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Military Classified - Update

July 21, 2015


Brock is a new recruit to the militaryclassified line up and this tall, lean and muscular straight stud is here today because of an offer I made to him online that he couldn't refuse. Its incredible how a simple conversation accompanied by big amounts of cash can lure a straight guy into a situation he would have never been in had he not met me. Watch as Brock receives a blow job from a guy for the first time and the reactions are priceless!

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

July 21, 2015

Feeding Kip A Load

Dawson starts out by sucking Kip's cock. Kip eats out Dawson's ass, then shoves his dick into Dawson's mouth. Dawson lays back and lets Kip climb on top of his cock. Kip rides Dawson in a reverse-cowboy, and bends over the sofa to get fucked doggy-style. Dawson dicks Kip onto the floor in a piledriver, then fucks a thick load out of Kip. Dawson follows up by squirting his load into Kip's mouth - which Kip gulps down greedily!

Maskurbate - Update

July 21, 2015

Brad's Magic Wand

Ready to spend an intimate evening with Brad? Filmed 3 days before his bodybuilding competition, Brad relaxes at home and plays with a special toy we found during the shooting. Reality at its best!

Next Door World - Update

July 21, 2015

Connor Maguire & Brenner Bolton

As Connor Maguire goes about his job cleaning the windows of his client, he feels the hot sun beating down against the back of his neck, but he discovers the real hot action when he inadvertently peeks through one of the windows he's washing and discovers Brenner Bolton naked as a jaybird stroking his cock in bed. Connor peers at Brenner, unzipping his cover-alls and reaching for his cock as it gets hard beneath his uniform. He wonders if Brenner knows if he's watching, and no sooner does the thought cross his mind than Brenner looks up and motions for Connor to come around to the door. Connor cracks a smile and enters the room, flipping Brenner over without words and immediately plunging his tongue deep into Brenner's waiting hole. Brenner clutches the pillow as Connor continues to work his ass, but what Brenner really wants his some cock, so he flips over and takes Connor's meat into his mouth as Connor returns the favor. Both guys sucking each off, each getting harder by the moment, it's Connor who breaks off to reload and get a piece of Brenner's tantalizing ass.

Men - Update

July 21, 2015

Not Brothers Yet (Pt. 9)

Bennett Anthony and Jason Maddox are soon to be step brothers, but Bennett discovers a little dirt on Jason. While on Jason’s computer some links to gay porn pop up, so Bennett decides to set up his spy cam and catch Jason in the act. Once he does, Bennett offers some real life assistance. Jason fucks a load out of Bennett before feeding him his cum.

Sean Cody - Update

July 20, 2015

Daniel and Ollie

I LOVE it when Sean Cody brings on Daniel. He's just so tight, hunky & handsome with a 'dirty daddy' vibe. In this video, he TOTALLY applies that mindset while plowing Ollies hole! HOT dirty talk in this one! Bring it on!

Chaos Men - Update

July 20, 2015

Jeremiah & Jon

After getting a feel for Jeremiah's sexual energy, I likely will keep putting him with passive guys for him to dominate. Unfortunately, he has a rather large cock, and fucks with aggressively with little mercy. That means newbies are out of the question for him to play with. Thankfully Jon is not a newbie. After handling Pax's cock with ease, I knew just who to put him with next. Jeremiah is straight, but I think he is really starting to move himself in the Bi category. I know many of you have a tough time and want to pigeon hole any performer as gay, but many of the guys just don't spend their free time secretly on a cruising app. Jeremiah just had a baby and given he grew up on a very liberal San Fran, I don't get a vibe that he is confused or "on the fence" about his sexuality.

Active Duty - Update

July 20, 2015


Seth has to be one of the downright cutest recruits I've seen come through in a while. Claude is really hittin' 'em outta the park lately and this is no exception. Just when he draws you in with that blonde hair, those dimples, and that boyish smile, he gives you a load of his cock...SWEET LORD! We get our first look at Seth's gorgeous meat when he pulls it out of a pair of light blue undies. I should say I really found the color against Seth's complexion arousing. Something about Southern blonde boys in light blue has always flipped a few sexual switches for me. From near the beginning, we get to have a very nice, tight look at Seth's hairless, perfect asshole. It's easy to tell that Seth enjoys ass play. He works his fingers in and out a bit while jerking his cock, letting himself slowly work up in intensity. The build up to Seth's fantastic load eruption is very hot. The shot of Seth's enormous, throbbing cock in all its fully-flared glory just as he cums is something to write home about. I can't wait to see more of this sweet-as-Georgia-peach-pie, Southern cutie!

Dallas Reeves - Update

July 20, 2015

Dallas and Dalton

Dallas Reeves is relaxing in the hot tub when Dalton Pierce stops by for a dip, too. Dalton disrobes and hops in with Dallas. Before long these two studs are making out. Dallas grabs Dalton's perfect ass, encouraging Dalton to go down on him.

Bentley Race - Update

July 20, 2015

Ryan Kai

I have loads of straight mates here in Australia that love getting naked in front of the camera. Even when it's a guy taking the photos. My mate Ryan Kai is one hot Japanese boy who just can't keep his cock down when I bring out the camera. He loves showing it off! Today Ryan is giving me a strip show on the couch. I love Ryan's large uncut cock, but wait until you see that perfect round bum on top of those big thighs. I took a lot of photos before grabbing the video camera to watch my horny mate jack off. And as one extra little surprise, Ryan squirts a tonne of cum all over myself. He's wiping it off his face just as I finish filming. It's another very hot video from my hung horny mate. "Straight mates - Japanese hottie Ryan Kai showing off that XL cock"

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