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Straight Fraternity - Update

October 23, 2014

Blake B

Blake B agrees to let Franco suck his cock at the gloryhole, and he unloads in Franco's greedy mouth.

Sean Cody - Update

October 23, 2014

Ollie and Joey - Bareback

Check out these macho guys workin' out naked talkin about dick and ass! Joey's pert bum + Ollie's big uncut cock = one HOT fuck!

All Australian Boys - Update

October 23, 2014


Ryan, the young dirt bike rider from the bush, is back with his new, going into the Navy look. So many of our members requested us to do another shoot with him so we did. This young kid is amazing he cums without knowing he is, till after he does. Then he cums again . .With his lean ripped body with his big juice cock hanging off it, that gets hard easily and cums two times in 30 minutes Ryan need to be seen.

My Friend's Feet - Update

October 23, 2014

Derrick and Alessio Have Foot Sex

How much better could things get at MyFriendsFeet with the likes of gorgeous hunk Derrick and infamous gay porn star Alessio Romero engaging in some smoking HOT foot sex?! That's right folks. And it was Alessio who got his size 11 feet worshiped to the fullest extent. Derrick didn't mind one bit of course, getting onto his knees to suck on Alessio's luscious toes while stroking his big cock. It doesn't get much kinkier than this when it comes to hot foot sex folks. Alessio soon joins Derrick in a mutual jerk off session as his peds are adored completely!

Raging Stallion - Update

October 23, 2014

Ass To Grind

Sean Zevran is boldly bare. His lean, muscled body is on total display & his cock is ready for action. Jaxon Colt kneels naked before Sean, eager to suck. One of Jaxon's hands steadies & guides Sean's cock while the other freely roams Sean's flawless skin & rippling muscles. Jaxon's arms are tattooed, his torso is smooth, & his legs & ass are covered in fine, blond hair. That ass entices Sean to have a taste of Jaxon's hole. Sean's tongue delivers an intense rim job that makes Jaxon hungry for more. Jaxon puts his back into it, clearly showing his need to be fucked. Jaxon's balls hang large & heavy, & Sean's belly slams them with each thrust. Jaxon sucks Sean to a juicy climax while geysers of semen erupt from his cock.

Alphamales - Update

October 23, 2014

Ralph and Bjorn Svensson

It’s a tricky situation Jack finds himself in, with a hot fucker ready to show our hung Swede some good times, but he’s turned shy! Donning a mask, he agrees to Jack staying and filming, much tour delight! Ralph, the guy in the mask is already rock hard, and at the sight of Bjorn’s totally huge dick, no-one can really say no! Diving right on to it, Ralph sucks it deep, as deep as he can go, but still only touches halfway! The slim pale Bjorn enjoys feeling Ralph struggle on his giant dick, especially when we swop his mouth for his hot tight ass! Licking his smooth hole to loosen it up well, and it will need it, we’re given the best close-up possible as Bjorn teases Ralph's hole with his dick before slowly stretching it over his shaft. Taking it slow, Ralph finally gives in and takes Bjorn as best he can, even to the balls! Spurting thick cum all over himself as a reward, Ralph gets both streams of spunk over his freshly fucked body, the smile on both men’s faces show how much they enjoyed it!

Bound Gods - Update

October 23, 2014

Officer Maguire Vs. Alexander Gustavo

German hunk Alexander Gustavo is brought in by Officer Maguire with handcuffs around his wrists. Bent over the desk, Alexander is stripped naked for a full inspection before he's made to swallow the officer's hard cock. Hands above his head, the german hunk is completely bound in rope as Officer Maguire approaches with flogger in hand. He mercilessly beats his prisoner down, from front to back as he screams from the pain, before he's dragged off to the electric chair. Strapped in tight, Alexander endures the officer's torment with the zapper while an electric butt plug pulses in his hole. After a rough fuck, Officer Maguire covers his prisoner's face with cum before having him suck off every drop.

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

October 23, 2014


Samuel’s definitely the boy-next-door type - he has quite the innocent face and smile, and some captivating eyes, and he’s not the kind of guy you’d think would get so turned on by the thought of stripping down and stroking off for an audience. He is precisely that kind of guy, though, and that suits us just fine!

Eurocreme - Update

October 23, 2014

Stealing Scallies Shag & Spurt

Kez and Scott are two bad lads who discover the keys to an apartment on the street and decide to try their luck by robbing the place and leaving their mark by having a full on filthy fuck on their living room sofa! Kez chows down on Scott’s high, firm ass, slipping his tongue deep inside and getting him ready for his throbbing cock, which slides in easily, lubed with spit! An intense pounding follows, with Scott climbing onto Kez’s lap and riding his cock like a pro, taking every inch as far inside him as he can before both lads blow, coating the flat with spunk and legging it!

Raging Stallion - Update

October 22, 2014

Gran Vista

Lucio Saints & Toby Dutch are on the terrace overlooking the pool. Instead of going for a skinny dip, they are kissing passionately. When Lucio's towel falls to the ground, he smiles & pushes Toby down to his knees. Lucio's naked cock is wrapped in perfect foreskin and throbs, demanding service. Lucio grabs Toby by the head & face fucks Toby telling him exactly what to do in Spanish. Toby doesn't speak Spanish, but knows just what Lucio wants. Frothy spit drips onto Lucio's leg as Toby swallows Lucio's giant cock repeatedly down to the fat base. Lucio wants cock too & wraps his lips around Toby's dick for a blowjob that is equally intense. They bring their wet cocks together & Lucio pulls his long, elastic foreskin around Toby's cock, but docking is as close as Toby gets to topping. He's ready to get a foreskin injection, & he takes Lucio's cock every way he can get it; standing up, on his back, & he sits on it from above. Lucio rams into Toby so hard that he can't hold back any longer & they cum together, showering their twin loads onto Lucio's cock & abs.

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