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College Dudes - Update

August 08, 2019

Mike & Jason

Jason Wolf and Mike Lobo are ready to give you a great scene as they give each other an amazing orgasm, kissing gently until Jason drops to his knees to suck on Mike’s sweet cock. Running his tongue and soft lips all over that dick, he makes sure Mike is hard as rock before lying back on the bed and letting Mike go down on him next. Mike massages Jason’s member with his mouth and hands, working that cock up and down before climbing onto the bed and inviting Jason onto his dick. Jason straddles Mike and rides him, starting off slow but working his ass harder as his tight hole stretches to fit Mike’s cock.

Bentley Race - Update

August 08, 2019

Lucas Deen

My horniest mate award has gotta go to Lucas Deen. Our new mate can't get enough sex and loves showing off on camera. Lucas was so excited by all the gear that I have for shoot over at the studio that he wanted to come back and try some photos in different outfits. So I had him over again a few weeks ago so he could pick out some gear for some special photos. I really like Lucas in the pink harness and underwear. Things got pretty hot during this shoot and we ended up getting it on. I remember at some point I was taking photos of Lucas down on his knees sucking on my cock. We quickly moved on to making a video of us fooling around and eventually Lucas cumming on my face.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 07, 2019

Elian & Brooks

One of the things I like most about Brooks is how down to earth he is. He is sexy, but also so much fun to be around and so easy going, while also being entirely unaware of just how sexy he is! He’s also taken to action with the other guys at CF like a natural - he knows what feels good for himself, gets off on making someone else feel good, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious this young man can fuck like a champ! Elian certainly discovers that’s the case here, as Brooks totally goes to town on Elian’s hole and Elian can not get enough of it! These two studs really have themselves quite the time here.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 07, 2019

Banana Split

Hitting the gym frequently and hard are two perfect physics that need no introductions, but deserve the recognition; Max Hilton and Manuel Skye. All of you hot men out there know that the gym is much more than about building muscles, its also about building friendships with like minded people. Max and Manuel have admired each other and have looked forward to this day, probably as much as we all have. After a hard workout it is necessary to unload all that pent-up energy and Max and Manuel have a lot of energy to share. The cocks are unleashed and the cock fight begins.

Men - Update

August 07, 2019

The Island 3

Damien Stone and Javier Cruz meet in the shaded bower of a tropical paradise. They kiss, touching each other's bodies with tender urgency beneath a canopy of flowering trees. Javier sucks Damien's thick cock, taking it deep into his mouth while the muscular stud moans. Damien bends the athletic hunk over a tree and plunges his tongue into him, rimming and teasing his hole before he shoves his cock inside. Damien pounds Javier's eager ass as the two men work their way into a frenzy, both blowing their thick loads all over Javier's chest.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 07, 2019

Ryan Fucks Sexy Max

Max Jay gives newbie Ryan Parks some advice before these two studs get their scene underway, kissing each other before Max pulls Ryan’s pants off and shows him how to suck cock. Ryan can barely hold his cum back when Max takes his whole length down his throat, sucking and deepthroating that cock before letting Ryan give it a try next. Ryan takes Max between his lips, working that member with his warm mouth and wet tongue as Max sits back and enjoys before going down on Ryan again. Sucking Ryan’s shaft, Max gets him throbbing hard before climbing onto the bed with him and slowly lowering his ass onto Ryan’s waiting dick, barely able to take the full size of that impressive prick as he starts to grind on it.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 07, 2019

Tomas Arad & Dakota

There’s no one in the gay porn industry like Tomas Brand, which is why he’s still the reigning King of All Muscle Daddies, which was coined by the Lucas Blog back in May 2016, and it’s a crown he still deserves to this day. And as the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas teams up with his buddy Arad Winwin (you know Arad, the Persian gay porn model who is beautiful, muscular, and a power top) to double team Dakota Payne. Let’s just say Dakota is one lucky guy, as you’ll see when he’s left panting after taking care of the needs of these two gay sex gods!

Chaos Men - Update

August 07, 2019

Aidan & Michael Raw

I love his Daddy vibe that is pure Bottom Boy. How is that possible?! We all found out how much he likes anal stimulation during his solo and oral, and I wanted just the right Top to challenge him. Aidan was the perfect match! Despite all the toys he has had in his ass, Michael has only had sex with two guys. I might have misjudged the pounding he could take, but he sure looks like he is in loving every minute. Aidan begins by sucking his cock, getting him nice and hard. But once Aidan stands up and feeds his cock to Michael, you can see just how happy Michael is to suck a dick. He has an intensity that says, "Use me, and I want to make you happy." I definitely need to setup a Tag-Team as I think he really would love to be spit-roasted.

Bel Ami Online - Update

August 07, 2019

Joaquin & Christopher

It seems like Joaquin has been keeping some secrets from us as it becomes apparent very early on that this is not the first time that he has hooked up with Christopher. We checked, and then double checked, but there is no record of it having been on camera, so it seems that the 2 of them were having a little fling away from our prying eyes. At least this time they decided to share it with us all as well. Before watching this scene we were pretty sure that Joaquin would insist on being bottom (he tends to with every big dick he sees) and we are very happy to be proven right. Fans of Christopher will have to wait until after our summer special to see him again, but Joaquin fans are luckier as he will be back again in a 3way in July with Hoyt and Mael.

Hot Guys Fuck - Update

August 07, 2019

Collin Sean & Tiffany

Tiffany Marshall gets a girl's dream come true... a fantasy really. Two musclebound God's like Sean Costin & Collin Simpson all over you, ravaging you in any and every way they shall do please. It's times like these that you really see that true inner-freak... and Tiffany was no exception. Prepare yourself for sexy bodybuilder overload. You can tell these studs were truly turned on by watching another Alpha male go at it right in front of them.

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