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Missionary Boys - Update

August 14, 2019

Elder Awbride

President Lewis always takes a special interest in new missionaries. Maybe it has something to do with the influence the priests had onhim when he first started his mission so long ago. It was a confusing point in his life, one filled with questions about his sexuality and his identity. But the strong men who guided him towards The Order seemed to answer all those questions for him. No longer did he feel lost or confused. Instead, he suddenly had purpose – to serve the priesthood with every bit of his being. To this day, those same priests who welcomed him at the start of his mission are some of the most influential people in his life. Getting the chance to have that kind of impact on a young boy like Elder Awbride is too much power for President Lewis to pass up.

Men - Update

August 14, 2019

Last Night Together

Breaking up is always hard, but it's especially hard when you have the kind of chemistry that Tristan Jaxx and Argos have. Trying to get closure, Tristan brings Argos a box of stuff he's left behind at his apartment, but as they go through the box together they fall back into old patterns. Before you know it Tristan is hammering Argos' hole with a thick dildo, loosening him up for a bittersweet parting pounding. Argos rides Tristan's cock, grinding against the sexy salt and pepper stud until they're both ready to shoot their final load together.

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 14, 2019

Utah 663

Native American noob, Utah, was as nervous as the proverbial whore in church, and much like Gracen, that manifested itself in overt ticklishness especially where Utah's manhole was concerned. Utah and I met and filmed this way back in July 2017, and I'd originally intended to permanently stash it in the CAUSA vault, but while archiving content to the Cloud, I decided to have another look-see. Given that Utah is Native (who are a challenge to recruit) and after taking another look at the video, I thought it an apropos example of a video wherein the new straight guy doesn't start out in the most relaxed frame of mind but finally gets to that place further into the shoot.

Japan Boys - Update

August 14, 2019

Makeout With Masato

23 year-old Masato is modeling for the first time at Japanboyz. Today he's paired up with Hideaki, so he has someone gentle and sweet to share kisses with at the start. They have to get over the "first date" awkwardness of legs in the way and nervous little giggles, but once pants are down and they lie next to each other on the bed, the nerves seem to melt away, replaced by affection and arousal. True romantic Hideaki smiles and whispers sweet nothings as he reaches for a handful of cock and balls. Masato flicks his tongue across Hide's nipple as he feels an erection swelling inside his Union Jack undies. Pulling them down he is wide-eyed over Hideaki's big cock, but eager to go in for a taste.

BadPuppy - Update

August 13, 2019

Ryan & Lior

Hunky Ryan Cage walks in on Lior Hod and immediately lets him know that his workout had made him quite horny. Lior leans forward on the sofa, pulls Ryan's cock from his jeans, swallows it and he starts pleasuring Ryan with his tongue. The two strip out of their jeans, Ryan lies down on the sofa next to Lior and returns the oral stimulation which soon has Lior's cock standing rock-hard. Lior flips around on the sofa, bends over and Ryan wastes no time filling Lior's hole with his thick, uncut cock. With each thrust from Ryan, Lior's cock gets harder as it swings back and forth in rhythm with the fucking he's receiving. Ryan is soon pounding harder and faster and Lior is moaning louder as Ryan drives his dick deeper.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 13, 2019

Triple Pleasure

I can think of nothing better to do on a rainy day then hook up with three friends: Brad Hern, Klein Kerr and Marcos Oliveira do just that, but not to watch movies, but to be the stars! The guys quickly begin stripping down as each of their huge cocks is set free and stroked by his buddies. Brad is the first to take a knee and begin sucking on Klein and Marcos’ beautifully elongated cocks. Brad works his mouth from one masculine cock to the other, savoring over 44 cm (17.5”) of rock-hard cock, slipping past his lips and deep down his throat. Relentlessly, Brad attacks both cocks in a fervent style that delivers pure pleasure to Klein and Marcos. Marcos is so fucking horny that he can’t hold back any longer and rams his raw cock deep inside of Bard’s ass.

Peter Fever - Update

August 13, 2019

Banging & Bickering

Teacher Christian Matthews and director Damian Dragon are up-to-date exes with a few retro unresolved feelings. When Christian sees a vacant weekend on the desert modern house they still own and rent out together, he rushes off to Sin City for a weekend of peace and quiet. As he arrives, Damian is there first, with sexy little actor stud Jason Wolf in tow. Not willing to give an inch, Christian squeezes in for the weekend, and calls a rent-a-man service for a weekend booking. His only request is that the guy be noisy (to get under Damian's thin skin). When Axel Kane arrives to service Christian in his room, he mentions that he "doesn't kiss". But as soon as they start peeling off shirts, all caution goes to the wind and they start sucking face.

Men Over 30 - Update

August 13, 2019

Anniversary Fuck

Sean Harding and Tony Orion are lying in bed and they are making out and discussing that it has been a month together and Sean wants to know if Tony is ready to move in with him. Based on Tony's sensual reaction, we know the answer. He then starts sucking Sean's hard cock deep down his throat. Tony then stands up on the bed and Sean sucks him. Sean then puts Tony on all fours and rims his beefy ass. Sean fucks Tony bent over the bed for a while before climbing up next to him and he spoon fucks him. He then rolls Tony onto his back and fucks the cum out of him and then shoots his own load.

Family DIck - Update

August 13, 2019

The Swear Jar

When Little Lance gets wrapped up in his video games, he tends to become a little… aggressive. When he starts cursing at the top of his lungs while playing, his strict step dad is hardly amused. He makes the foul-mouthed kid put a dollar in the swear jar, but when the boy chucks the barrel of bucks on the floor, his stepdad decides to take the punishment to a new level. He makes the boy put his filthy mouth on his hard cock, gagging him for a slobbery blowjob. Then he barebacks the boy’s tight hole to instill a little extra discipline for good measure. A nice helping of hot cum will make sure Lance remembers to be a good boy in the future!

Next Door Studios - Update

August 13, 2019

Alpha Gets It First

Meeting new pledge Lance Weber for the first time, chapter prefect Aspen has to admit he's less than impressed. Lance doesn't seem to know jack shit about what he's doing, and Aspen frankly wonders how he managed to make it through hazing. When Lance suggests he may have persuaded Aspen's brother's with a little oral consideration, Aspen becomes livid, telling Lance that he gets first crack at any new crack, and he marches Lance upstairs directly. Once there, his opinion of Lance changes immediately, as the new pledge shows off the skills that earned him such strong consideration. Aspen has to admit, he may not have got there first, but it was worth the wait, and when Lance fucks the cum out of him and coats him with his own load.

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