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Jock Breeders - Update

August 20, 2023

Cade & Spencer

It's brunette-on-blonde muscle fucking action at JockBreeders! In their private suite, blonde power-bottom Spencer Daley sucks Cade Maddox's cock eagerly, letting his top know that this is just an appetizer Spencer Daley's hole is the main course! Once the course is served, Cade is quick to dive face-first into the blonde's ass and slobber all over his pucker before sliding into the spit lubed opening. Cade wants this to last as long as he can eventually, he has Spencer climb off of him and lay on his back. He needs his bottom to cum for him before Cade pumps another load into Spencer's guts!

Men - Update

August 20, 2023

Boys Weekend Part 3

Cristiano is the last twink who hasn't got some on this vacation weekend, but the weekend's not over yet! After his bf cheats, Cristiano goes into the hosts' bathroom and peeks at daddy Greg Dixxon in the shower. Greg catches Cristiano touching himself and pulls him into the shower to suck his cock. When Greg's bf, Nick Cranston, comes in, Greg sucks the other daddy and sneakily fucks Cristiano! Nick and Greg move into the bedroom, and Cristiano sneaks in to sit on Nick's big cock. Then it's Greg's turn to ride Nick and suck the twink. The daddies even put Cristiano in the middle of a train before he and Nick cum on Greg's face.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 19, 2023

Bastian & Greg

Behind secluded doors, there's a sauna in the winding streets of central France. Euro porn legend Greg Century massages Bastian Lutty in one of its private cubicles. Greg can't wait to get his hands on Bastian's smokin' hot body. This cheeky, cropped haired dude has perfect form and the sexiest tattoo on his back. Bastian can't help but smack his lips wrapped around Greg's rock hard 9-inch dick. The initial pretense of the massage has vanished into a sleazy haze of hard-core sexual activity. Greg thrusts his finger deep into Bastian's ass, staking his claim and leaving no doubt as to his naughty intentions. Greg grabs the back of Bastian's head and slides his dick further and further into the compliant sub's throat. Bastian chokes and his eyes water, but Greg is demanding, and Bastian will do anything to please him.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

August 19, 2023

Billy & Thierry

Billy Roberts and Thierry Schaffauser are both proper chav lads who loves the scally Rudeboy look and I had a feeling they would be into each other. But I wasn't expecting the attraction to be as strong as it was. Before I had even started filming, Billy and Thierry both had hard ons straining to get out of their trackies, and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. And I've got to say, this has to be one of the horniest scenes I've shot in a while there was such chemistry right from the start, and both lads loved every part of the scene. Billy even managed to get ALL of Thierry huge 8.5 inch cock down his throat at one point they also took turns fucking each other. It's a long scene at 25 minutes, but trust me, it's ALL great and incredibly horny!

Boy For Sale - Update

August 19, 2023

The Boy Serg Ch 3

The Prize: Master Legrand sat on the edge of his king size bed. With a simple motion of his hand, he beckoned The Boy Serg over to him. The Master's newly acquired Slave-boy obeyed with a bright eyed eagerness as he approached the towering Master on all fours. Master Legrand pushed the nearly nude Boy Serg's head down against the silky fabric of his tailored slacks. The boy moaned and inhaled again the manly, musky aroma was intoxicating in ways Boy Serg had difficulty explaining, but understood in a way without words. The Boy was hooked, and knew he would be Master Legrand's Slave-boy for life if commanded to do so. The Boy soon found himself on his back with his legs pushed back against his chest.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

August 19, 2023

Ego Red & Archi Gold

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, there lived a hardworking father named Ego. Living with Ego was his stepson, Archi, a vibrant and energetic young boy. Archi's zest for life was evident in everything he did, including his animated conversations on the phone. Although Ego appreciated his stepson's exuberance, he needed focused concentration during his accounting tasks. One evening, Ego settled down at his desk, surrounded by stacks of receipts awaiting his attention. As he began calculating, Archi walked in, engrossed in a lively conversation on his phone. Archi's laughter and animated gestures filled the room, making it difficult for Ego to concentrate on his work but not too difficult to fuck his stepson's deep hole after spanking his bubble ass.

