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Dirty Scout - Update

July 07, 2018

Dirty Scout 136

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tried so many jobs only to get screwed over by crooked employers. One day he said to himself enough with the crappy jobs, I want to do something meaningful and well-paid. Too bad he couldn’t find anything. He was unemployed for a year and then decided to try his luck in Prague. He was a bartender and even though he had a very little experience, I decided to give him a chance. Night live in Prague is booming and there is always a shortage of handsome boys mixing drinks behind a bar. I could tell he loved the job offer.

Helix Studios - Update

July 07, 2018

Cum Inside

This scene starts off with a bang as Cameron Parks can't wait to get his hands on Collin Adams and slams the tiny treat of a twink against the front door for a manhandle-outdoor-make out that'll have the neighbors talkin'! They guys head inside, shutting the neighbors out but allowing us FULL ass and dick access! Adams' ass is the stuff wet dreams are made of and Parks plunges into the young guy's fresh, gorgeous, hairless young hole making the kid squeal with delight. Since Cam already has the sinewy sexpot bent over the couch, he crams his cock deep inside our innocent looking, angel faced fuck whore.

Southern Strokes - Update

July 07, 2018

Picture Perfect

We all have one. An ex who rocked our world with his looks, his cock, or his finesse at using you, pleasuring your body and fucking you to the very core. Maybe he was your first. Maybe he was your last. Either way, you probably still think of him, don't you? Grayson Lange is the forlorn pup, once upon a time in love and in lust with tall, tattooed and beautifully hung Ari Nucci, who has the big fat cock as well as the experience to back it up. Grayson might no longer be with Ari but he takes us with him for a trip down memory lane as he reminisces, remembering how he used to choke while sucking Ari, and the deliciously wicked way in which Ari bareback fucked him.

Next Door Studios - Update

July 07, 2018

Hiding From The Parents

Scott Finn's home life is pretty much a jail cell. Between overly strict parents and his lustful forbidden urges, young Scott is trapped in a routine that has him looking for answers, so when home owner Carter Woods finds Scott sneaking a smoke in his backyard, he doesn't run him off. Instead, he invites him in for a beer and a talk, and as they converse, Carter finds out Scott doesn't have a girlfriend and may not really want one. When Scott excuses himself to pee, Carter decides maybe all Scott needs is a little adult mentoring... someone to show him the ropes, so Carter follows Scott into the head.

Toe Sucking Guys - Update

July 07, 2018

Dominik Black

Do you like sexy and goofy mixed together? Well here is Dominik Black from Europe. From the minute he stepped in the studio, we knew we were dealing with a goofball and we were ok with that, it makes the experience more fun for us and for him. We had Dominik sat on the couch and asked him to start playing with himself. This hot twink is so smooth and lean, so sexy. He unzipped and took off his army pants, as well as his tennis shoes and then his white socks. Dominik started rubbing his cock and his feet, caressing his chest and stomach. He finally took his cock out and started stroking right away while we zoomed on his sexy athletic feet.

Jizz Orgy - Update

July 07, 2018

The Heist 3

Brazilian hunk Diego Sans rounds up the group for their very last heist. Boyish Dalton Briggs and athletic JJ Knight are on the lookout while he sends in his Asian stud of a husband, Ken Ott. The goal? Get inside and grab the briefcase! Ken is caught by sexy Beaux Banks and he quickly distracts him. It’s up to Diego and the team to get in, get Ken, the briefcase and get out! The boys devise a plan and pretend they’re strippers sent over to join Beaux and Ken for some group fun. It’s an all-out orgy full of dick sucking, ass rimming and holes being stuffed and pumped.

Tickled Hard - Update

July 07, 2018

Johnny Ambushed

Franco binds 21-year-old Johnny to the table with restrictive ropes, then Trevor arrives and helps wrap Johnny's midsection with plastic wrap. Franco and Trevor explore this straight guy's furry little body and size 9 feet, exposing all of his ticklish spots using lubed fingers, ice cubes, pens and more. Cody and Abel show up for the grand finale, with all four guys tickling different parts of Johnny at once.

Sean Cody - Update

July 06, 2018

Archie & Cole

“So, you like sucking dick?” asks Archie. “Yeah, I love it! It’s my favorite thing to do,” says Cole. “Well, I’d like to find that out,” says a curious Archie. The two studs are eyeing each other and both are getting hornier with every unfiltered moment. “So, how do you like to fuck? Are you pretty rough?” asks Cole. “If you’re willing to take it, I can give it,” replies Archie. “Yeah? I would love it,” retorted Cole. Archie takes Cole inside to get a full service blowjob before turning his ass around and relentlessly pounding it doggy style.

Straight Fraternity - Update

July 06, 2018

Robbie Gets Initiated

Athletic college student Robbie thinks he's here for a solo jack-off video, but I have other plans for this muscular young stud and his big black dick. Robbie says he parties too much in college, but since he works out every day, you can't tell it from his physique. He strips to his boxer briefs and shows off his big arms, legs and perfect butt. I pass Robbie the lube so he can grease up his dick, then move in to give him a helping hand. He doesn't flinch from the handjob, so I go down on him. When Robbie says he likes how I suck his dick, I deep throat him. I can't get enough of his hard cock, and Robbie's eyes roll back as I focus on his cockhead and he starts to cum in my mouth.

Men At Play - Update

July 06, 2018


What is it about ganstas? Why does the sight of a made Mafioso sporting a fine tailored suit get our dicks hard and make our holes pucker? Maybe it’s the danger, the money, the thrill of knowing this stud can give you mind-blowing sex and, if he wanted, stuff you in the trunk of a car. Gangstas are powerful sex gods. Hector de Silva is stepping into the role of a dapper gansta this week and Menatplay newcomer Lukas Daken is the unfortunate hottie who crossed him. Snatched out of the trunk and tied to a chair, Lukas become Hector’s willing prisoner. He begins to rub Hector’s crotch and soon our gangsta in the fleur-de-lis tie, horned up, gives Lukas the brutal fuck.

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