pt. 3)

Ashton McKay has a couple of his closest guys over, and they’re about to get even closer. Damien and Hoyt start off the fuck fest with Ashton directing the action. These five studs take turns swallowing and spit-roasting each other before they’re unexpectedly interrupted by Ashton’s mom!

Dudes Raw - Update

May 17, 2017

A Stylish Fuck

When Max Henry came in for a trim, I knew he was going to enjoy not only his do, but also doin' me. Back at my bedroom, I rim and blow him; Max stretches out and relishes the treatment. As he rides back on my face, I tell him, you like when I go deep, huh? Taking my time with him, I let him know, my hole's going to be even better. Sliding his mushroom-head into my hole, Max is thick and knows how to fuck a guy; I open up and ride back to meet his thrusts.

Dirty Scout - Update

May 17, 2017

Dirty Scout 81

Since the moment this handsome guy entered the room, my cock started getting harder and harder. He came to Prague to follow his dream of becoming a branch manager. He was smart enough and had adequate education, he just lacked experience. At that time he worked as a fitness instructor, fitness was his greatest hobby. Judging by his incredible body, he knew what he was doing. That’s why I offered him a fitness coach job at a very prestigious hotel in Prague. He was thrilled. Making huge money out of his hobby? Who wouldn’t be thrilled? The boy was also quite greedy. He refused to pay our mediation fee right away and started asking about ways around it. Sure, I knew a few “unorthodox” ways…

Like 'em Straight - Update

May 17, 2017

Chuck & Brendon

The series may be called Hard To Swallow, but Chuck is easy on the eyes. After a few months of hard work in the gym, this guy has transformed his body into chiseled, grade A beef. Check out his earlier visit in this same series and you might just be surprised. His green eyes and Southern charm can't hide a dirty mind. Lucky for us, he doesn't want to hide anything! Like a snake charmer in the travelling circus, Chuck wakes a sleeping giant with a few smooth strokes. Brendon does some 'now-you-see-it, now-you-don't' with Chuck's un-cut dick and Wham-O, this dude sprays his load.

BadPuppy - Update

May 17, 2017

David, Robin & Jeff

David Foster was still sleeping as Jeff Harper and Robin Palmer walked by the door to his room when something quite large distracted them protruding from under the bed covers. Peeking out from David’s underwear was a rather huge representation of Morning Wood. Jeff and Robin kneel beside the bed; blown away with how big David’s member is. Robin leans forward, grabs David’s cock, and swallows it as far as he can. David is awakened by the attention and after a big smile; Jeff moves in and starts giving David a morning blowjob. Robin and Jeff take turns enjoying David’s huge piece of meat before pulling off his underwear so they could get at his balls and that sweat tight hole.

Mix It Up Boy - Update

May 17, 2017

Anthony Avery + Usher Richbanks

Mr Anthony Avery stayin in some posh hotel but his damn tv is busted so he calls for Usher to fix that shit pronto. Turns out Anthony just couldn't find the porn channels, so Usher let's him know they don't have that shit in this fly ass place. But if he wants action Usher can give it to him! Anthony is extra excited at this proposition lookin to suck that dark meat and gettin fucked hard all day long. Usher ain't going easy on that foo, fuckin Anthony hard and fast. He can barely take all that dick, but makes it through it and begins lovin it soon enough! After that ass gets completely destroyed Usher pulls out and lands a whole bucket worth of cum on his face!

Bentley Race - Update

May 17, 2017

Handsome mate Jeffry Branson in Hungary

Jeffry is very beautiful and a really sweet guy. He is straight in his personal life, but you will see that he has done gay sex scenes in the past. He is very open minded and friendly. We had a lot of fun hanging out in Budapest and making videos with him and some of his mates. Today Jeffry is showing off that big boner again. I told him he looks like a lumber jacket with the beard and checked flannel shirt. We finished this shoot with Jeffry blowing his load after a crazy fleshlight fucking session on the bed.

StraightMen XXX - Update

May 17, 2017


Out in the garden, I give a little look-see as I walk to the hot tub; not usually my style of underwear, but I've heard you guys like the backdoor aspect. Stroking my cock is nothing new, with a baby, I'm usually fending for myself when it comes to sex; as a performer, a hands-on approach is always fun. Standing is my favorite position so as I tug, I work my hips and edge. The heat is starting to fire up in me and my sweat begins to drip, I'm hot-natured. Moving to a long table to release, I thrust my cock through my hands.

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