Scout Boys - Update

August 19, 2023

International Scout Boys Ch 6

Consequences: It was meant to be a bit of fun. We've been hosting a group of American Scouts out here in Spain for four weeks now and our time with them is sadly coming to a close. There's a whole end-of-term vibe going on with everyone playing pranks and getting a bit wild. Of course, I ended up taking things way too far. For some reason I thought it would be hysterical to fill Scoutmaster Patrick's favorite walking boots with shaving cream but in the process, he caught me in the act and he was understandably livid.I was hauled into his room and within seconds he had me over his knee, smacking me so hard that tears started running down my face. It was horrible to begin with, but after a while I realized I was enjoying the sensation.

BareBack That Hole - Update

August 19, 2023

Better Fuck It Good

In the charming town of Fuck It Good, lifelong friends embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. As they spent countless hours together, an undeniable connection blossomed between them. One fateful day, they both realized that their feelings ran deeper than friendship, and they courageously embraced their love for one another in the hottest way possible, through raw butt sex, and lots of it. They started kissing and exploring each other's bodies as the heat began to rise in the room. A bed and lube created the perfect environment for slowly deep-throating big cock and tasting a delicious fuck hole. The sexual connection was intense as the lifelong friends sucked, fucked, and dumped many loads bringing their relationship to another level. That's what you get with this hot compilation from Bareback That Hole.

Gaycest - Update

August 19, 2023

Neighborhood Secret Tape 14

Now Your Turn: I know that my son fantasizes about sucking my dick when he's (supposed to be) busy at school. Marcus admitted as much the other night while we were cuddling in bed. But man, I can't say he hasn't done his sex-ed homework. He's come up with some awesome and creative ways to perfectly stimulate all of the particularly sensitive places of my cock. I had Marcus jump up onto the couch next to me so I could get access to that boy hole of his. My son's sweet pink pucker momentarily stopped my breath. I honestly couldn't believe how turned on I was by just the graze of my fingertips against my boy's tiny hole. By the subsequent moans and groans that Marcus emitted around his tireless suctioning of my rod, I could tell that he was, too. I never have to encourage my son to keep going.

Venus Lux - Update

August 19, 2023

Venus Drills Her Sub

Venus teases her submissive friend by telling him what she wants to do before she orders him to get his cock out and stroke. Once she feels he is worthy, she sucks his big cock and makes him wait before she allows him to place his mouth on her dick. He sucks her cock until she is good and hard, then Venus penetrates his asshole while he strokes himself. As he shoots cum all over himself, Venus fills his ass with her semen.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 18, 2023

Ridick's Spin-The-Bottle Gang Bang 2

Why would the Lucas Men bother going out when eight of the hottest men in gay porn are all under the same roof. They decide to have some fun one night and play Spin The Bottle. This isn’t some cheap game of kissing, though. When the Lucas Men play a game like Spin The Bottle, they take it up far more than a few degrees! This iteration is determining who is going to get railed by seven rock-hard cocks ready for anal. After all, it doesn’t matter who is getting fucked so long as someone is taking it from behind! The bottle lands on Ridick, so he better get that mouth and ass ready for Harold Lopez, Kosta Viking, Jeffrey Lloyd, Nico Zetta, Manuel Skye, Derek Kage, and Jacob Lord!!

Cruising Porn - Update

August 18, 2023

Jerry & Dominic

Jerry Kayton is visiting and Dominik Black is the only one home at the time. He lets the Daddy know that it's going to be a little while before anyone gets back, and he lets him know that it won't be boring. Since they're both along in the apartment, Dominik is more than happy to be a good host and entertain the older man while he waits. That's an offer that Jerry decides to take advantage of right away. He pulls his dick right out on the sofa and the twink goes to work on it with his mouth. He wants to make sure that the guest is comfortable, after all. Jerry is happy with the service but he's always willing to take more if he can get it. That's why he gets the young twink onto his back and throws his legs over his head.

