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Active Duty - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Johnny B & Scott II

They both kick back on the bed and begin stroking their dicks and once Johnny B II sees that Scott Finn is rock hard he just can't resist any longer and wraps his wet mouth around that thick throbbing cock. Scott kicks back and watches in enjoyment as Johnny deep throats every inch of that dick. They swap some BJs and masterfully move into a 69 where they both can have their mouths full of dick. They gag on each other and continue slowly sucking and stroking their hard dicks. Johnny is first to bury his cock deep in Scott and he lies him on his back and pushes his thick dick balls deep making Scott moan with pleasure. Scott strokes his own cock as Johnny pounds away on his tight bare hole.

Men At Play - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Office Schematics

It’s the first day on a new job for Diego Reyes and understandably he is feeling a little anxious, hoping to make a good first impression on his new boss JJ Knight. As nerves get the best of him Diego has a little mishap which could get him fired but luckily for him, JJ has already taken a liking to him. He tells Diego to take a load off and begins to massage his shoulders to get him to relax, reassuring him that his fate is in JJ’s hands and he has absolutely nothing to worry about. Things really begin to heat up when JJ’s throbbing 9-inch cock gets a mind of its own and decides that he wants in on the action. Thankfully Diego is all too eager to oblige and offers up his mouth and ass in appreciation, ending in an office fuckfest befitting of any first day on the job.

Next Door Studios - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Lunch Break

A slow day at the office means Quin Quire has time for an extended lunch, and luckily boy toy Spencer Laval is just waiting at home for his man to come home. Quin steals away from work for his rendezvous with Spencer, and the two of them proceed to lunch on each other, taking turns sucking each other off before Spencer flips Quin over and eats his ass. Quin may be the boss at the office, but in the bedroom, Spencer has his way with him, fucking him raw from behind before letting Quin have his turn. Quin flips Spencer over and fucks him dry, as Spencer spits his lunch load all over himself. Quin does the same, coating Spencer in the process, as Quin makes the executive decision to take the rest of the afternoon off.

Blake Mason - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

James & Alex

Bisexual James and his gay friend Alex have known each other for a while, so they're more than a little experienced with making each other cum. The fit and handsome duo are just starting out with us, but their lust for dick and their enjoyment of each other leads to one of the hottest, and most vocal, fucks we've filmed recently. James loves to suck dick, he looks like he could worship that hooded pink shaft his friend is offering for hours, but his own big meat is soon getting the same kind of treatment when blue-eyed hottie Alex gets his lips around it. It's only the start, of course, when James slides his big dick into his friend we're soon treated to an epic fuck that has Alex begging for more and being one of the most vocal bottoms we've ever filmed!

Sean Cody - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Landon & Cole

After teaching Cole how to train his abs, rock hard Landon shows him how to take his cock. “I heard a rumor that not only is he a good guy but he can take a good pounding,” says Landon. “I typically like rough sex. I like someone that can take charge, toss me around a little bit,” says Cole. “I’m excited to see how much of a pounding he can take because I’m ready to give one,” says Landon excited to “get kind of kinky and get kind of freaky and let it all out.”

Spritzz - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Smooth Buns Stuffed

Jesse Evans hasn't seen his neighbor Casper Ivarsson for a while, so when he catches the boy heading out on his morning run he's quick to invite him upstairs to his apartment. After Casper checks out the view from the bedroom Jesse is quick to check out his friend's fit body, bulging in all the right places, especially in his shorts! There's no pretense here, they both know what they want and with a little making out their cocks are released for some delicious mutual pleasure. On the bed and worshiping their friend both smooth young guys get plenty of hard and wet uncut cock to suck on, making each other's dick tips glisten with spit and precum while they service each other.

French Dudes - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Steven's Monster Cock

In this scene, you will meet Steven Black. I have always been told that blacks have a big cock and here I have the confirmation! You will discover the monster hiding in Steven's boxer, it's worth the detour! In fact it's Myster Fred, also new to, who makes us discover this talented young black. The two guys know each other well and have regular sex plans together. Myster Fred is particularly enduring and fortunately because Steven will take it for over 20 minutes with his huge cock. Myster Fred is asking for more! And you ?

Trans Angels - Update

Monday May 20, 2019

Pounding The Neighbor

Tall stunner Aspen Brooks is just trying to tend to her beautiful garden, but her nosy neighbor Draven Navarro can't stop ogling her. Aspen decides to put him to work, but when Draven catches a peek of the heat between Aspen's thighs, he ends up getting her soaking wet. Furious, the orange-haired beauty decides that since Draven's gotten her all wet, it's his responsibility to finish the job, too. Aspen bends over the nosy neighbor and pounds him harder and harder as he begs her for more.

Zack Randall - Update

May 19, 2019

William & Groovy

When you have a good friend like this you're not shy about things. Groovy and William are a couple of guys who really don't have a problem getting their cocks out together and watching some good pussy porn, sharing toys and having a great time working their hard cocks in front of each other. They might not be ready to lend each other a stroking hand (yet) but you can tell these guys are pretty cool just enjoying those dicks and watching each other splash their cream from their dicks. We could all use a few straight buddies like these to hang out with!

Latin Leche - Update

May 19, 2019

Numero 67

My boyfriend’s birthday party is turning out to be some of the most fun I have ever had. When his hot friend shows up, I knew right away that the guys are going to be gunning for him. Sure enough, one of the cuter boys with curly-hair starts chatting him up. They go off to a secluded corner and blow up some balloons for the party - but pretty soon, they are blowing each other’s hard dicks instead! This sexy stud fucks the eager boy’s caramel asshole, stroking hard with his girthy prick. Then, he shoots his steaming leche into the kid’s hungry mouth. Talk about a party favor!

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