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Dirty Boy Video - Update

October 30, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Porn!

When it comes to hot amateur gay porn this scene is the real deal! Homemade, passionate, unpolished, D.I.Y. sex! Redhead Rob Corwen and super hung Rob Wood are fans of DirtyBoyVideo (who isn't?) and wanted to show us how they fuck!

This rough footage begins with the boys sucking face in their dingy apartment lit only by a beat up old lamp in the corner. Rob Wood pushes Rob Corwen down on the tattered mattress on the floor. He pulls Corwen's shirt off before tearing off his own. Rob Wood straddles Corwen and opens his pants, releasing his oversized meat and shoving it in Corwen's face.

Corwen works his tongue over Rob Wood's fat cock, worshiping it with his mouth. He gets on his hands and knees to run his lips up and down the length of it, from the throbbing purple helmet down to the base, burying his face in the pubes!

Corwen flips over on to his stomach and offers up his jockstrap clad ass! Rob Wood strokes his rock hard uncut 10 inches while slowly working one finger, then another, in to Corwen's peach fuzz covered butt! Rob Wood grabs Corwen's hips and slides him over his fuck pole. Corwen squirms as his hungry hole get's what it needs! Rob Wood rolls his sex-boy on his side and passionately pounds that ginger ass.

Corwen takes it all, feeling Rob Wood inside him, filling him up and giving him a high from the pure pleasure. When he comes it's more of an emotional experience than a physical one as each rope of goo explodes from his red cock!

Stag Homme - Update

October 25, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome 2

Leo Domenico stars in his second Stag Homme feature, this time as Damien Crosse´s hostage in Stockholm Syndrome 2. Damien kidnaps Domenico only to treat him like the rag doll he is...and Leo learns to love every minute of it as his huge hefty cock probes every bit of the hotness of being held hostage.

Fraternity X - Update

October 24, 2013

Take My Load

Check out this vid, three dudes fucking Morgan’s sweet ass one morning. Holding him down while the other dude pounds it. Dropping their loads in his ass. Little Danny walks in with a morning woody, he was in a rush to make a class (the only one of us who actually goes to class). Threw his dick in, dropped a big gushing load then walked out. This is frat life!

Maverick Men - Update

October 17, 2013

Jumbo Cock Bubble Butt!

WOOF! There’s just nothing better than a 6’5" tall and 250 pound guy with a HUGE cock and big ass! We’ve had our BIG BOY Leeam over a few times and this was one of the first vids we did with him. He’s such a big sweetie! He told us that whenever he meets guys they automatically want him to dominate them because he’s so tall and has a moose cock, lol. But as much as he enjoys topping, he has always enjoyed getting a good MaverickMen ass pounding. Originally, this video was supposed to be just a solo (jerk off) cuz he said he wasn't in the mood, but after we started teasing him we got him in the bottoming zone. We were so excited that we didn't even take the time to fully undress him; we just ripped his jeans down to his work boots and started licking and fingering his hole till we couldn't wait any longer. Hunter just hefted his size fourteen boots up in the air and stuck it in and started railing the kid! I jumped in and gave him such an ass pounding that he couldn't cum, claiming that I over stimulated his prostate. To help him out, I gave him a nice wet sloppy BJ till he squirted all over my face.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

October 08, 2013

Threeway Surprise!

Little shaggy Jack Collins is minding his own business trying to jerk off to DirtyBoyVideo when hunky Tyler walks in and catches Jack doing the dirty deed. Jack admits what he's trying to do and Tyler takes advantage of this lucky situation by whipping out his dick and telling horny Jack to suck it. Jack barely gets in three licks of Tyler's growing cock before they're interrupted by Jack Hammah. Jack pulls out his giant dick without even asking what's going on or whether he can join in. With a cock his size, he's used to calling the shots anyway.

Little Jack is in cocksucking heaven with these to hunks in front of him. He happily slurps and gobbles up each of their cocks before letting Tyler share his duties working on hung Jack's big thick one. Tyler wants a change of scenery and picks little Jack up and tosses him on the bed. More cocksucking ensues with Jack working both men again. He's a polite one too and allows Tyler to once again try a sample of Jack Hammah's throbbing thick meat. When Jack is hard as a rock and nearly ready to burst, bottom Jack gets on all fours with his ass in the air for the taking. He needs dick bad and can't wait to get reamed!

