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Jul 07, 2024

Mr. Kayman’s Hardest Lesson

by Bully Him

Donavin is shocked when Mr. Kayman pulls out his cock due in part to it being massive! Mr. Kayman shows Donavin no mercy and fucks Donavin with great intensity. The inexperienced twink learns quickly and starts to enjoy being disciplined in such a way. Mr. Kayman cums and has Donavin suck down his load.

By Bully Him

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Jul 07, 2024

What It Means To Be A Leader

by Missionary Boys

Dante already knows what leader Ryan likes in an Elder and shows him just how loving and passionate he can be. Dante lets Ryan stretch out his tight hole and top him. Dante is a wonderful bottom and takes Ryan’s cock with great discipline and care.

By Missionary Boys

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Jul 07, 2024

Redhead Mickey O'Brien Tickled

by Tickled Hard

Franco and Blake secure Mickey's ankles and wrists to the tickling table and test-tickle him while he screams. Slowly, Franco begins tickling Mickey in his armpits and bellybutton with his finger and beard. Mickey's moans become shrieks as Franco turns up the intensity, tickling every muscle fiber in Mickey's ripped upper body and blowing raspberries on his stomach, wetting it for ab tickling. Once Franco has his first touches of Mickey's alabaster body, he invites Blake to join him. They blindfold Mickey and tickle the hell out of his rock hard abs until he's completely red. Tickle pleasure turns extreme when they pull off Mickey's socks and tickle his size 10 1/2 feet with brushes and soap savers. Before moving to the next stage of tickling, Franco decides to add cock over-stimulation to the mix.

By Tickled Hard

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Jul 07, 2024

Rocky Rails Bryce

by Corbin Fisher

We've all been gushing over Bryce (which is precisely what Rocky at the end of this one, heyyyy) since he first arrived at CF, and that first round of action we were treated to seeing him in with Calan only left each and every one of us wanting more, more, and more of him. Well, it is indeed time for more Bryce, right here and right now! Here's hoping Bryce showed up to this one ready and eager to get his hole relentlessly railed, because that's exactly what Rocky does to it. And if Bryce wasn't hot enough in his introductory solo and the action we've seen him in since, he's looking hotter than ever splayed out on the bed getting drilled by Rocky. We're all a bit hard-pressed trying to decide who we'd rather be in this scenario Bryce, getting pumped and pounded every which way by Rocky's big uncut dick.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jul 07, 2024

A Fun Challenge For Everyone

by Twink Trade

The twinks see who can suck cock better and who is better and getting as much shaft down their throats as possible. Matt and Manuel top their stepsons and stretch out their tight holes. It’s truly a magnificent Father’s Day gift they’d wanted for some time now. Matt and Manuel take their stepson’s loads and kiss hard on the mouth.

By Twink Trade

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Jul 06, 2024

First Time Derrick Fucks Another Guy

by Straight Fraternity

Derrick isn't sure he can fuck another guy, but I want his fat dick in me and do my best to convince him. Derrick takes a shower first, then I give him a massage. I make sure to hit all the right spots so this big bull is ready to fuck. When it's time to go all in, I climb onto the bed and reveal the opening I tore in the back of my sweatpants. Beefy Derrick fucks my hole for a good while before pulling out. To show him my appreciation for a job well done, I suck his cock and tickle his balls until he shoots his hot load in my mouth and all over my face. That's my eye, dude!

By Straight Fraternity

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Jul 06, 2024

Straight Muscular & Hairy Josh

by English Lads

Josh Hollinder is one of these very confident and good-looking young straight lads who is more comfortable out of his clothes than in! Today the dashing Josh continues his journey with us as he agrees to his first manhandling and massage! Josh has been training hard and has tight back muscles and recently hiking means his full body needs a good rubbing! And he's not cum for two days so is excited to shoot! After showing off his leaner physique and muscular hairy legs, Josh gets comfy on his front as I massage his back and glutes! When I flip Josh over we have a massive rock-hard surprise as his cock loves the attention! I pump his huge erection until he fires a huge load of cum everywhere! Great work Josh!

By English Lads

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Jul 06, 2024

Rage & Kyle

by Bi Latin Men

Rage and Kyle are sexy straight guys but when the cash gets low they get more sucking and fucking each other at Bi Latin Men. The high life in Mexico is rare but these two studs hole nothing back as they suck and fuck they do it more for themselves then the cash.

By Bi Latin Men

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Jul 06, 2024

Shane & Guy

by Hard Brit Lads

Fit and handsome dark-haired hotties, Shane Stone and Guy Rogers, have a seriously horny session here, starting off with kissing, mutual nipple sucking and bulge groping. Guy is super fit, with big strong hairy legs and chest while Shane is smooth and very muscled. Guy takes out Shane's throbbing, thick uncut meat, slides his foreskin back and forth, licks the head, then gets down to some hot oral action. Shane fucks his mouth a bit, then Guy lays back and lets muscle lad Shane work on his dick, demonstrating some impressive deepthroat as he slurps it to the base. Shane stands, Guy is on his knees, to give that fat meaty dick another good sucking, and he gets another horny facefucking too! Shane takes his time working on Guy's spectacular arse and hairy hole, giving it a good rimming, then fingering him in a couple of different positions.

By Hard Brit Lads

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Jul 06, 2024

Deymon & Justin

by Bring Me A Boy

Any day is a good day for a massage and a good fuck, especially when it is between sexy twinks Justin Host and Deymon Castillo. Justin came in while Deymon was relaxing on the bed and offered his buddy a massage, which Deymon gladly accepted. Deymon removed his shirt and laid on his stomach while Justin oiled him up and began rubbing his back, but his front needed attention. That attention came with a grope from Justin, which only got the party started. Justin got his mouth on Deymon's dick and began to suck. This was all part of Justin's master plan, and it worked. Deymon returned the favor and got his lips on Justin's dick and hole before popping his cock deep inside his friend's ass and giving it a good pounding until they shot their loads.

By Bring Me A Boy

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Jul 06, 2024

Cachorro & Roderick

by BareBack That Hole

A chance meeting at the bar allowed us to connect with Roderick, who had a crush on Cachorro, the guy at the other end of the bar. It didn't take much convincing from us for them to come to our place. They arrived and got right to it with a little kissing before Roderick got down on his knees and used his mouth for more than flirting. Cachorro was interested in doing the same, except his mouth was better eating Roderick's tasty hole. A little attention goes a long way as Roderick quickly opens up for Cachorro's big cock. These two men have no problem getting into the fuck of things and are soon driving through pound town before shooting their loads.

By BareBack That Hole

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Jul 06, 2024

Oliver & Zane

by Cocky Boys

Oliver Carter and Zane Kazan return for a hot flip-fuck that's effortless thanks to their experience with each other, genuine mutual affection and knowing the other's erotic triggers. In fact, with this knowledge they drive each other wild during foreplay while they suck each other and as Oliver works out his tongue on Zane's hole and replaces it with his cock. The guys vividly communicate vocally and physically as Oliver plows Zane, who also uses his hole to meet Oliver's cock. This interplay goes on when Zane pounds Oliver who then uses his hole riding him. He winds up drilling Zane with every thrust hitting that sweet spot until he fucks the cum out of him and shoots his load and finishes inside him. When this couple gets together, they really have FUN!

By Cocky Boys

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