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Men - Update

March 20, 2017

Every Town Secrets (Pt. 1)

Vadim Black is confronted about his strange late-night activities by his neighbor Jordan Boss. When accused of selling drugs, Vadim decides to show Jordan what’s really going on behind closed doors. He’s in the business of pleasure and Jordan’s about to become his next client. Stripping off his clothes and hopping in the sling, Jordan lets Vadim take control of his cock and hole.

Sean Cody - Update

March 20, 2017

Frankie & Sean: Bareback

Knowing about each other’s popularity on Sean Cody had both Frankie and Sean excited to explore one another. They meshed really well, seeing as they brought each other’s wild sides out for a spin.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 20, 2017

Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback

Ronan Kennedy has been catching up on his sleep the last few days, which means he’s very well-rested for his scene with Flip today, and these boys waste no time getting things started!

Bromo - Update

March 20, 2017

Open Door, Open Ass

Jay Austin is beating his meat when Brad Powers casually strolls in, bends Jay over the sink and starts banging him raw. They take a quick break and Jay goes down on Brad to get him even harder, then they’re back at it all over the bathroom, until Brad unloads on Jay’s ass.

Jake Cruise - Update

March 20, 2017

Jake Services Jacob

Jacob Durham is a very sexy man as well as a lot of fun. Jacob has been building up his muscles and they are wonderful to touch. One thing that didn't need building up is his big 8 inch cock. It is one of the straightest cocks I've played with, but that's about all that is straight with Jacob. He's a passionate man and a great kisser. He's dominant, too. Jacob pulls me in to kiss and pushes my head down forcing his cock deep down my throat. When Jacob fucks my face, he goes all in, thrusting his cock fast and hard into my mouth. Jacob strokes to an amazing cum gusher as I lie next to him. I eat up his cum and suck his cock dry, then end with a sticky kiss. I loved playing with Jacob Durham. What a hot guy!

Men - Update

March 19, 2017

The Secret Life of Married Men (Pt. 2)

Adam Bryant’s wife doesn’t suspect a thing between her husband and her brother. Little does she know while she’s off working, Adam and Leon Lewis are sucking and stuffing holes.

Helix Studios - Update

March 19, 2017

Landon Vega and Wes Campbell

These two cock gobblers devour one another's dicks and Wes goes IN on Landon's bountiful young butt! Someone get this guy a bib! Raw and with just his own spit for lube, Campbell crams his cock inside Landon's loins, working his way inside till balls are slapping! He adds a spank for good measure before picking up the pace and pounding the kid like a jack hammer. Landon's gigantic piece is epically hard for the duration as he looks down to watch Wes deliver dick. He pounces on top of Campbell's cock for a ride and his dick is so long it almost reaches Wes's mouth!

All Australian Boys - Update

March 19, 2017


Our latest All Australian Boy is a - 20yo straight Rugby Jock Zane, from Perth. Zane is a very confident, nice, friendly bloke off field but ON he plays passionately and competitively to win, at all costs. He was a bit shy at first on the beach and soon got into showing his Rugby boy skills off. In studio he modelled underwear and then did a great show watching lesbian vid, pulling himself till he blew heaps, all over himself. Don’t miss this hot young Rugby Jock.

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 19, 2017

Gay Chicken: Best Friends Bareback

Cole and Kalin are lifetime best friends. It is completely hot to have them playing Gay Chicken for the first time. I know I can get them to go far. The first challenge is the Makeout Challenge. The next task is the Hand-Job Challenge. Cole's cock is HUGE and Kalin's uncut cock isn't too shabby either. Next they move on to the Blow-Job Challenge. At this point the game is a tie. Cole wins the tie-breaker by stepping up and fucking Bosier's ass. It doesn't take long for Cole to moan, "I'm cumming!" He pulls out and shoots a big load on Bosier's back, panting with ecstacy. Bosier didn't know what hit him!

Nasty Daddy - Update

March 19, 2017

Lain Injection

Starring Rafael Cararaes and Brendan Phillips. Brendan puts on his best puppy dog eyes as he does his best to put Rafaels uncut latin boner to good use.

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