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Like 'em Straight - Update

January 26, 2016

Ajay & Brendon

Struggling to make it through another morning of meetings at stores in the area he manages for a large retail chain, Ajay can't keep his morning wood from popping up every half hour. A quick call to Brendon and he's off to the studio to get it taken care of by someone who knows how. So anxious was Brendon to accommodate this married, good looking stud that he meets him at the door and starts filming before he can get inside. Stripping for the camera and shedding his boxer briefs, Ajay takes the one meeting of the day that he'll remember for the rest of the week. When he gets home to his wife and tells her 'this day sucked', he won't be lying!

Broke Straight Boys - Update

January 26, 2016

Tanner Tops Kyle

Kyle Porter takes Tanner Valentino's hard tool in this sexy scene. And if the raw action isn't enough, of course there's plenty of foreplay!

BadPuppy - Update

January 26, 2016

Tom and Alan

After a very hard training session Tom Vojak tells Alan Carly that his back muscles are really sore so Alan suggests that Tom stop by and let him massage his back. The massage does not last very long as Tom realizes that Alan may be attracted to him as Alan begins kissing the back of Tom’s neck. Tom turns around, their eyes meet and the next thing you know they are lip-locked and shoving each other’s tongue down each other’s throat. Tom jumps up on the bed, pulls off his running pants and out pops his cock sporting a roaring hard-on which Alan quickly swallows and starts working with his tongue.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 26, 2016

Waking Up

WAKING UP: With Gino Mosca and Arne Coen

Next Door World - Update

January 26, 2016

Hard Cocked Rivals

Frat president Brendan Phillips is about to learn a very valuable lesson regarding the politics of Greek life. Mistakenly, he's fingered Johnny Torque as the perpetrator of a crime, and broken into Johnny's place to try and exact revenge. Only problem is Johnny has discovered him mid-attempt, and well... Torque don't play that shit!

Blake Mason - Update

January 26, 2016

Andro Maas & Nathan Raider

Andro loves big uncut cocks and hot loads of cum, so of course we had to team him up with new jock dude Nathan! The two are hungry for each other right from the start, with dicks out and being swallowed, hole licked and rimmed, then it's down to the fucking. Nathan takes it slow to start, but Andro is a demanding bottom.

Cocky Boys - Update

January 26, 2016

Topher and Levi

Topher Dimaggio and Levi Karter met for the first time at a photoshoot and both thought the other one was “hot as shit”. Topher admits that he was instantly attracted to Levi because of his looks but it was really Levi’s personality that made him want to hang out with him. They both describe the other one as confident but not arrogant and we all know Levi is a sucker for a top that knows how to take charge so it was hard for him to take his eyes (and hands) off Topher.

Straight Fraternity - Update

January 26, 2016

Stick It In

Good buddies Jeff and Calvin figure that if they're going to try barebacking, they might as well get paid for it. Even though Jeff had agreed to bottom, Calvin is the one who ends up with a raw, uncut cock in his ass and cum on his face.

Black Breeders - Update

January 26, 2016

The Raw Roadshow Volume 1: ATL

We uncovered a stash of footage in a bag from one of our road trips that had never been unpacked. After reminiscing about some of our crazy moments on tour we got to the business of putting the clips together so you could share in the moments in a new series, THE RAW ROADSHOW. First up is an unplanned shoot that went down in the ATL. Ice was on his way home and stopped by our room to say bye. Jordan was getting ready for bed and since he sleeps in the nude Ice caught a glimpse of that hole and the next thing they were fucking... that simple! Ice "I didn't know that skinny boy had such a fat ass!" Jordan "Next time I answer the door I'm putting on a robe."

BadPuppy - Update

January 25, 2016

Marion Anel and Milan Pokorny

Marion Anel loves to tease Milan Pokorny with ice and as our video opens, Marion has a piece in his hand. He inches the cold cube closer to Milan’s chest, closer to his perky nipple; teasing and playing. Marion moves the ice down Milan’s stomach kissing and applying ice as he moves down towards Milan’s cock and balls. The ice and attention has Milan’s cock at full attention and like a hungry young man; Marion sucks it down making Milan wiggle with excitement. Milan pulls his legs back letting Marion have full access to his ass so that he can work his tongue magic on his ass while continuing to play with the ice on his balls. Marion works Milan’s ass with his tongue and finger, loosening up Milan for some deep penetration. Marion lies back on the bed, Milan crawls on top and sits his sweet ass down on Marion’s thick cock. Three fuck positions later, with Marion still pounding Milan’s backside; Milan can’t hold it anymore and blows a thick, creamy load all over his tummy and hand. Marion continues to fuck Milan as he’s cumming and when he pulls his cock out of Milan’s love tunnel he squirts a thick load of jizz all over Marion’s cock, balls and stomach.

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