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Hot Older Male - Update

June 30, 2018

Bareback Barbacks

It's Riley Mitchell's first day of work at the Tool Shed, but before the crowds arrive, co-worker Owen Powers suggest they take advantage of the down time and squeeze in a good hard fuck. Muscle stud Riley pounds Owen's ass, filling it with a pulsing flood of hot seed. This is some of the hottest action you'll ever see in a bar and they don't care who watches. If you are into some ass pounding deep hardcore gay sex, click here now!

Spunk Worthy - Update

June 30, 2018

Ricky's Massage 2

When Ricky got in touch, asking about coming back for another happy-ending massage, you can bet I had the cameras set up ASAP. Because I mean, really, who could resist? Not me! Ricky played it off like just another shoot when he showed up, but there were plenty of clues pointing to him be a little extra horny. He could barely keep his clothes on after walking through the door and was asking questions like, "Are you going to suck my dick again? Think you could rim me when I'm laying down?" Probably needless to say, Ricky's cock was rock solid almost as soon as I started rubbing down his back.

Harlem Hookups - Update

June 30, 2018

Interracial Ryan

Hey Guys! A lot of you have been blowing up my email asking for another race play vid! So i had the perfect dude for it. I just had to hunt him down! Ryan Is a big dicked country boy. He’s pretty DL so he goes off the radar sometimes. Well I hit him up asking if he had some time to come visit and use my mouth. Well he said he needed a break from his girl and was totally down to come visit for a week and see what trouble we could get into! Ryan is a pretty mouthy fucker and not shy at all. I cant wait to see what we get into Next! Its been a while sense he has been back in the city!

William Higgins - Update

June 29, 2018

Bozek & Karel

Bozek Kolek is a good looking straight guy who is in for a screentest, with Karel Opec. Karel arrives and sits next to Bozek and they chat for a while about Bozek's experience, and he agrees to try something with Karel. They begin to kiss and help each other take off their tee shirts. Then, as they continue kissing, they lay on the bed and grope each other. Jeans are opened, freeing their cocks and Bozek lays on top of Karel to kiss some more. Then he moves down to begin sucking on Karel's stiffening cock. His hot mouth engulfs the cock as his head bobs up and down on it.

Drill My Hole - Update

June 29, 2018

HomoPod 1

Enzo is at home chilling when he receives a mysterious package containing one of those new HomoPods. The sophisticated, always-listening speaker starts talking to him while he's jerking off and tries to get in on the action when Louis Ricaute just happens to be passing by. HomoPod senses his presence and calls him out so Enzo can get a piece of this handsome, muscular, hairy man. He gets down on his knees and gets to work so he can get his ass fucked by Louis's throbbing cock.

College Dudes - Update

June 29, 2018

Javier & Bentley

Javier Cruz and Bentley Michaels work their clothes off piece by piece as they make out, Javier dropping his boxers first and letting Bentley get a taste of his sweet cock. Javier thrusts his hips gently against Bentley’s mouth, pushing that dick farther down his throat as Bentley works that cock. When Javier’s hard from Bentley’s expert mouth, he pushes him back on the bed and shows him what his own lips can do, licking and sucking Bentley’s throbbing cock before climbing on top of him and sitting on that dick instead, riding Bentley’s hard cock.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 29, 2018

John Fucks Newbie Brad

John Henry remembers his time as a newbie a few years back, so he knows exactly how Brad Steele is feeling as he sits on the bed next to this shy guy. To help put him at ease, John takes the lead, kissing and making out with Brad then getting on his knees to deep-throat Brad’s sweet cock as he makes him grow hard and erect on his tongue. John stands up for a few more kisses from Brad before pushing him down to take John’s dick between his lips, sucking and licking that prick, his hands gripping John’s thighs as John moans above him. John gets hornier with each pass of Brad’s lips across his shaft and he pulls Brad up and gets on the bed doggy style.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 29, 2018

Daddy's Boys

Manuel Skye is a stepdad with his hands full guiding his two boys, Blaze Austin and Drake Rogers. You can rest assured that Drake and Blaze both need to be shown their place, and Manuel has the huge uncut cock that’s rock-hard and ready to give the both of them some discipline. Sometimes it seems like these boys are only behaved when it comes to spending quality time with their daddy. During one lazy afternoon, both Blaze and Drake take turns servicing Manuel’s cock with their mouth and ass. Manuel also teaches Drake how to top Blaze. His reward is taking his stepdad’s dick in his own ass.

Chaos Men - Update

June 29, 2018

JJ Smitts & Wren RAW

I wasn't really sure what to expect from JJ. He seemed cavalier about sex with guys, saying he had done it all. But when he submitted his profile to me, he said he was Top only. Perhaps he was hedging his limits before fully committing to doing a scene with Chaos Men. And he sure is excited about playing with the Chaos Men guys. He has friends that are on the look-out for his scenes, and he is eager to keep coming back and doing more. And this video certainly shows that we need more of him! He totally commits to this sex scene. Pushing as many limits as possible. He even sat on Wren's ever-growing cock.

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 29, 2018

Max Pounds Devon

Easy boys! Max and Devon were getting so into tossing each other around on the bed that we thought they were going to break something before they even got their clothes off! Devon goes down on Max like he’s starving for cock, before Max gives him the best rimjob he’s ever had! Devon’s big, muscular ass and Max’s huge, hard cock are a perfect fit, and neither of them can seem to get enough after Max first slides into Devon! Max uses Devon’s own big cock as a handle while he plows him silly, pounding his hot ass for all its worth, and you can tell that Devon’s definitely on the edge from having Max so deep inside him.

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