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Sean Cody - Update

October 24, 2014


Check out Nico! This smiley stud is quite personable. Starts off in the park where he shows off his Cross-fit and Gymnast jockishness then heads inside where we get to see that he's got a nice dick on him too! So sexy the way he can hump his dick through his fist!

UK Hot Jocks - Update

October 24, 2014

Boss.II -The Informant

We have a leak and he needs to be plugged! Inside man Josh Jackman is selling the companies secrets to the highest, biggest and most well built bidder. In a secret urban location he’s asked Adam Navid to meet him to do the exchange the information for, well, something Adam is willing to sell. Adam asks what he wants in exchange, "Just the usual payment" Josh responds. Having obviously done this before Adam knows the procedure, they head down a back alley to a dark, underground space to make the final end of the trade. Coats and suit jackets hit the floor in a passionate and hard embrace. Ties are yanked and lips lock, they both get a good feel of the goods on offer with mutual crotch gropes. More clothes come off revealing the ripped bodies beneath the sharp exterior. Josh gets on his knees to service Adam taking his fat cock in his mouth and slurping him down, getting him harder for the fine arse he’s about to offer him.

Men - Update

October 24, 2014

Stepfather's Secret (Pt. 8)

Dirk Caber can't stop fucking his stepsons. Part 8 of Stepfather's Secret escalates to a triple penetration in the most intense Jizz Orgy ever! Dirk Caber is the first man in gay porn to successfully get three stepson cocks inside one daddy asshole!

Sketchy Sex - Update

October 24, 2014

Cum Anywhere 3

Josh was hungry for cock. He managed to deep throat an entire monster cock. Some guy held his head in place. It wasn't enough though. Josh still needed more!

Naked Kombat - Update

October 24, 2014

Leo Forte Vs. Mitch Vaughn

Mitch "The Machine" Vaughn has proven himself victorious throughout the tournament thus far. Now, as he moves into the semi final rounds, he must face the former Summer Smackdown Champion Leo "TheForce" Forte. After being crowned champion, TheForce isn't going to give up the gold belt without one hell of a fight and is willing to fight anyone who challenges. With the weight advantage on his side, Machine hopes to use his superior strength to dominate his opponent on the mat and steal that belt right from underneath him. The stakes are high and their asses are on the line, will TheForce manage to retain his title? Or will The Machine overcome and move one step closer to winning the championship?

Titan Men - Update

October 24, 2014

Day Into Night (Sc. 2)

As their hairy bodies grind against each other, Alessio Romero and Ray Nicks kiss in the living room—their hands all over each other. Ray licks Alessio’s nipple before dropping to his knees to suck his cock. Alessio has his hand on the back of the sucker’s head, guiding him down and moaning “Yeah! Just keep doing that!” as his dick gets worked over. They kiss again, Alessio then sucking his bud back as the camera looks up at his toned bod. Hard as a rock, Ray gets deep throated—Alessio also sucking his hairy sac, placing his hand on Ray’s abs the entire time in a romantic touch. Ray bends over and gets eaten, his ass soon rippling as Alessio pounds him from behind. Ray sits down on the top, his own cock throbbing as he grinds down. The two take turns doing the work, Alessio pounding from below before Ray bounces on it (“Yeah! Ride that!”). On his back, the bottom’s balls bounce as he gets it hard—his body soon covered in cum.

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

October 24, 2014

Kellan Plows Brayden

Having observed Kellan and Brayden hanging out with one another, and knowing a fair bit about them, they remind me of the type of two, hot, straight friends you'll see hanging out - maybe at the bar talking up girls, or at a park throwing a football around. You'll see them out on a double date, each with some hot girl under their arm, or walking through campus as they head from one class to the next.

Naked Sword - Update

October 23, 2014

Daddy Dearest

When you're an in-shape, handsome, masculine 30 and 40 something model, Daddy Dearest is where you want to look. This daddy collection contains the real studs you crave. This ain't your daddy's "daddy porn," but the one stop for grown men just the way you like them: hairy, hung and red hot!

All-American Heroes - Update

October 23, 2014

Fire Mechanic Aaron Returns

Aaron likes to maintain heavy equipment. Now he works on fire engines, keeping up the diesels and getting hands on. Occasionally, Aaron gets to see some of his fire fighter buddies out of their gear, strutting around in their t-shirts and underwear. Aaron is a bit of an exhibitionist himself. He is highly sexual, and doesn't miss a chance to get some action when he can. On that note, Aaron peels off his shirt to show his lean, toned build. First, he gets his hands down his crotch and starts working his meat through his pants. Then he slides one hand under and goes hands-on before he pulls back his pants to show off his nice thick rod and and ginger crotch. He takes long strokes on his cock, working all the way down to the base of his shaft. Then he pulls his pants down to his knees and reveals his ball sack hanging low and full of cum. And that's not all he is sporting as he reveals his butt plug gripped tightly in his hot hole. He presses it down on his prostate, twisting and releasing it while moaning. Within moments, Aaron jumps on his knees and gives a full view of his tight milky butt. He starts pounding his meaty cock hard and fast as his abs tighten just before he gushes a monster load all over his ripped body.

Cocky Boys - Update

October 23, 2014

Levi, Jack & Lukas Fuck!

Levi Karter loves 3Somes & was really intrigued to meet real life boyfriends, Lukas Grande & Jack Rayder. He thinks sex with couples is a lot of fun since there's already a lot of chemistry involved. The guys all describe themselves as sweet & gentle, so it was interesting seeing the energy three versatile men have with each other. Levi immediately jumped right in, giving Jack a blowjob that really had him moaning. Lukas enjoyed the show & jumped in to help Levi suck Jack's cock, leading to some hot kissing between Levi & Jack. Next they switched it up with Lukas plowing Jack doggy style while Jack worshiped Levi's cock with his mouth. Jack was truly the middle section of this manwich -- he rimmed Levi's ass as Lukas shared one hot kiss with Levi. As the action really took off, Jack started moaning some more. Finally, it was time to switch it up to a big chair where Lukas & Levi took turns fucking Jack harder & harder. This was really becoming the perfect equal-opportunity fuckfest -- Lukas cumming on Jack, Jack cumming on his chest, followed a short while later by Levi's load. Yup, everybody went home happy after this threeway!

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