Treasure Island Media - Update

August 18, 2023

Max, Johnny & Shadow

Shadow is in pig top heaven with double the pussy, double the cunts to dump his seed into. Max Javier and Johnny Castro open all their holes but they know they are in service to Shadow's fine cock and cum. Which slut bottom will get the load?

Aussies Do It - Update

August 18, 2023

Plowing Beckett

Lucky new guy Beckett has been getting a buttload of the hottest amateur studs Australia has to offer. Literally. Today this horny Brit is taking on the big 10 inches of mullet-haired Canadian Jamie, and we don't know whether to envy the bloke or send a get well card. Getting pummeled by that big stiff monster meat takes the pleasure pain barrier to new frontiers. When Beckett gets his first glance, he pants out "Fuck that's HUGE!" and tries not to drool. Both guys have some fun tales of their horny past, like Beckett's sex party in Berlin with too many tops to count, and Jamie's party that turned into a sex party for SOME, with the rest having to step over heaving and thrusting bodies to get to the bar. Jamie takes the lead, giving Beckett some tough aggressive kisses then skull-fucking his giant cock down Beckett's grateful and ravenous throat.

Disruptive Films - Update

August 18, 2023

The End

It's the end of the world as they know it, and they feel stressed. When a nuclear alert comes on the television announcing a danger, roommates Omar Whitaker (Tony Genius) and Angelo Reeves (Nico Coopa) don't know what the fuck to do, but they do know it should do with fucking. Angelo's boyfriend peace's out as soon as he realizes there are only hours left on Earth, so Omar steps up to give his buddy a proper final fuck.

Locker Room Boys - Update

August 18, 2023

Vitali & Jamie

Vitali Kutcher and Jamie Oliver are working out and getting their supple twink bodies even more tone and ripped. They are both in muscles shirts and short shorts and they each keep stealing a glance as they work out. Vitali walks over to the locker room and Jamie acts like he misses him already. He stares at him for a beat before walking into the locker room and sitting next to him on the bench. They start kissing immediately and they each have their hands on the other's cock within seconds. Vitali then stands up and Jamie knows what he wants. He pulls Vitali's gym shorts down and starts vigorously giving him an amazing blowjob. He wraps his arm around his ass and grips his right hip while he slides his mouth farther down on his dick while stroking it.

Dad's And Twinks - Update

August 18, 2023

Trent & Cory

It's time to break in the new recruits and Trent Tarzan is just the older Daddy to do it. he calls in the young Corey Law and immediately tears into him with his mouth. He calls out the twink for not wearing his uniform correctly or carrying himself in a way befitting of the army. The boy takes the verbal assault but he knows that there's still more to come. This is a man's army and sometimes men have to show their dominance with their cocks instead of their words. If Corey wants to keep his place in the army then he has to pay his dues and he's going to do it with his hands and lips. Trent sits on the edge of his desk and unzips his pants. Corey knows exactly what's expected of him and he gets down onto his knees and takes his Daddy's cock right into his warm, virgin mouth.

Bentley Race - Update

August 18, 2023

Cute Mate Tran

I've just finished up a new shoot with my beautiful mate Andrew Tran. I wanted to get one more shoot with my cute mate before we went into the Australian winter break. Andrew always looks good in the shoots and I love his perfect little bum. We met up over at the hotel for this shoot because I wanted to get a few shots with Andrew playing in the bubble bath. I'm really happy with the photos. I had set out to get Andrew jerking off in a solo video, but I was getting so turned on watching him play with his bottom that I ended up in the video with him. Andrew sucks my cock really well in this video. I love tongue fucking him too. Make sure you also check out Andrew's other videos with me and our mates.

Helix Studios - Update

August 17, 2023

Give Me Moore

After making a supersized splash in his delicious, Helix debut, "Introducing," Spikey Dee has been the naughty boy name, every twink lover wants to taste on their tongue. Everyone wants more of the tight, toned, 129 pound, beautiful blue eyed, versatile boy, with the dangerously good dick. This is a special kind of cock; so, we matched him up with pretty boy magic mischief maker meat taker, Cameron Moore. This magnificent, mouthwatering match-up boasts two budding superstars, similar in height, weight, and body type, who come together to FUCK! Pervy plain, and succulently simple. A get down to dirty, delicious boning business bangathon! And, with all those sexy similarities, the cock craving chemistry is off the ever lovin' charts! After a flirty make out, filled with sparks, Cameron surrenders to his knees.

