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Active Duty - Update

November 25, 2016

Matthew & Dante

Boy, talk about two peas in a pod! This is Matthew Reeves matched up with Dante, and they sure out did themselves. Matthew is first to suggest a little fooling around, and Dante doesn't hesitate to lean over and take Matthew's growing cock into his mouth. Some nice, passionate sucking gets things heating up quickly. Then Matthew returns the gesture, and goodness does he enjoy it!

BadPuppy - Update

November 25, 2016

Jhonnatan & Max

Jhonnatan Garduna was showing Max Dias a new dating app he had installed on his phone. The images and videos of the prospective dates turn on both of our hot studs. Jhonnatan puts down his phone as Max leans over and gives Jhonnatan a very deep, intense kiss. Immediately, Max reaches for the bulge appearing in Jhonnatan’s jeans and it’s not long before Max is nuzzling and licking Jhonnatan’s crotch thru his jeans. Jhonnatan stands up and pulls off his jeans sitting down on the sofa in only his swim trunks; which were stretched out from his hard cock which was fighting to get free.

You Love Jack - Update

November 25, 2016

Ian T

Ian unzips his blue jeans and whips out his enormous 9 inch cock and shows it off for the camera. Slowly working his hand along the thick shaft as he works a slippery finger in and out of his tight little asshole. He fucks himself slow and easy then sits up and shoots a thick load of twink cum all over the living room floor. Grinning at the camera as the cum drips off his dick head and slides down his long fingers. Delicious!

Bentley Race - Update

November 25, 2016

Kicking the Footy Around With Reece

Reece was playing with the footy on the roof while I snapped loads of photos. The 18 year old Aussie looks so cute in the AFL gear. He made me laugh when he dropped his shorts to reveal those see through netted undies. Eventually he stripped completely naked to take advantage of those first summer rays. Reece has become one of our favourite twink mates at Bentley Race. He has already appeared in several solo and action videos with our mates. And now he's going to be a busy boy again over this summer.

Coeds at Corbin Fisher - Update

November 25, 2016

Bond & Jamie

Before the cameras started rolling, Bond and Jamie discussed that they wanted out of this encounter. Bond was completely unpretentious. “I want to have control and fuck you as hard as possible.” Now although Jamie has no problem running the show, she is happy to submit to the strong stud.

Next Door World - Update

November 25, 2016

Straight Encounters: A True Story

For straight newcomer Conan McGuire, the world of adult film is kind of a scary new frontier, but after talking with his old military buddy, Jake Davis, Conan decides that it's definitely something he's interested in. Jake, good friend that he is, is not about to let his buddy just enter into it blind, instead setting it up so that Conan's first scene could be with him.

Jake Cruise - Update

November 25, 2016

Jake Services Vinnie

Vinnie Stefano is one hell of a sexy man. Swarthy, hairy and muscular. Just everything I love to touch in a man. I slowly take off his clothes and worship his trim, muscular body. Soon I'm licking his pits and kissing his chest. I show off his butt before I attack his thick cock. Vinnie quickly gets a stiffy. After blowing him on the couch I make him kneel and I lick his hairy hole, balls and cock. I play with him a bit as we stand, his naked, hard body close to mine. I get on the couch and Vinnie straddles me, pounding my mouth with his rod. On his back again I suck and stroke Vinnie Stefano's dick until he shoots his load on his hairy abs. I lap up his cream before we say goodbye, Vinnie with a big smile on his face.

Mix It Up Boy - Update

November 25, 2016

Jarvis Chandler + Ken Mariano

He gets Ken's dick in his mouth and watches that big black dick grow. Ken slaps his face with it and has Jarvis lick on his full nuts then bends Jarvis over to tongue his tight pink hole before opening it up with that slab of meat. They finish up by cumming all over each others chests and Jarvis smiles!

The Casting Room - Update

November 25, 2016

Casting Liam

Young Liam is unusually confident and experienced, but he still gets a nervous excitement making a new video with new men because anything can happen! Note how the first thing Liam suggestions for action in the video is rimming. That’s the kind of filthy-minded thinking we like! Adrian takes his time displaying Liam’s body in close detail. His dick is really excitable.

Men - Update

November 24, 2016

Group Home (Pt. 3)

All the misfit boys decide to wake Zach up with the pleasant surprise of their hard dicks primed and ready to go. Zach takes turns salivating over each delicious cock. He then mounts Jack Hunter while Vadim Black plugs Will Braun’s eager hole. The guys take turns pounding each other until an explosive cumclusion over Zach’s willing face.

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