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Jun 02, 2024

Meat Me

by Maverick Men

We can’t get enough of this sexy fucker! Jasper just ticks all the boxes for us, super cute, nice with a fun upbeat love of sex, add to that hot trifecta, his beautiful hairy tight ass, hot cock and sexy body and you have a winner of a video. Once he drops his pants and hears us, we cannot resist getting in there fast and hard, opening that tight hairy peach. In this video we go at it hard, fucking him deep then we both rewarded him by feeding him hot ropes of our sweet salty cum.

By Maverick Men

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Jun 02, 2024

Cheat Day

by Falcon Studios

It's officially 'Cheat Day', and that means Trevor Brooks is allowed to slip away from loving boyfriend, Chris White, to get dicked-down by super-hung hunk Cade Maddox. Grabbing his thick rod through his precum-stained sweatpants, Cade eagerly welcomes Trevor in before stripping down the fit bottom to rim and finger his hole, suck him off, and bareback his perfect ass. A glistening Cade puts in the work as he slides his oversized cock between Trevor's muscular cheeks and pounds him feverishly from behind. Wanting to take full advantage of this special day by fucking Trevor on just about every surface of his home, Cade leads his hot hook-up to the bedroom where Trevor spreads his legs and strokes himself until both men are unloading all over Trevor's exposed body.

By Falcon Studios

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Jun 02, 2024

Jock Strapped Pt. 2

by Private Playground XXX

This football player felt he deserved some discipline after dropping the ball in the last quarter. What better way to fully embrace some needed emasculation than surrendering your machismo to our quintet of cum-filled twinks.

By Private Playground XXX

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Jun 02, 2024

Manscent 5

by Raging Stallion

Drake Masters is on the hunt for cock when he sees Brian Bonds in a sex-sling getting fucked. Drake whips out his cock and enjoys the show. Brian notices and winks at Drake as he jerks his meat. Drake wanders off, where Brian finds him to have some more fun. Taunting Brian with his hard dick, Drake bends Brian over to stick his cock into Brian's freshly fucked ass. Drake wipes the sweat dripping from his face as he continues to fuck Brian's used asshole. Drake wants a taste of Brian's insatiable ass and sinks to his knees to rim Brian's open hole. He turns Brian around to suck and gag on his thick pole. Brian proves he's ready for more when Drake lays back with his legs in the air to let Brian tongue-fuck his hairy hole. Brian laps his tongue in and around Drake's hole before sliding his bare cock deep into Drake's crack.

By Raging Stallion

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Jun 02, 2024

Bareback Threesome Ravaged

by Hung Young Brit

Bob told us he’s the most desperate for cock eager to please bottom slut and he wasn’t lying. Liam Bob’s mate was there to provide his massive tool, an absolutely massive hard cock that ravages every slut that comes in his orbit. Bradley is a lucky sub slut that enjoys servicing his two hot cocks. He’s the dirtiest horny fucker we’ve met for a while, would absolutely do anything we ask.

By Hung Young Brit

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Jun 02, 2024


by Naked Sword

Alexander Muller & Jordan Starr: Frequent traveler Alexander Muller has always fantasized about an immigration officer at airport customs taking him into a back room for an invasive interrogation. ‘In Control’ of his latest scene, Alexander has decided to bring his biggest sexual desire to life by stripping off Officer Jordan Starr’s uniform and having Jordan swallow down his throbbing uncut cock. Just as Alexander has always imagined, the officer takes every inch of his big dick as they fuck bareback across a table before Alexander pulls out to unload all over the horny immigration officer.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 02, 2024

7-10 Split

by Muscle Bear Porn

Some extra-large men have very deep holes and require something substantial to fill them up. Cain Marko is happily one of those men. Happily, for Will Angell that is. When MuscleBearPorn takes on a new piece of livestock at the Bull Ranch Boot Camp it's not just his muscles that get worked out. Cain shows just what his hole is made of!

By Muscle Bear Porn

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Jun 02, 2024

Ayden & Kyle

by Freshmen

Ayden Mallory’s "bad luck" leads him to cross paths with Kyle Brady, who happily offers his help and takes him home. When Ayden solves his car troubles, Kyle seduces his new friend, revealing an irresistible body ready to play. Ayden sucks Kyle’s hard cock making clear where this new friendship is heading. Kyle rims Ayden’s hole before he slowly penetrates it from behind on the couch. Kyle fucks his guest from several different angles before cumming over his pink hole. With his ass fully satisfied, Ayden enjoys a blowjob with a happy ending. Before getting back to reality, the guys enjoy a steamy shower making us wonder if this secret romance might soon continue.

By Freshmen

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Jun 01, 2024

Czech Hunter 743

by Czech Hunter

I went out to film some trains and look for dudes to fuck. Soon I noticed a guy smoking at a tram stop. He was angry at his girlfriend and wanted to party with his friends. That sounded promising. The dude was good looking, so I didn't fuck around and offered him a nice way to make money. He was a car mechanic, but the job didn't pay much. Playing games with me for cash looked easy at first... After a quick look at his adorable cock, we moved in the bushes for a blowjob. There he took care of me like an experienced whore. But he had limits, outdoor anal was too much for him. I simply took him to my place and paid him enough to become my bitch for next thirty minutes. Sliding inside of that ass felt incredible. I stretched him out nicely and then pounded until my cock erupted with cum.

By Czech Hunter

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Jun 01, 2024

Angel & Canyon

by Cocky Boys

CockyBoys welcomes Canyon Cole who's excited to be with Angel Elias and trigger his dominant side, tempered with some sensual passion. Angel loves how Canyon sucks his cock with teary-eyed devotion and in return Angel laps at Canyon's hole nearly making him beg for his cock. as they engage in some hot sex talk. Angel drills Cole deep and they keep up the excitement level by continuing to engage verbally even as limber Cole gets pounded in all kinds of positions. He further impresses by riding Angel, shooting his load and wanting him to keep drilling his hole. When Angel does blow, Cole is right there to get a facial from him. Angel may be totally spent, but Cole sure looks like he's ready for more!

By Cocky Boys

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Jun 01, 2024

Dr. Bardem Examines Paco

by Men At Play

Like most Doctors, Dr. Nicholas Bardem gets patient referrals from satisfied patients. In Dr. Bardem’s case, he’s often sought after for his very thorough XXX check-ups that end in a healthy release of any pain or tension. When new, referred patient Paco Rabo visits complaining of tension in his lower waist area, Dr. Bardem promptly has him pull down his pants for a closer examination. It’s not long before both groins are throbbing, ready for action and a satisfying release. After a sloppy, wet blow job, Dr. Bardem wants to make sure he takes care of all of Paco’s tensions. He bends over the stud and finger fucks his hairy hole before shoving his cock in for closer examination and raw dicking. Dr. Bardem rams Paco deep and hard until the patient shoots a load of thick creamy cum, releasing all the tension he was complaining about.

By Men At Play

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Jun 01, 2024

Reese & Jack

by Randy Blue

RandyBlue's most prolific star Reese Rideout is back again, bringing an edgier verbal side to Jack Aries who's totally there for some Dom-sub role play. When Reese tells him he has to work for his cock, Jack does just that, deep-throating him and taking his face-fucking before Reese bends him over, tongue fucks & spit lubes his hole and fucks him. As he so often does, Jack scores points in his reaction to getting fucked, by going back to sucking Reese just as he commands, and riding him so well. In return Reese gives Jack a thorough cocksucking, then plows him on his back, triumphantly fucking a blasting cum-shot out of him. Reese shoots his load over him, both proud and thankful for the hot time Jack gave him.

By Randy Blue

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