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Bentley Race - Update

March 11, 2019

Kell Fuller

During my visit over the summer to Germany I did a series of shoots with 20 year Russian hottie Kell Fuller. After meeting him 2 years earlier, I really wanted to get him modelling for me again. Well Kell has really grown into a man in the past 2 years. He's super fit and showing off a hairy chest and some new tattoos. The series of shoots included splashing around in an inflatable pool, and riding a bike naked through the park. But today Kell is back stripping and showing off naked on my balcony. It love seeing his cheeky smile as he shows off his bottom while sliding back on a the chair. We quickly moved back inside where we made our last video today. In this video I start sliding my cock in and out of Kell's hole while he rams his cock into a fleshlight.

French Twinks - Update

March 10, 2019

Bath Pleasures

Doryann Marguet exasperated to have to wait to access the bathroom force the lock and discovers his young roommate Ethan Duval jacking off in his bath! Twink first embarrassed raises a naughty smile to Doryann who's delighted to join and to give him a hand. After a long and deep blowjob, Doryann plays with Ethan's little hole, which he licks and fingers until he can dilate it enough to penetrate him. An intense fuck that will makes Ethan moaning loudly and end with a hot sperm tasting.

Tickled Hard - Update

March 10, 2019

Tyler Tickled

26-year-old Tyler is new to tickling and bondage and obviously very excited about it. His big black cock gets hard just from putting the leather cuffs on. After locking Tyler's ankles together, Franco ties back his wrists and tickles him in his armpits. Tyler's hard dick bounces up and down as Franco tickles his soles and his muscular thighs. The sensation is so much that even when Franco stops, Tyler feels like he's being tickled! Tyler laughs hysterically and bucks like a stallion when Franco tickles his pits and ribs. He's ticklish on his back, sides, abs, everywhere! As Franco tickles his inner thighs, Tyler's squealing laughter gets higher and higher until he can barely get a sound out.

Next Door Studios - Update

March 10, 2019

Hot Squatter

Officer Dacotah Red works a pretty hot beat, but it's about to get a lot hotter when he answers a home invasion call and finds squatter Scott Finn inside. Dacotah gives Scott two options: he can either satisfy Dacotah's fantasies or he can take it up with the judge. Scott decides the former is the better choice, especially when Dacotah whips out his long cock. Scott downs it instantly, gagging on that cop meat and taking it down to the base. Dacotah smiles approvingly as Scott works his cock. He then sets Scoot up on the dresser and returns the favor, tongue fucking Scott's hole before standing him up against the dresser and pounding him raw from behind.

Spunk Worthy - Update

March 10, 2019


Matthew had been curious about getting into porn for a while. He'd been told by a few girls he knew who do webcamming that he should give it a shot, but being an adrenaline junkie by nature, something told me that it didn't take much convincing to get him to send in an application. He admitted that his friends wouldn't be too surprised that he was getting naked for the world to see, knowing his wild streak. He's a 23 y/o So Cal native. Tall and lean, he was a swimmer and on the track team growing up, but BMX cycling was his go-to sport. Jerking off is up there as one of his hobbies, too, rubbing one out at least 2-3 times a day; 5 times didn't seem to be that out of the norm.

Chaos Men - Update

March 10, 2019

JJ Smitts & Maxi Raw

I asked Maxi what he wanted to do for his first video. Top or Bottom? But he seemed down for both, and I know JJ is always down to flip-fuck, especially if he can finish while be fucked by a big cock. Both guys start by swapping oral, and once again I am impressed by how good Maxi sucks dick. He definitely has a passion for it. He also loves to rim, so he started rimming JJ's hole, and that got him in the zone to fuck JJ. He is a very good Top, despite having to fuck on his tippy-toes. Next, JJ fucks Maxi on his back, and Maxi sure looked like he enjoyed it. His cock got extra bone hard while being fucked. I think for his next video, I would love to see him cum from getting fucked.

Raging Stallion - Update

March 10, 2019

Do Me For The Likes 2

When Riley Mitchel sees that Drake Masters has posted a threesome vid, Riley decides to one-up his opponent and take some of Drake's sloppy seconds. Riley is at the door waiting for Max Duro when he comes out of the shower. Almost instantly, Max is hard as a rock and happily fucking Riley's throat. Max grabs the camera and films Riley servicing his cock until he decides to get a taste of the hungry stud for himself. Max takes Riley to the bedroom where he bends him over and shoves his tongue up his ass. Max savors Riley's succulent ass and enjoys every minute of eating it out but Riley is ready to feel Max's hard dick inside of him. Riley hops on to ride the hung stud and takes Max inside his ass.

Men - Update

March 10, 2019

Late Check-Out

Muscular hunk Damien Stone and beefy stud Steven Roman end up crossing paths when their room check-ins collide. Damien asked for a late checkout, but it wasn’t approved so Steven entered the room to find him in the shower. Dark-haired Steven couldn’t help himself as he watched the water roll down Damien’s hard body, and down his fat, uncut cock, and to his surprise Damien didn’t mind him watching one bit!

Falcon Studios - Update

March 10, 2019

Hit The Mat

Tristan Hunter changes out of his singlet after wrestling practice and hits the bathroom. He runs into coach Alex Mecum at the urinal who tells him he's going to need to work harder to make the cut. Tristan says that he'll do anything it takes to make the team as he drops to his knees to take Alex's thick shaft down his throat. With Tristan's lips wrapped around his cock, Alex bends over to cop a feel of Tristan's big dick. Alex likes what he sees and bends the stud over to eat his ass. Tristan loves Alex's tongue planted up his ass and soon he's begging for Alex's massive cock to stretch him out even more. Alex really wants to let Tristan on the team, so he slides his pole into Tristan's eager hole.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 09, 2019

John & Rookie Charles

John Henry has the pleasure of helping break in newer guy Charles Owens, who’s still a little shy to get things started. But John takes charge, kissing him hard and exploring Charles’s body with his mouth as he kisses and licks his sensitive nipples, sending waves of pleasure through Charles before moving down to suck that dick. Taking him in his mouth, John pulls Charles’s cock in and out between his lips, teasing him with that skilled mouth as Charles starts to relax and enjoy himself even more. Standing up in front of Charles, John puts his big dick in his mouth and fucks his face, letting Charles suck on that dick then getting on his knees to eat Charles out.

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