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American Muscle Hunks - Update

May 09, 2019

Corbin & Johnny V

Corbin Colby is back and he is ready to plunge his massive cock into the very willing Johnny V. The two hunks start with some muscle worship then swap sucking and ass-eating. Johnny buries his face deep into Corbin's plump muscle ass and feasts on his big meat. Corbin returns the favor by swallowing Johnny's cock and tongue-fucking his muscle ass before filling it with his throbbing member. Corbin pounds Johnny until they both blow their loads all over Johnny's ripped abs.

Bromo - Update

May 09, 2019

Rough & Wet 3

Rocky Vallarta is eager to be drenched in his master Ryan Bones’ hot piss, but Ryan doesn’t like being told what to do. He throws aside a table and orders Rocky down on his knees. Rocky holds onto Ryan’s cock as he fills his mouth with warm piss. Rocky sucks it all up and begs Ryan for more until Ryan pummels his asshole and showers his ass in piss. If you like it extra wet then you are in for the time of your life.

Active Duty - Update

May 09, 2019

John Alex & Richard

Richard Buldger sits in the middle between the two and watches them get hard and once Alex James is ready he wraps his eager mouth around his big hard dick. Today is John Hawkins's first time and he watches on as the other two enjoy. Alex loves to have his cock gagged on as he pushes Richard's head down as far as it will go. Richard is in big boy heaven as he switches from the two sucking and stroking their big hard cocks. He can't believe how big they are in all formats. Alex is the first to bend Richard over as he slowly pushes his big manly dick deep into his tight little ass. While Richard is getting fucked by Alex, John is fucking Richard's face hard and deep. Richard can barely take a breath in as he gasps for air.

Drill My Hole - Update

May 09, 2019

Second Chance

Steven Lee has been trying to get a date with the tall and handsome Jack Hunter for a year, and he's final worn him down. Tragically, Steven chokes to death on a piece of gum before he can make good on their plan. Steven isn't going to let a little thing like complete obstruction of the airway stop him from getting his thick cock deep inside of Jack, though. When the spirit handling Steven's transition into the afterlife hears that he has a dick appointment waiting for him, he sends him back planet-side immediately so that he can cross pounding Jack's tight ass bareback off of his bucket list.

Japan Boys - Update

May 09, 2019

Welcome Back Ayumu

Another week, another hot homecoming, this time for veteran Japanboyz favorite Ayumu. His welcome parade is led by sweet and sexy Hideaki, who already is working on slurping down Ayumu's big piece. Ayumu returns the favor by bending Hideaki back, twiddling his nips and getting a quick taste of cock. They intertwine bodies and smooch, then Hideaki goes back to sucking cock with his sweet little hairy ass crack wagging behind him. Ayumu must like what he sees because he can't keep his mouth away from that tasty butt. After running a horny tongue up and down the furry hole he slathers a finger with lube and works it inside. They kneel and Ayumu reaches around to stroke Hideki from behind.

Why Not Bi - Update

May 09, 2019

Better Laid Than Late

Slim, blonde cutie Sherman Maus and his girlfriend, the gorgeous Violet Monroe are stranded on their way to an important party. Left with no other choice, they decide to hitch a ride with burly muscle bear Colby Jansen. Colby won't let the couple pay him for his trouble, though, he's got a much better idea. Violet and Sherman take turns sucking Colby's big cock behind the wheel, then let him take them into the back of his van for a deep, intense three-way. Insatiable Colby fucks the horny couple until Sherman and Violet have gotten exactly where they need to go in this bisexual roadside fuck fest.

Sean Cody - Update

May 08, 2019

Jax & Robbie

Jax and Robbie have some fun in the sun riding bikes on the beach. Back at home and ready to relax, the hunks cuddle up by the bed where Robbie starts rubbing Jax’s hard cock over his shorts. “Jax got some sun today,” says Robbie. “Because I didn’t get enough sunscreen, he is going to have to get a lot of dick,” responds Jax. “I’ll make up for it”, says Robbie. Robbie continues rubbing Jax’s cock getting him excited. “I have to bury that in your asshole and destroy your shit today,” says Jax. “I’m ready to be get taken care of,” responds Robbie. “He is such a whore for dick,” laughs Jax. “I love to taste them and take them. Treat them well, treat them right,” says Robbie before Jax pushes him down on the bed.

Peter Fever - Update

May 08, 2019

Naked Cleanup

Axel Kane is home doing work online, and hopes that the naked cleaner he called to tidy up his place won't be TOO much of a distraction. Jessie comes to the door and is hotter and more muscular than Axel expected, especially when he strips down, dons a tight little black apron and begins dusting. Axel can't help looking at Jessie's firm round ass, and directs him to bend down and clean the table legs. He squeezes his stiffening rod as he watches the hot cleaning boy. When Jessie asks if there's anything special to clean, Axel mentions "I've got a knob that needs polishing" and Jessie goes to work with his own little Hoover of a mouth. Noticing a spot that needs his careful touch, Jessie grabs his feather duster and begins slowly brushing it up along Axel's muscular thighs to his big tight nuts.

Reality Dudes - Update

May 08, 2019

Front Office Fun

Fit cutie Collin can't keep his eyes off the scruffy, tattooed receptionist Eric. Even though they're both in a busy waiting room, Collin can't resist taking out his phone and recording himself sneakily stroking his cock while Eric struggles not to stare. The tall, curly-haired stud calls Collin behind the desk to service his thick dick with his tongue and hole while everyone else in the office is none the wiser.

BadPuppy - Update

May 08, 2019

Rico & Jaymie

Hot Italian stud Rico Fatale returns with new-comer Jaymie Young and they barely make it into the interview when they get distracted, want to get naked and down to business. Jaymie is soon on his knees pulling down Rico's pants and underwear. Jaymie woofs down Rico's thick, uncut cock and as his tongue works its magic Rico's dick gets longer and harder. Rico spies Jaymie's cock, rock-hard and still confined to his underwear. Rico helps Jaymie out of his underwear and proceeds to deep throat his long, thick piece of meat. Jaymie sits down on the sofa and offers Rico his cock to sit on. Rico mounts Jaymie and sits straight down on his cock. Jaymie begins thrusting from below, pounding away at Rico's hole.

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