Southern Strokes - Update

August 17, 2023

Wasting Time

Hanging out with my teammate is cool, but it turns out fucking his hole is much better. We crashed at Max Gen's house after a great day of soccer practice but weren't sure what we wanted to do next. Max was horny and asked if he could jerk off. Who am I to say no? It didn't take long for both of our dicks to find their way out of the darkness and into each other's hands. But that didn't last long because Max had other ideas. I stood up, and he sucked the fuck out of my cock. It felt amazing, but I wanted to show his dick some love too. He has a great dick, but his hole was calling me, and I had to put my face in it. My cock was searching for a dark, deep ass to enjoy, and enjoy it did, until I was shooting on it with Max's load right behind.

Boy Fun - Update

August 17, 2023

Dirty Dancers

Nico Vegas arrives in town and discovers he's sharing a room with smooth young Justin Host. That's certainly not a disappointment for either of these young men. It seems almost inevitable that the hot young dancers are eager to enjoy some BoyFun and with a welcoming smooch and Nico's long cock revealed there's barely any time to practice. With their snug tights revealing their tempting packages the boys hardly get any basic stretching done before their attention is on their horny needs. It wasn't worth young Nico sliding his tights on because as the two move to the larger bed his big uncut dong is soon freed once more for greedy Justin to suck and lick. Their kinky interest in the stretchy material offers a perfect opportunity for Justin to give his new friend a foot wank, the silky smooth covering over his feet treating Nico to a super sexy sensation.

Straight Fraternity - Update

August 17, 2023


21-Year-Old Marine Gets Blown: It's really hot when I know a straight guy is curious and ready to try something new. That's the case with Kevin, a beefy Marine who's nervous but open-minded. With his big arms, nice chest and abs, I know I'm going to have to try to get Kevin to do more than just jack off. I make my move and start stroking him. He just kicks back and lets me do it. While Kevin's head is back, I switch from stroking to blowing. I can feel a tremor go through his body when he looks down and realizes that he's getting a blowjob from a guy. Kevin ends up finishing himself off with a big load that goes all over the place.

Next Door Studios - Update

August 17, 2023

Bro Code: Never Fail As Wingman

Bros Carter Woods and Guido follow the Bro Code religiously. One of their rules? 'If a bro is tasked with being a wingman, he'll do everything to help his bro get laid.' The problem? Guido is a terrible wingman, and Carter Woods is super horny! So when Guido fails to get Carter a girl, he'll have to come up with another way to make it up to him.

French Twinks - Update

August 17, 2023

Gabriel Petit First Time

For his very first scene, Gabriel Petit, 18, is welcomed by Timeo Blondel, a confirmed actor from the studio who will take great pleasure in introducing the young beginner. After kissing and jerking off each other, the two boys get hard and Gabriel starts sucking Timeo's big cock. The newbie applies himself to the task and demonstrates to Timeo the full extent of his skills in oral sex. Timeo, excited at the highest point, does not take long to fuck Gabriel with incredible energy. Gabriel withstands Timeo's powerful thrusts and asks for more. Timeo will then take the time to dilate and lubricate Gabriel's ass even more through a hot rimming and fingering session before fucking his young partner again until he cums powerfully. A few seconds later it's Timeo who explodes with pleasure and sprinkles Gabriel's open little hole with cum.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

August 17, 2023

Nathan, Leon, Derek & Ferdinand

After young Nathan, Leon and Derek show up it isn't long before everyone is sucking dick. Then, the foursome pairs off for some bareback fucking, before daddy Ferdinand becomes the center of attention, as the boys spit roast his fat ass. Finally, the young trio use the mature man as their cum rag when each releases his load on him.

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