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Dirk Yates - Update

October 26, 2014

Dirk Yates Private Files, Scene #1

Straight military studs Judas and his friend josh are looking to party and try something new. Dirk brings in the big guns and cock of Mark Talinn to break them in for their first time. These guys get right to the action stripping and suck each other's horny cocks. Mark takes turns fucking the tight holes with his huge cock. Josh has always wanted to fuck his best friend. He slides his cock in his friends' bubble butt after mark has opened it up. Judas gets soaked with loads of cum from the hot cocks of these military studs.

Spunk Worthy - Update

October 26, 2014


One of the things I love about working with military guys is that they tell all of their buddies that they're doing porn. And then they all want in on the action, too. Cole is one of Nevin's friends who falls into that category. Except that he'd actually been approached once before about getting naked on camera at an age that... well, let's just say not an age where it would have worked out very well. But now, at long last! "Better late than never," Cole joked. He's a fairly beefy guy (a former wrestler and football player), weighing in around 200 lbs on his 5' 10" frame. The word "solid" comes to mind. I kept catching him smiling sheepishly, as if he was almost embarrassed about how much it was turning him on being in front of the camera. Cole only jerks off 2-3 times a week, so without even having to try he had about a 3-day load stored up. A nice, healthy load that ended up coating his stomach and pubes

Naked Sword - Update

October 26, 2014

Hotel Hook-Up Scene 4: Let Yourself In

Tommy Defendi and Joseph Rough clearly took advantage of the fact that you don’t pay for hotel water. Featuring steamy, big dick, 20 minute, juicy cum shot madness, you’ll never be able to swallow it all at once. No fuck proves better than good friends who have history, and this is one perfect example, check out these splashing studs today!

Hard Brit Lads - Update

October 26, 2014

Jamie Collins

Blonde haired, blue eyed, square jawed young cutie, Jamie Collins, puts on a great show for the camera in this very hot solo. Starting off the sofa, laying back, he strokes and squeezes the growing bulge in his shiny shorts, then takes off his top to reveal his super ripped chest with bulging six pack and tight pecs. He takes off his shorts to rub the stiff bulge in his white undies as he strokes his nipples. Jamie takes off his boxers, and his solid uncut dick springs out.

Corbin Fisher - Update

October 26, 2014

Marc Dicks Ellis

Marc and Ellis start out the action outdoors, enjoying the sun and each other’s bodies as they hang out, make out, and use their hands all over one another - feeling up each other’s hard muscles, stroking hard dicks through their board shorts, making out, and getting one another all fired up and horny.

Like 'em Straight - Update

October 26, 2014

Seed Money: Cary & Dimitry

Shadows and light, good and evil. In this scene Brendon plays devil's advocate and throws his sweet little boy friend Cary to the lions. Dimitry is the dark Prince to Cary's snow Angel and the combination is electric. Watch as the handsome, bearded Dimitry takes what he wants and leaves Cary spent and exhausted. This fuck session is bare-backed and white knuckled as Cary bends over and gets his ass punched butt good. Cary's cock explodes onto the floor while our dark friend deposits his straight-boy seed right inside that sweet ass. Ouch and thank you!

Bait Buddies - Update

October 26, 2014

A Solid 7

His Marine training has molded every part of his 5'5'' compact body just right and like most 20 year old guys he has plenty of ink, which makes him even sexier. Caruso finds out that one interesting tattoo is written in an 'alien' language called 'Forerunner' from the popular video game Halo, a direct influence of him being an avid gamer. Anyway, the guy is total hottie who has fucked plenty of pussy - even on the beach when he was in high school he tells us. Caruso pairs him up with a new Latino bait boy, Lyle. Lyle also has a real nice 7.5'' cock and if you love uncut pieces, then your mouth will water when you see this one. Just a cute teenager at 19, this boy is hot, his real nice bod sports a firm, round, fuckable, bubble butt. He first tells Caruso he's not all that sexually active - which we find difficult to believe - especially when he tells us that he fucked a dude on the 18th hole of a golf course - how's that for a hole in one!

GayWargames - Update

October 26, 2014

Obsessed (Pt. 4)

Our young camper is being dragged into another location. He is tied to a tree, trying to handle heavy pounding. The Tchuki soldier is enjoying the anal after so long time, because he didn't see his lover for ages. Young camper is reminding him his BF so his dick is hard as a rock.

Chaos Men - Update

October 26, 2014

Brenner & Jet: RAW

Jet is an incredible bottom. If you have seen his video with Vander, you know he came 7 times during that video. Jet looked at his reviews, and said the comment sections had people not believing he came 7 times (well 8 if you count the final one he did in the shower after the shoot). I know a lot of adult sites tend to exaggerate things, but I usually am pretty forthcoming about the info I write in these summaries. If you have seen other videos by Jet, you know he cums 2-4 times in many videos, and we are most certainly not filming over a day or two. A typical shoot takes 2 hours, and that includes prep, showering, photos etc. When videos take longer than 3 hours to get 20-30 minutes of video, well, we give up! We try to shoot as cotinuously as possible. So no camera trickier or time warps. Jet literally can bust a nut about every 4-5 minutes. Most especially if he is getting fucked!

Helix Studios - Update

October 26, 2014

Moving Day

It's moving day for Bastian Hart & Andy Taylor. The two boys look exhausted from all the heavy lifting but as they get ready to start a new life in their new apartment the excitement at finally being able to live together is palpable. Bastian is adamant that they should finish unpacking boxes but all Andy can think about is packing Bastian's tight twink hole with his horny cock. Andy goes to work on his boy toy playing with his nipples & kissing every inch of his body before warming up Bastian’s bubble butt with some awesome ass play. After all the rimming & spanking Bastian’s hole is finally ready & the boys proceed to break in their new place by fucking all over the unfurnished room & ultimately consummating their new home with two huge cum shots.

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