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UK Hot Jocks - Update

October 25, 2017

Aggro - Rough Muscle

Pushing his head down further but lifting his ass up high, it's a fucking slap fest, his perfectly juicy butt just begs to be beaten as well as eaten out! Nick pulls his cheeks apart and goes to town on his hole, tongue, fingers all warming him up for his aching hard cock. Pulling him back he slides deep into him! , Gaston is an experienced bottom and take him with a painful pleasure, squeezing tight to let his Dom know he's enjoying it. Enough foreplay, time to fuck hard. Using his harness for it's intention he grabs hold and pounds him like he's going to run away!

Andy's Aussie Boys - Update

October 25, 2017

Troy & Jake

Out in the bush by the old creek we find a couple of Aussie twinks making out. The two strip their slender bodies and reveal big cocks that slide in and out of the mouth to the back of the throat. Troy fingers Jake's waiting hole before sliding his big cock deep inside. With the glory of the Australian bush all around the two fuck by the restless waters. Troy sprays a waterfall of cum all over Jake's cute face.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 25, 2017

Gentlemen 21: Top Management

It’s time for the wunderkind Shawn Reeve to make his final decision: does Dakota Payne have what it takes to be a successful intern? But the determining factor is whether or not Dakota Payne is willing to put in some overtime. Sure, the internship might be unpaid, but when you get fucked up the ass by a boss as hot as Shawn Reeve, who’s going to complain about staying late some nights? Dakota sure isn’t!

G.E.S. by Omofineboy - Update

October 25, 2017

Daring Oliver

...As I turned to leave him, he grabbed my arm and I lost my balance and fell on him. He embraced me and started kissing me wetly. My knees grew weak and I succumbed to his kisses. He held me tightly and I felt the strength of his erection pressing against mine. He turned me over and climbed on top of me. He was roughly gyrating his loins against mine. Slowly, he rose up, shed off his under garment and his ramrod stiff penis stood like a flagpole between his legs. The guy was really endowed. I looked longingly at that man meat and he walked to me. He pressed his hands on my shoulders in a silent command. I knelt before him and took him in my mouth. I sucked his manflesh as if my life depended on it. The squelching sound added a sort of wildness to this madness. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth with all his strength...

Breed Me Raw - Update

October 25, 2017

Bishop Angus and Teddy Bryce

While laying in bed together, Bishop Angus and Teddy Bryce start to browse porn on their iPad. Teddy is curious to see what kind of porn the hot, older stud is into. Bishop suggests bareback porn. Teddy is slightly apprehensive about bareback porn but is secretly turned on. The two muscle studs begin to get naked and Bishop is ready to shove his fat dick into Teddy's eager hole. Bishop's cock feels so good in Teddy's ass that he begs Bishop for his raw cock and to take his Daddy seed!

Spunk Worthy - Update

October 25, 2017


"I wanted to see what all the fuss was about," he said with a laugh. "It sure as hell looks like fun on the screen, and I wanted to try my hand at what it'd be like on the other side of the computer screen." As we started shooting, it was hard to tell if Oliver was eager to make a good first impression, or being a bit flirty. I tested the waters by giving his dick a few strokes during the shoot and he barely flinched. It had been a while since he last jerked off, so it seemed like the attention was welcome. He closed his eyes and pulled his arms behind his head. Oliver's body started twitching and clenching up as he got closer to cumming, until finally his whole upper body was shaking and he started gasping that he was going to finish. A spray of cum flew out and coated Oliver's stomach as he lay on the couch, panting and convulsing.

Next Door Raw - Update

October 24, 2017

Double Load Resort

Opening the blinds as Michael works on his tan, Dakota begins to suck Scotty off in bed, confident that Michael is spying through the door. Scotty mentions the guy in the window staring and Dakota tells him to lighten up, making his way over to the door to let Michael in. He joins them, cock already at half mast, and Scotty and Dakota proceed to service him, sucking him off and worshiping his straight boy body. Michael is hung like a boa constrictor, and Dakota is anxious to take him for a test drive, so he lay on his back and lets Michael have his way with him. Scotty doesn't want to feel left out so the two of them take turns fucking Dakota's raw hole.

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 24, 2017


When Bennett first contacted me on AFF at the end of March to request more information, I did not hear back from him for three weeks, and then received this: “I’m definitely straight but I could use 5 Benjamins… Exactly how does this whole process work?” So, I gave him a short overview, and within 12 hours, Bennett was scheduled. Upon arrival, more in-depth questioning began, and I had a sinking feeling that he was on the verge of a “what the hell am I doing” freakout, and no shoot would happen. We had a 10-minute back and forth, and I was completely forthright with him. So far, so good.

G.E.S. by Jayman1 - Update

October 24, 2017

Training The Nude Model (Halloween Interlude)

As the drawing session continued Marc took a seat between four men directly in front of me. I knew by the way the men were studying the jack o'lantern they could see my dick. Their gaze drifted slowly up and down my body taking in the whole scene. From time to time Marc would lean forward and whisper and the men would check out a different area of my body as if they were inspecting a product for purchase. Knowing that only these few men could see the "full package" through the jack o'lantern's mouth, while the rest of the class couldn't, started that familiar tingling in my dick.

Men At Play - Update

October 24, 2017

Style & Blow

Over the years we’ve seen Logan and Dani model dozens of refined suits, accessorized with fancy OTC socks and polished dress shoes. We’ve seen them fucked every way imaginable: in showers, on medical exam tables, in pools, in cars, in beds, in movie theatres, on card tables, and on desks. Together, Logan and Dani have shot gallons of cum on the MAP set. Now the versatile Dutch wonder and the Spanish powerbottom are finally busting their nuts together. And you don’t want to miss it!

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