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Cocky Boys - Update

December 14, 2015

Levi Karter Fucks Lev Ivankov

As one of the newest faces at CockyBoys, Lev Ivankov is loving getting to know our stable of guys. After debuting with a double feature here, getting dominated by Rick Sterling and then Sonny Stewart, we thought we'd set Lev up with a guy who's a little more similar to him in age and body type -- the ever-lovable Levi Karter. Levi might be one of our most popular guys, but he's always up for breaking in the fresh meat and seeing what they're made of. Watching how far Levi has come as a CockyBoy is truly a sight to behold!

Chaos Men - Update

December 14, 2015

Bentley & Truman: Raw

They 69 and suck each other for a bit before Bentley slides his cock inside of Truman. Truman is such a trooper! He was getting nervous that it might not fit, but as I said, he never complains. Once inside him, his cock never wilts. The dude does love to get fucked! Or at least his cock does! Bentley gets him to lay down on his stomach and fucks him flat. He kept going really deep, making Truman wince in agony and bliss. He pulls him to the edge of the bed for a proper pounding. Bentley has never been in better form!

Next Door World - Update

December 14, 2015

Casting Audition: Alex Tanner

Markie is smitten with Alex's look and it is obvious that the feeling is mutual, as Markie strips Alex out of his clothes and begins to suck him off. Alex closes his eyes and just enjoys being taken advantage of, and to his credit, Markie takes full advantage of the body laid out before him, curling Alex's legs back as he tongues the Texan's ass, before plunging his hard cock deep inside the newbie...

Sean Cody - Update

December 14, 2015

Randy & Dean: Bareback

When it comes to interviews or Behind the Scenes, these two turn into total goofballs. So we decided to see what happens if we let the models run the show. Needless to say it was hilarious. Randy has some fun pounding out Dean who took it better than he thought he would have. Dean took that monster cock like a champ and let Randy go balls deep.

Butch Dixon - Update

December 14, 2015

Nathan Raider

This IS one of the sexiest guys in ages, brand spanking new, naturally hairy, with a tapered dick that was designed and constructed to stretch hungry arses, a cute sexy, Italian accent, pale green-brown eyes, never even seen that colour before, a dark foreskin AND a magnificent, ripped body, that is not gym trained, he assures us - thats just some steaming hot, sexy DNA he's got ( which I would LUV to taste!!) This beautiful boy is popping his porno cherry for you today ( if you see him on any other site before this date you can come over and slap my ass).

Bad Boy Bondage - Update

December 14, 2015

Mikeal & Chad Play Together

Chad is down on his knees and the EVER so delighted DOM, Mikeal, can't wait to play a new games together.

Men - Update

December 14, 2015


Jordan Boss is a smoker and his buddy, Damien Michaels, will do anything to help him quit. While Jordan is on a smoking break, Damien heads upstairs to the perfect spot and shoots a hot load of cum all over him! Cute stunt, but Jordan makes the him pay for it by drilling his prankster hole nice and hard.

Sean Cody - Update

December 13, 2015

Tate & Forrest: Bareback

We packed up the car and went off to buy the fixings to make some gingerbread houses. “I have a feeling this is going to get messy!” Forrest laughed. It was fun watching these two attempt to make some holiday décor. Lets just say they are much better at fucking. When it came time to get down to business, Forrest and Tate hit it out of the park and really nailed a great film.

Next Door World - Update

December 13, 2015

The Prisoner

Osiris Blade is being held captive in a humid dungeon somewhere underneath the bustling city. Marlone Star is his warden, and this warden doesn't like prisoners to be comfortable. Every evening around 7pm, just before Marlone retires to his quarters to eat dinner, he works up a ravenous hunger by 'dealing' with his only inmate. Osiris has come to sense when these fuckings are going to happen. It's his only indicator of the time of day...

Harlem Hookups - Update

December 13, 2015

Raw Riding

I just can't get enough of that big dick. Kaden loves Raceplay and loves making me his personal cum dump. He was aching for my ass and I was wanting some dick bad. So he came over and we got a little tipsy and I could help but take advantage. He planted a load right in my ass. We just kept ducking everywhere. I shot a big ass load all over his face. Next Road trip to Miami! Any fans out there in the sunshine state?

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