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Black Breeders - Update

October 25, 2014

Must Be a Full Moon

Champ is home and after a hard day’s work he is ready to release a hard dick’s nut! He catches Tyce in the back (literally and figuratively) and gets right to business without either of them realizing Jordan has snuck through the back way and into their yard…and into the mix!

Raw Fuck Club - Update

October 25, 2014

Rocco Steele and Alessio Romero

Horse-hung porn stud Rocco Steele gets a huge surprise waiting for him on a sling. Sexy latin freak Alessio Romero lies waiting, horned up and ready to get fucked real nice and hard by Rocco's big cock and his asshole drenched with hot cum.

Debt Dandy - Update

October 25, 2014

Debt Dandy 57

This was the first time I went for an appointment with a young troubled guy, who lived in the house. Or let’s say, he used to. He was already a few days before being evicted. No furniture inside was a clear fact that he has lost everything and has to take desperate measures. Even in this precarious situation he kept smiling and still being nice. After we summed up his debts, I made him a offer. At first he declined, and very strictly. Even after few minutes of conversation he didn’t say “yes”. In my desperation, I lost my nerves, higher the tone of my voice and was just about to leave. I couldn’t do it better. He got scared that his last chance is disappearing. So he took it and in a few moments he was bare naked making me more and more horny.

Boys Nation - Update

October 25, 2014

Brycen Cox Jerks

18 year-old Brycen borrowed the video camera to shoot this cute, sexy "one to one" video, playing to all the hot "daddies" out there who want a naughty boy to play with, just like Brycen.

Sean Cody - Update

October 25, 2014


OMG, total beefcake! Meet Rusty - and HOLY CRAP watch how the muscles on his body just EXPLODE while he's posing and flexing. And *Damn!*, he's handsome.

Czech Hunter - Update

October 24, 2014

Czech Hunter 164

I hate this transition. Some call it fall, I call it “ from summer to winter “. I feel lazy and without any energy. Gathered some energy, switched on my Cam and went out to hunt. I’ve met the special one close to Ujezd, nice part of Prague, just down the Petrin tower. Cute and scared young boy he was. But he didn't have any problems talking to a stranger like me. He lived with his mother and works in a bistro, for just 7,000 CZK per month. This low salary I couldn't even imagine. Well that’s a reality and this reality helps me a lot to persuade this young fellows to accept my dirty offers all the time. Well, almost… This one was no exception, for 2,000 I saw his dick and then it was very easy to get him into the hotel room where I could play with him as much as I wanted to

Bentley Race - Update

October 24, 2014

Skippy Baxter

"One of the sweetest and sexiest of my mates on BentleyRace is Skippy Baxter. It literally took me years to talk Skippy in to modelling for me. Secretly I just wanted to see my gorgeous mate naked. Getting his shoot up on the site was just a bonus. Well Skippy is looking much more muscly these days. So I decided to get him around to strip naked one more time for me. Skippy has appeared in many scenes now with my mates, but getting him to pose alone is really a treat for me. He still gets a little nervous at the start of the shoot, but is now used to the routine of being naked while I take lots of photos. Eventually I grab the video camera and record Skippy fucking himself with a dildo and making himself cum all over his furry muscly belly. I could just go down there rift now and lick it all up! Make sure you also check out Skippy's recent scenes with Jet Wellington and Alex McEwan. Man I love my mates!"

American College Sex - Update

October 24, 2014

James Gets Laid

James got down to business right away at Corbin Fisher, and we've already been treated to the sight of this stud in action over at ACM. Ever the horny young man ready for some fun, though, James was also eager to put on a show at ACS for us.

French Dudes - Update

October 24, 2014

The Show Must Go On Part Two

Picking back up with Ted TN and Pti Pain, we find Ted working his cock into Pti's tight ass bent over the chair. Once Ted gets his cock in, he starts the pounding while I...err... WE enjoy looking at the fine ass on Ted. DAMN! Why am I in the mood for rump roast all of a sudden? The guys move down to the floor with Pti on his back as Ted continues to drill his ass. Then Ted pulls out his cock and gives Pti a "hand" or rather some fingers while he strokes his cock. Both men continue stroking their cocks until Ted blows a nice hefty load up past Pti's head hitting the floor under the chair leaving a creamy white trail all down Pti's chest and stomach. Either Ted hasn't got off for a couple of days or his cocks' nick name is "missile launcher." Pti continues jerking off while Ted plays with his balls and sucks on his nipples to help stimulate the boy. When Pti does blow, we get to see another gusher. Pti had a tough time today, not the "norm" for him, and when he does blow, it's a big smile of complete satisfaction.

Breed Me Raw - Update

October 24, 2014

Rocco Steele & Owen Powers

Waiting for some hot cock to come thru the glory hole, Owen Powers plays on his hookup apps looking for daddy cock. He doesn't have to wait long until a massive 10x6 comes thru the hole and he drops to his knees servicing that monster of a cock. Not knowing who it belongs to and not caring, he backs up his ass onto this huge raw cock and lets the top start pounding his slut hole deep. He needs to find out who this fucker belongs to so goes around to find out it's Rocco Steele. Rocco shoves his cock back in that loose hole and gives him a hot juicy load then kicks him out when he is done using that boy!

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