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Like 'em Straight - Update

April 21, 2015

Crotch Watch: Jace Returns

The response to Jace's first visit was overwhelming, so we've brought him back for a re-match. At 20 years old and cute as hell, Jace can write his own ticket in this town, but today Brendon is going to make it a round trip! Jace loves the nasty, and the kinkier the better, so he doesn't flinch when the older man takes his chubby dick down his throat. He scoots down on the seat to give Brendon a better shot at his tasty ass. Rim and trim is the order of the day. Who could resist eating the cum of this sweet young stud?

Cocksure Men - Update

April 21, 2015

Dennis Barebacks Karl

Dennis Reed enters a room and begins to work on his laptop. He notices a few holes in a wall. Sure enough a big, hard cock appears through a glory hole. Dennis is curious and grabs the protruding pole, strokes it, then gives it head. The jock connected to the peeping penis is Karl Rossi. He goes over to Dennis and they kiss while Dennis jerks Karl's cock. Dennis unbuttons Karl's shirt and sucks his nipple. He sucks Karl's uncut cock some more. Karl takes his shirt off and turns around showing Dennis his creamy white ass. Dennis smacks his butt cheeks a few times before both studs take their jeans off. Karl gets on his knees and swallows Dennis' cock. Dennis lays Karl on the couch and pulls Karl's leg up exposing his hole. He rims the hole while Karl pulls on his boner.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

April 21, 2015

Brute Club

Brute takes out his cock, and what an awesome piece of man meat it is...big and thick with plenty of foreskin, which he slowly slides back and forth over the big head, getting it bigger and harder. He plays with his cock, showing it off to the camera, giving us tons of great shots of his hot body and impressive dick.

Gay Hoopla - Update

April 21, 2015

Brett Cady, The Naked Exhibitionist

Is he to nice to be in porn? Nah! Brett Cady truly is a rare man these days. He’s vegan, has a huge heart, would take & give the shirt off his back to one in need. Thankfully, under his shirt, he has a killer bod… I personally love his ass. He hasn’t had much sexual action in his life but always thought about it. It was actually his idea to jerk off on top of the mountain near traffic. I believe this was an experience that was perfect for him and finally allowed him to explore a little bit. Hope you all like this stud. If you plan on taking him on a date, know he’s believes in romance and you won’t get away with anything less. Bring your “longest ride” skills out… yes I teared up at the movie.

Helix Studios - Update

April 21, 2015

Greco Pays For His Mistakes

When Greco commits a typing error, he must answer to the displeasure of his hot-tempered boss, Blake.

Chaos Men - Update

April 21, 2015

Brannon & Theon RAW

It was nice to see Theon's thick cock back in action, splitting Brannon in two! Brannon can handle a thick one, but on this day it took him some time to adjust to Theon's girth. Lots of 'Ouchie Faces' as he struggles to accommodate his cock! He finally got loosened-up but he was also having one of those days where he would get hard and just want to cum. That was yet another reason we kept him as a bottom. He was worried between takes he would just cum as soon as he got hard and started fucking Theon.

Sean Cody - Update

April 21, 2015

Forrest & Brodie: Bareback

Sweet as pie... These two babyfaced brutes look like the High School jocks you wished you could see plowing each other! Brody takes Forrest on an amazing ass pounding excursion all over the couch. 'OhMyGod' are the only words to escape his lips over and over again!

Southern Strokes - Update

April 21, 2015

Jason and Fernando

We have been flooded with email wanting to know all about Fernando & when we were going to get to see him take a nice rough fucking. We decided that we were going to let Jason have a little fun with our hot brazilian stud. Fernando dropped to his knees & push Jason's naked body back into the chair so that he could take Jason's man hood in his mouth. The boys switched positions so that Jason could get down to one of his favorite pastimes; Eating ass! Jason's tongue sent Fernando into a spin & Fernando was begging Jason to shove his cock in his hole. Jason was about to give Fernando exactly what he wanted. Jason could shove his cock so deep that Fernando could feel it in his stomach. Fernando rewarded Jason for his hot round of fucking by taking his hot load in his mouth.

Chaos Men - Update

April 21, 2015

Noel Anton Solo

Noel is super sexy and has a great energy about him. A true performer, you REALLY have to watch him. The way he moves his body, looks at you with a range of expressions. Sly, mischievous, flirty, sexy, and playful! I just love this solo! He has a great uncut cock that pushes nearly 8 inches. He strokes it pretty fast, but he also shows it off, letting us see how big it is.

Spunk Worthy - Update

April 21, 2015

Hugh & Colt: JO Buddies

You know those days when you have things planned out & one slight change ends up affecting everything else after that? This shoot was one of those days. Colt was scheduled to come over. An hour or so before that, though, Hugh stopped by to pick up tax paperwork &, being an inexhaustibly horny guy, wanted to try out a sex toy. No complaints here. Enter Colt. Since they were both here it seemed like a no-brainer to get them to do a side-by-side JO & see what would happen. After a lot of convincing & some long, awkward silences, they both agreed. A pocket pussy toy had started things out with Hugh, so I pulled out one for Colt to try, too. The guys got to work on themselves.

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