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Man Royale - Update

July 18, 2015

Fuck a Pornstar (Pt. 2)

Gay porn newb, Christian Taylor get fucked by his dream date porn star: Billy Santoro!

Next Door World - Update

July 18, 2015

Arad & Shawn Andrews

Since wowing his superiors during his initiation, personal trainer Arad is fitting in nicely and building a steady base clientele. To be honest, he's already one of the most requested trainers at the gym... for some reason.Shawn Andrews has heard all about Arad's technique, and one look at Arad's shredded body tells Shawn that Arad knows how to get results, so Shawn is eager for his session. As it begins, it seems normal enough, with Arad walking Shawn through several exercises intended on isolating his focus areas. And that's all well and good, but as he lay on his stomach while Arad works out a kink in his back, Shawn wonders if everything he's been hearing is just rumor. Finally he just comes out with, asking Arad directly if he's gonna play around with stretches or if he's gonna fuck him. With that, Arad gives a wry smile and a smack on Shawn's ass, and the next thing Shawn knows, Arad is running him through a whole different set of positions.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

July 18, 2015

First Time, Pt. 1 (Ch. 5b)

Lucio Saints and Abel Pozsar have joined forces and their tricks, Diesel O’Green and Milos Zambo for an enlightening experience they will always treasure. After the guys have honed their group deepthroating skills Lucio leads them all to the bed. Lucio lies down and Diesel is the first to climb on top of that huge, fat cock. Milos is right there and feeds his hard cock into Diesel’s awaiting ass as well. Milos is blown away that 2 cocks can fit into 1 ass and the incredible sensation that comes from the feel of a hot hole accommodating such girth. Milos and Lucio begin to ride Diesel hard. Milos loves the feel of Lucio’s throbbing cock massaging his own as they lunge in and out of Diesel. Diesel is very transfixed with the thrusting of cocks in his ass as he and Lucio service Abel’s enormous cock. Diesel is one hungry fucker as he rides the 2 engorged cocks in his ass and deepthroats Abel’s huge piece of meat.

Jason Sparks Live - Update

July 18, 2015

CK & Kenneth Bareback in Providence

It's jockstraps and eye black in this sporty romp where CK and Kenneth wrestle each other on the bed. Of course CK wins and shoves his cock into Kenneth's mouth. Kenneth is a total cock pig and sucks it like it was his last meal. He throws CK back and rims his ass. CK's ready though to start fucking Kenneth with his big bare dick. The intensity is insane as Kenneth rides that cock until CK cums deep inside his ass.

Straight Fraternity - Update

July 18, 2015

First Finger

Corey doesn't know it, but he's about to catch a finger. Franco rims his ass first, then with patience and a lot of lube, he penetrates Corey's hole. Corey is surprised how amazing it feels and busts a huge nut. Franco finishes by cumming all over the straight guy.

Helix Studios - Update

July 18, 2015

Bastian and Jasper

On this episode of #helix, It's Bastian Hart & Jasper Robinson's turn to take to the couch. These two cuties talk about what got them into the industry, what stars they admire & would like to work with, how they chose their porn names and more. But, not to worry. It's not long after a request to show off Bastian's beautiful bubble butt, that this scene gets as action packed as the rocket in Jasper's pocket!

Naked Sword - Update

July 18, 2015

Cream Of The Cocks 3: Cream'n Manjuice

Real men shooting tons of semen! All Bareback All The Time! A classic Hot Desert Knights video, now streaming at Naked Sword!

Breed Me Raw - Update

July 18, 2015

Shay and Bryan

Hanging out in the local bathhouse in the glory hole stalls, Bryan Knight was hoping for a nice cut piece of cock to pop thru the hole for him to service. He didn't have to wait long until one with a nice curve did come thru! Bryan got to his knees and started to give that cock a hot blowjob, but before he knew it the cock disappeared and a mouth was on the other side waiting for his cock! Little did he know it was Shay Michaels on the other side, desperately wanting some cock too! Bryan then backed his phat ass up to the hole to get it penetrated by Shay’s cock and let his hole take a beating!

Bad Boys Boot Camp - Update

July 17, 2015

Preston and Dean (Pt. 1)

Preston and Dean find a quiet place at a local rest stop, and do what boys do naturally. Each takes turns swallowing each other's cocks, with Dean having a particularly voracious appetite for it. But they are just getting themselves primed for the main attraction...

Guys in Sweatpants - Update

July 17, 2015

With a Double Creampie!

Sometimes the guys like to fuck while on webcam. And sometimes we like to film it happening. We set up some cameras, busted out the handheld camera, grabbed the lube, and filmed our own little home video. From start to finish, this is raw, passionate and amazingly real sex… all the way up until the end when Colton came all over Austin’s dick while he was fucking Blake, and then Austin dumped his load inside him. The entire video is hot as hell, but the end is especially mind-blowing!

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