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Hard Brit Lads - Update

October 20, 2014

Alex Graham and Sergi Rodriguez

A real scorcher here, as super hot & thick dicked big muscle lad Alex, works up a sweat with beefy muscle bottom, Sergi. Starting off with passionate kissing, mutual groping & nipple sucking, they both get stiff bulges in their sport shorts, then strip to their white undies. Both lads are very muscular with big pecs & biceps, & both have the kind of huge legs a rugby player would be jealous of. Sergi drops to his knees to give Alex's throbbing & meaty dick a good deep sucking, & gets a strong facefucking in the process. Then they switch, & Sergi gets sucked for a bit, but he cant wait to get his mouth around that thick meat again & sucks Alex some more. They move to the sofa, & Alex lays back to get sucked again, & gives Sergi another hard facefucking. Alex plays with Sergi's hole, rubbing it, fingering him, then giving it a real good rimming. Eager to fuck now, Sergi slides his muscle butt down Alexs fuckpole & rides it for a bit, getting his butt cheeks pulled apart as Alex thrusts in deeper. Next, Sergi leans against the sofa & Alex stands, gripping him to fuck deep & hard. They fuck again on the sofa, with Sergi on his back as Alex gives his arse a final pounding, fucking him deep till he shoots a massive spunk load of thick white jizz over his sweaty abs. Alex pulls out & lays back to jerk himself off as Sergi strokes his bulging pecs & nipples. His throbbing dick erupts moments later, squirting his hot spunk over his chest & six pack. UNMISSABLE

AWOL Marines - Update

October 20, 2014

Hot Shot

This week at Awol Marines, a really hot guy with a buzz cut and a big dick sits back on a hotel bed and jerks off for Bobby. Thank goodness for horny marines on shore leave! When he cums, he shoots a powerful load that shoots all the way up his chest and Bobby gets some great footage of it.

Cocksure Men - Update

October 20, 2014

Rudy Barebacks Dick

While hard at work Rudy Martins and Dick Keissie take a break - a fucking hot bareback break! Rudy locks up and turns to look at Dick, not knowing that Dick was already jerking his cock sitting on a tractor wheel. Rudy walks towards him, taking a closer look. He likes what he see!

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 20, 2014

Geoff (Pt. 2)

As to today’s video with Geoff, it is another reason why I do what I do, and in a follow-up conversation with Geoff (the subsequent week to his filming this solo), he finally “got it” when he got to play “Casey Black” with his scene partner. As you know, I am loathe to simply call this porn in that I’ve always said that I’m changing the world one straight guy at a time by introducing him to his authentic sexual self, and now, we can all bear witness that Geoff is the über example of my concept. When as a war returnee & a 24 year old virgin to male:male sexual interaction Geoff arrived the ClubAmateurUSA studio in March 2007, neither he nor I knew where this journey would take us. Seven & a half years later, we see Geoff having embraced his authentic sexual self as a bisexual, cross-dressing bottom who loves cock but (and per my additional historical words) emotionally identifies with women & desires to partner & procreate with a woman. All that he needs from another man is the D. For the majority of these guys who have or will embrace(d) their authentic sexuality, that’s simply what it’s all about.

Helix Studios - Update

October 20, 2014

Body Language

As you enter the club, there’s something in the air tonight. You feel open; ready for whatever. A sexy stranger catches your eye. Next, you’re grinding with him on the dance floor, your hands exploring his body for the first time. You get a little carried away. Maybe you drank a little too much. Your lips lock and you don’t care who sees. You lose yourself in the pulsing music under the flashing neon lights. What began as an ordinary night out turns into a wild ride full of uninhibited fun and unforgettable sex, from what you can remember.

New York Straight Men - Update

October 19, 2014

Sucking Off Chase

This is Chase's 1st appearance with us from Nov, 2008. When we first met him he was engaged... we have an update he has been happily married for 5 years and has twins! He did a couple of shoots with over the years and we are happy he did because he is done doing anything for cameras, but when we ashed if he still lets guys blow him from time to time...his answer was " no comment".

Maverick Men - Update

October 19, 2014

Top Dawg Dick Down

This video is Rated REXXX! Okay, if you like to watch tall, lean, blond-haired, blue-eyed, uncut monster cock guys with a deep voiced getting FUCKED in the ass, then you will LOVE this one! We met Rex on a shoot because we needed a TOP and MOST of the guys were bottoms. Then of course

Southern Strokes - Update

October 19, 2014

Skyler Lane and Tyler West

I swear if you let these two Southern boys get dressed up with their hair all gelled up, you almost can't tell them apart. These two young country boys both have big cocks and a huge insatiable appetite for adventurous sex. Neither of them can get enough. The boys got naked and started sucking each other's cocks. If I were just looking at their two hard cocks and nothing else, I don't know if I would be able to tell them a part. Just to keep it all consistent, they both love to get fucked but this time, Tyler was the lucky recipient of Skyler's big fat cut cock in his hole. Once Tyler had sucked all the blood back into Skyler's fat shaft, Tyler hit the bed on his stomach and he directed Skyler to mount him and stuff that big swollen cock into Tyler's wet juicy ass hole. Tyler opened up nice and wide so that Skyler could have his way with him. Skyler fucked Tyler doggie until Skyler couldn't hold his load back any longer. Skyler pulled out and flipped Tyler over and dumped his load all over Tyler's smooth stomach. Tyler added a puddle of Southern cum to the pile. I'm surprised the boys didn't lick it up.

BadPuppy - Update

October 19, 2014

Tom Vojak & Peter Filo

Cocktoberfest continues with the World’s Hottest Ginger, Tom Vojak, giving it to Peter Filo up, down, & all around. Enjoy!

Like 'em Straight - Update

October 19, 2014

Seed Money: Sterling

Dress this guy in a suit and skinny tie and Sterling could walk onto the set of 'Mad Men' and play Don Draper's brother. His look is pure 60s corporate exec and the secretaries would have been falling over themselves to make his coffee. This blue-eyed hottie claims he's got a big one, but goddam, it's impressive! Brendon knows not to touch this uber-straight stud, but Sterling strokes his massive tool while Brendon watches. It's big, it's fat and the shiny purple head could bore a hole right through you. And wouldn't that be nice? When he gets to the tipping point, he aims for his thigh and spooges all over himself. A Sterling performance.

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