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Naked Sword - Update

July 06, 2018

Jock Doc

When athletes get an injury, they head straight to the 'Jock Doc', and when the doctor isn't around, a fellow athlete or coach will do just fine. With rock-hard bodies and plenty of tight holes to go around, these jocks suck and fuck their way to forgetting about their injuries by taking all the cock they can get. When Jack Hunter hurts his ankle on the soccer field, Woody Fox comes to his aid and helps him back to the locker room. Woody offers to rub Jack out and soon Woody's thick, uncut cock is balls deep in his teammates tight ass. Coach Ryan Rose catches Danny Gunn sniffing used jockstraps in the locker room.

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 06, 2018

Rhys & Nate

Since it is Rhys' job in the office to make sure that our production schedule runs smoothly, we suppose it is only fair that he is the stand in today to get fucked by Nate when his scene partner fails to show up. We somehow think that Rhys was missing the perks that come with being a regular model and forgot on purpose to let Nate know that the scene was canceled just so that he could step in and save the day. For those of you who saw our quickie about Nate's accident should be reassured of his recovery, as this scene was filmed just a few months after their return.

Maskurbate - Update

July 06, 2018

Marty Fucks Sam

Young Marty saw real estate broker Sam Cuthan's performance on Maskurbate. He decided to go see him to rent an apartment and offer him an indecent proposal. It takes Marty exactly zero point grabbing Sam's hard cock until they get into the hot and heavy action. Starting off with some mouth watering throat pounding cock sucking as muscle stud Marty flexes his big hard cock deep down Sam's eager throat. Just getting it ready to take way deep up his open asshole.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 06, 2018


The last time Robbie the Recruiter & I interacted was well over a year ago. So, I was surprised to get an email from him a couple of weeks back and my jaw hit the floor when I reviewed the images that he attached of Elias. Needless to say, I moved as quickly as possible to capture him on video but I had a growing concern that Elias would get the proverbial cold feet. Firstly, on the model recruiting site where Robbie discovered him, Elias specifically called out, “I’m not interested in guy on guy of any kind.” Secondly, from the point of my initial contact, scheduling & in the few days leading up to the shoot, Elias’ interaction was… short. Then we did this...

Hard Brit Lads - Update

July 06, 2018

Rob & Tommy

Handsome athletic lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee start off in shiny sports shorts. Tommy gives Rob's nipples a lick whilst stroking his growing bulge. They take off their shorts, and Tommy goes back to Rob's bulge. They take off their underwear. Both lads have thick meaty uncut cocks, but Rob's is super thick with bulging veins and lots of foreskin over the fat head. Eager to get that big meat in his mouth, Tommy opens wide, struggling to take it all. Rob grips his head and fucks his mouth. They stand and wank, then Rob gets onto his knees to give Tommy's thick dick a good wet sucking.

BadPuppy - Update

July 05, 2018

Max & John

As the interview between Max London and John Strap progresses, the two discover just how into each other they really are. John crawls on top of Max, shoves his tongue down Max's throat, and starts undressing him. Max is the first out of his clothes with John on his knees servicing Max's cock. John stands, pulls Max close, and places Max's hand on his crotch. John's cock is rock-hard, and as Max kneels, it smacks Max in the face when released from John's underwear. Max drops to his knees; John shoves his cock in Max's mouth and starts face-fucking Max. Max really wants John's cock up his ass, and he bends over the sofa.

Chaos Men - Update

July 05, 2018

Calhoun & Dani Pure

With so much passion coming from both Calhoun and Dani, I knew they would be perfect to do a Pure video together. Sure enough, they are amazing in this video. This is one of those videos that I didn't have to do much but chase the guys around with my camera, occasionally I had to remind them I was there and needed to see what they were doing. We stopped only once to take pictures just before they started fucking. Once they started fucking with such passion, I barely could keep up. In fact, you may notice Calhoun cums abruptly while I am down on the ground filming Dani's cock slam into Calhoun's hole.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

July 05, 2018

Stiff Muscles

Sean's muscles have been sore lately and his good friend Bryce is willing to help smooth out those kinks for him. Bryce begins to massage Sean and notices that Sean's big dick is poking out of his gym shorts. Bryce gets on his knees and wraps his mouth around Sean's hard cock taking every inch down his throat the best way he can. Sean bends Bryce over revealing his smooth hole and he buries his face deep between his cheeks and lubes it up for hi throbbing cock. Sean pushes his dick deep into Bryce who can barely handle it but Sean starts out slow and eventually is fucking him hard and deep.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

July 05, 2018

The Catch

Tomas Fuk and Nikol Monak are travelling across Europe for the summer and are looking for some hot action, Tonny Scott is in their sites and becomes The Catch. The guys return to Tomas and Nikol’s hotel and make sure that Tonny is the center of attention. Tomas and Nikol slowly strip Tonny of his clothes and begin to explore his body with their hands and sex starved eyes. Tonny sits on the edge of the bed as he is flanked on both sides by two incredibly elongated cocks demanding attention. He begins with Tomas and works his way over to Nikol as he pleasures both cocks with his hungry mouth and deep throat.

English Lads - Update

July 05, 2018

Straight Hunk & Uncut Cock

Straight man Eddie Branson is a muscular guy, extremely handsome he is tall and extremely solidly built - blond hair, muscular upper body, thick legs - when he shows off his physique to cute lad Dominic, I can't help but think Dominic is a little excited about this pairing! The guys have their hands all over each other - grabbing their bulges, the lads are soon naked and lying next to each other, two big uncut cocks being wanked by each other, they even sit on each other and press their dicks together, enjoying the body contact, before flipping over and showing off their asses.

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