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Apr 02, 2024

Colton & Gavin

by Jock Breeders

After a thrilling ride trading head at the top of a Ferris wheel earlier in the day, horny young studs Colton Burke and Gavin Elliott continue their fun at home! Gavin's hot for lean, fit jocks with sexy scruff and a hungry appetite for rimming cute twink ass. Colton's as turned on as he's ever been and needs Gavin to help him coax out a thick, massive cum shot.

By Jock Breeders

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Apr 02, 2024

Deniska Plays Perverted Games

by zVidz

Claudia Rossi takes a walk in the woods wearing a dress until she has to stop and take a piss. At this time she pulls off her panties and bends down, letting you see her bubble butt, asshole and pussy until a masked man approaches her for some hardcore sex and that's when you'll see her little boobs, when she rides on this guy's rod before her facial.

By zVidz

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Apr 01, 2024

The Boy Jack Waters Ch 1

by Boy For Sale

The Grooming: Master Banner was ready. But by the looks of the young, innocent-looking twink standing nervously before him in the Grooming Chamber, he was certain The Boy had no idea what was about to happen. It's always the guarantee of a jackpot payday that gets the inexperienced ones in the door. But once there, sometimes they panic and flee especially when they see the dildo come out. On this particular evening, The Boy Jack had just signed his first contract with the Buyer's Club. The bi-curious boy had never engaged in anal sex before. Boy Jack really needed the money so he complied with every single command in return but not without the nervousness one might expect. Master Banner snapped his fingers and clapped his hands sharply.

By Boy For Sale

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Apr 01, 2024

Scout Serg Ch 4

by Scout Boys

First Aid: If you're gonna bang a Scoutboy on a camping trip, you gotta seize the moment as soon as it presents itself. And on the third day of our adventure, sexy young Scout Serg was served up to me on a golden platter. The boys were all given a choice of going swimming in the lake, or learning first aid. I wasn't sure anyone would opt for the latter but Scout Serg is a singular young man and I "selflessly" said I'd be happy to remain in the campsite to teach him a few basic skills while the rest of them hot footed it to the other side of the woods. And then, just like that, we were alone. A few seconds after I'd demonstrated how to deal with a cut on the arm, we were locked in a passionate embrace. I pushed him onto his knees, pulling down his shorts to expose the most beautiful, tight hole, which I immediately invaded with my tongue.

By Scout Boys

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Apr 01, 2024

It Takes Two

by Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

Marcel Eugene, a well-hung muscle stallion from the U.S., meets Yoshi, a Japanese cock-hungry bitch. Knowing they can be seen through the window, they're putting on a show for everyone. The window's thin glass can't keep their loud, guttural groans inside. They start with a passionate kiss while Marcel caresses Yoshi's ass. Yoshi sucks and chokes, drooling on Marcel's huge veiny dick. Then Marcel begins pounding Yoshi's horned-up pussy, lubed with nothing more than spit. He fucks hard in every hot nasty position, Yoshi begging for more. Marcel takes his phone out to film Yoshi for a closer view of Yoshi's mouth and ass wrapped tight around his dick. He busts his first nut in Yoshi as the insatiable bitch cleans up his dick to show his gratitude. Only warmed up, they're ready for round two.

By Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

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Apr 01, 2024

A New Man Tape 1

by Gaycest

He stood up, stepped in front of me, and pulled his zipper down. His big hard cock fell out in front of my face. I guess I never imagined that it would be that big, but it's really no bigger than the rest of him. He sat back down, and I wrapped my hand around it. It felt hard and soft and warm. He asked me if I wanted to kiss it and I leaned forward in a daze. He smelled like sweat and musk with a faint hint of that body wash. I took it in my mouth and started to suck. I finally tasted my dad, finally did what I had wanted to do for so long. He tasted so good! I just wanted to keep him in my mouth forever. I wanted to take him all the way down my throat and have him come in my stomach. I tried, and choked, and tried again. He told me to take my pants off, so I did.

By Gaycest

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Apr 01, 2024

2069: The Military InFILLtration

by Peter Fever

Behind the Scenes: Besides all the hot XXX bareback action at PeterFever, many of you would like to get to know the models better, to see what they're like when they aren't performing for the cameras. Behind The Scenes are peeks into that real world where they might flub a line or break up laughing when they're supposed to be playing mean and macho. Here we are on the shoot for our very popular "2069: The Military InFILLtration" series to catch a glimpse of sexxxy Jay Wu, adorable twinks Ander Wolfson and Pierce Brooks and macho mahogany stud Tony Genius, cutting up and breaking the ice between takes. There are some action shots to savor, but overall this one's more for the fun than the filth.

By Peter Fever

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Apr 01, 2024

The Gaycation Mexico Pt. 5

by Raw Hole

We told you that a three-way this hot might need more than one scene! There are still two big muscular Latin guys that haven't splattered their sperm, and we're about to watch that. Zed shot his wad but still has a thirsty ass that needs filling, and he climbs on Abraham to ride his long straight pinga. Zed turns in every direction to feel that deeeep probing from Alfonso and Abraham, but he's up for even more. While he grinds on Abraham, Alfonso licks his tightly packed butthole, spits on Abraham's tool to make the ride even slicker, then crouches behind to make it a double penetration. Zed howls in satisfaction and surprise as both Latinos pound in harder. Dicks pressed together inside of Zed, it will be a tough trick to hold back from squirting all over each other's cocks and deep into Zed.

By Raw Hole

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Apr 01, 2024

All Too Well


Des Ires takes his health seriously and dutifully sees his family doctor for an annual exam only this year his usual provider is out of the office and Des must see the sex Dr. Sean Xavier. A little nervous about being examined by such a hot doc, Des pushes through and ends up with a physical like one he's never had before!


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Apr 01, 2024

My Asian Girlfriend 3

by Sex Japan TV

Azusa: Azusa Miyagawa wishes she could have a man tonight as she plunges her fingers deep inside her pussy. It's her lucky night when she finally gets one to come over. He fingers her hole as she sucks his hard dick and then she bends over to take him deep inside. His big dick fills up her tight snatch and he fucks her until he pumps himself dry inside her pink wet hole

By Sex Japan TV

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Mar 31, 2024

Tokyo's Filthy Foursome: Part 1

by Japan Boyz

Not often we can get a horny group together for a scorching hot fourway group scene, but thanks to a bunch of our sexiest studs (all with names beginning with "K") to get their mouths, hands, dicks and asses in gear. Kenchi, Koki Kurosuke and Kaoru are the fuck-hungry Japanboyz taking it to the limits for your fun and frolic. This orgy scene is too hot to fit into one part, so this week's episode concentrates on the rubbing, tugging, sucking, fingering and ass-licking. Stay tuned next week for the uninhibited bareback Asian group anal. We're more than fine watching two big group scenes, and raring to see this week and next's XXX action.

By Japan Boyz

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Mar 31, 2024

Sensation Play

by DamianXDragon

Damian & Kemono Dragon: Kemono and I are real life partners. We believe in the knowledge of the Old Guard rules. But we take those rules and bend and manipulate them in a future forward manner. I wait wearing nothing but a blindfold. Body exposed. Naked for Kemono's pleasure. Warm vibrations slide over my cock. By the way of precum, Kemono's cock enters my body. Evil smiles. Another wave of cum, another wave of reproduction floods into me. I am Kemono's incubus and he is my slave. - Originally filmed for Himeros TV.

By DamianXDragon

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