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Drill My Hole - Update

January 18, 2016

Slam Dunk (Pt. 3)

Ricky Larkin’s wife is being bitch and he wants some relief. He weighs his options and eventually joins a gay basketball league in the hopes of meeting someone who will ravage his hairy hole. Diego Sans knows when he’s needed as he slams Ricky’s cheating ass with his rock hard cock.

Sean Cody - Update

January 18, 2016

Shaw Fucks Robbie: Bareback

After getting fucked for the first time, Robbie was craving for some more. “I want to get pounded out by a real man! Someone that can really dominate me!” Robbie said. Shaw was the perfect guy for the job. “He’s a small guy, I don’t want to break him.” Shaw laughed when Robbie asked for it rougher. “I’m not a wimp! Bring it.” Robbie was clearly ready. Shaw didn’t hold back at all when it came to fucking pounding Robbie.

Men At Play - Update

January 18, 2016

Massimo, Klein and Dani

Real life boyfriends Massimo & Klein are pure fireworks to watch as they fuck on camera, and when you throw in a third stud for them to experiment with the result is suited-threesome heaven. And even more so when that third guy is a cum-hungry bottom like Dani Robles. Massimo and Klein begin by feeding Dani their delicious, uncut dicks, and Dani has a total feast with them… well who wouldn’t right? The couple mouth-fuck Dani till he almost gags, swapping dicks for him to take in deep and then ramming both in at the same time! Next its Dani’s hole that pummelled by Massimo & Klein, who tag-fuck his ass, taking turns and making the fun last as much as possible. But the pleasure is so intense its impossible to contain and eventually the guys explode THE most impressive loads (both at the same time!), completely covering suited Dani in their hot, delicious cum.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

January 18, 2016

Devon Fucks Vadim Raw

Vadim Black takes his best friend Devon Felix's bareback cock, but not until after they've gotten each hot and hard in other ways!

Naked Sword - Update

January 18, 2016

Pura Vida 2

Pura Vida 2 launches a new round of wild and passionate shoots of gorgeous men letting go of all restraints among a beautiful, lush setting! The only thing that makes the scenery better are the red-hot hunks that take full advantage of the paradise to let wild all of their dirty fantasies- on each other!

Peter Fever - Update

January 18, 2016

Back in the Scene

I was nervous. Wolfie was standing there and I didn’t know what to say. I had just got out of a serious relationship a few months ago when my ex left me broken hearted and then there I was with a random stranger from the ITB App in my room. I don’t know if I can trust him with my feelings. I didn’t think I was ready so I apologized and he understood. He seemed different though. He had a charm to him. He was a nice guy. I decided to just take a chance and move on with Wolfie. Watch Trelino go on his first hook up with Wolfie Blue since his break up in “ITB App – Back in the Scene”.

Straight Fraternity - Update

January 18, 2016

TJ Pounds

After getting his huge cock sucked, TJ mounts Franco and fucks him deep and hard with it. Even though he just had sex a few hours earlier, this testosterone-fueled straight stud still busts an extra-large nut on Franco's back.

UK Naked Men - Update

January 18, 2016

Sergi and James

Ahhh bristling, broad and sexy - Sergi has only done a solo before us before and though he's 'kinda' straight we know he has a thing for smooth, handsome boys and lets face it anyone would curl at the edges for the beautiful, toned, tanned and hung - James Jones. James is new and a sight to behold from his smooth, pale feet to his fat, lip-smackingly juicy, uncut cock to his pale eyes and invitingly, kissable lips, oh yes please (and Sergi agrees). So we just fling them on a fancy bed and let the devil do his work!

Active Duty - Update

January 17, 2016

Guy Houston

Guy is the quiet type yet shows lots of promise as a dominate top and I'm sure eventually you all will see that soon enough. Guy has never been with a man let alone has Claude sit quietly by filming him but once you see his amazing eyes and physique you'll know he is the man for the job.

American Muscle Hunks - Update

January 17, 2016

Joey D & Jacob Peterson

The new year brings some hot new HUNKS, as well as some of our favorites returning. This week, Jacob Peterson is back, and ready to take Joey D's huge cock. The scene opens with some hot making out and muscle worship. Joey does not take long to dive into Jacob's perfect pits and asshole. As he devours Jacob's pink hole, Joey's monster cock gets rock hard and he cannot wait to put it deep inside the eager Jacob. Bending Jacob over the bed, Joey thrusts his big shaft all the way and then pulls all the way out just to make sure Jacob feels every inch. Joey pounds Jacob like this for quite some time before flipping him over and making Jacob blow is load. This causes Joey to cum all over Jacob in a spray of hot, white jizz.

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