Tyler asks the tight little bottom if he's ready to take it. Both Jacks agree that he is and big hung Jack slowly slides into bottom Jack, wedging his giant dick deep inside the tight hole in front of him. Jack the Hole can barely take giant Jack Hammah and winces with the pleasure of each thrust from the hung top. Jack is tight as fuck and Tyler can tell he needs a piece of what the other Jack is taking. Tyler asks to get inside and Jack steps aside to let the second stud do the Lord's work.

Tyler and Jack take turns on Jack's tight butt before big hung Jack decides he wants some dick up his ass too! Big Jack bends over and lets Tyler do his bidding and before you know it, both studs are ready to blow their loads. Tyler pulls out and hunky Jack stands up next to him. At nearly the exact same time, they blow their big white loads all over the skinny bottom. All the moaning and heavy breathing leave little Jack a sticky, wet, cummy mess. With jizz in his hair, down his throat, on his face, and in his eyes, he declares that it's his turn to blow his load. Alas, little bottom Jack was just a hole for these two studs and they leave him needing more as Tyler throws him a paper towel and they walk out of the room. Poor Jack. In his own words, it's just plain fucked up!

Stag Homme - Update

October 06, 2013

Love Crash

Maykel Cash has just moved to Madrid from Caracas because his company had a position available for him in the Spanish capital. He's in a rush on his way home one day when he crashes into Bulgarian stud Goran. The incident sends his mail flying everywhere. Goran helps him pick up his letters but Maykel has left one behind. When Goran notices it Maykel has already dashed away. But since Maykel is one hot fucker with a killer smile Goran decides to read the address on the letter and turn it into him. Maykel is very grateful to Goran and also notices that this Bulgarian has a body to die for. What follows is an oral, rimming, and fucking sequence in ultra-high intensity and chemistry that aint nothing to fuck with. Stag Homme brings you these masterpiece of men together for the first time in one of the hottest scenes you´ve ever seen.

Maverick Men - Update

October 03, 2013

Hairy Hole Pumpers

THIS is one very hot fuck video! If you like to see two guys pump and penetrate a delicious hairy hole hard and fast, then this ones for you. We did this video a while ago with our favorite fuck buddy, Davis. We’ve done two other videos with him; Horse Hung Hairy Hole and Fuck Me Like an Animal – both pretty awesome fuck videos. Last year I leaked three images from this video and they all went viral via tumblr in a big way. We hope you enjoy this new Davis video and share your love with us about this horse-hung haired-hole hottie. Have fun stroking to this beautifully sticky fuck vid.

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 01, 2013

Young Mormon Missionary

Turns out Elder Jackson is what you call a ward missionary. He hasn’t decided if he wants to be a full-time missionary yet. He had a call, but changed his mind two days before going into the MTC. He was certain other missionaries would judge him because of his tattoos, which almost prevented him from being able to serve at all. Lately he’s been working with local missionaries by going on “splits” for several months off and on. When he visited Paul, he asked Elder Jackson to tell him a little about himself. Turns out he has done a lot of competitive martial arts. Translation: he had to be solid muscle under those clothes. That first meeting we mostly talked about member missionary work, and then exchanged numbers. For those who don’t know, “splits” is when missionaries split up from their assigned companion and do missionary work with someone else. For example, when two companionships swap companions and missionary has another full-time missionary companion for the day. Or in this case, a full-time missionary companionship might go on splits with two stake missionaries. Paul was watching UFC a few weeks later, and texted him to join me. Twenty minutes later he was knocking on Paul's door. This time, Jackson really opened up. Turns out he’s definitely into girls. He’s gone on missionary splits a few times, and the Elder he splits with apparently likes to visit the local strip club. Paul couldn’t help laughing when he told him this. And he laughed when Paul asked him to do a movie. Luckily for both of them, in the end Jackson said yes.

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