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College Dudes - Update

September 10, 2018

Dante Fucking David

David Austin and Dante Rosa take turns sprinkling tender kisses across each other’s chest, neck and lips before Dante uses his mouth on David’s cock instead. Taking that dick between his lips, he licks and sucks on that sweet meat, his tongue stroking David’s balls as he moves to deepthroat that cock. They switch places so that David has a chance to get a good taste of Dante’s member, wrapping his mouth around it and letting that thick cock slide down his throat as Dante moans for more.

CMNM - Update

September 10, 2018

Proud Office Worker

This proud office worker likes to pretend he's a chaste and pure hetero, but his colleagues have hazed him and teased his virgin arsehole. Now he's strutting around the desks with a raging hard boner bouncing around! Pinned between his suited colleagues they take charge of his erection and he's overcome by the prominent bulges that have formed in their trousers. All his perverted urges come out as he's struck dumb with an all encompassing desire to cum!

BadPuppy - Update

September 09, 2018

Tommy & Koby

The interview ends almost as quickly as it begins with Koby Lewis sticking his hand into Tommy Sparks' shorts and finding more than he bargained for. The two of them begin kissing passionately as they slowly strip off each other's clothes. Koby kisses his way down Tommy's hot chest and abs. He finds a huge bulge in Tommy's underwear. Koby frees Tommy's cock, swallows it whole and ends up gagging a few times trying to get it all down. Tommy motions Koby over to the sofa. Koby kneels onto the cushions and bends over, exposing his ass. Tommy dives right in, shoving his tongue deep into Koby's hole, working it in and out, priming Koby for his cock.

Chaos Men - Update

September 09, 2018

Michael & Timmy Raw

Timmy has been working HARD this week! Michael Shores is versatile in bed, but with his amazing ass, I really was wanting to see it get fucked properly. I promised him next time he could show-off his Topping skills. With Timmy's abundant cock, I knew it would fit perfectly inside of him, and he is such a great Top. He needed a break after handling Carter Sloan's big cock earlier that week. Michael was only a little nervous just before getting fucked. Timmy sucked his cock until he was hard, then fingered his hole until he was eager for him to fuck him. In that first few minutes of getting fucked, Michael stayed soft. Apparently getting fucked on his back is not his favorite.

Drill My Hole - Update

September 09, 2018

Telenovela 2

Dark-haired Klein Kerr is having dinner with his beefy boyfriend, Massimo Piano, and their tall, handsome friend, Lucas Fox. Klein suspects something is going on between the two muscular men and is shocked to find his chiseled boyfriend riding Lucas’s big, uncut dick. Upset, the toned cutie grabs Lucas’s dick and starts to deep throat it in front of Massimo. Soon, all three men get a turn at getting their asses spread open for some rimming and ramming.

English Lads - Update

September 09, 2018

Wanks Big Uncut Cock!

Ryan Kent has proved that he's happy to have his boundaries pushed so today we've paired him with handsome cheeky 'up for it' lad Dominic Moore. Ryan is a handsome guy - tanned and toned, he has a stunning six pack. Dominic naturally can't keep his hands off him and quickly strips off Ryan, the guys are fondling each others bulges before you know it, and boxers come off to reveal two hardening cocks. Dominic is hung like a horse and Ryan seems happy to grab and wank it! The two show off each others bodies, bums and cocks, and seem very relaxed messing around together! They unload - both nice loads on themselves, Dominic up to his chest again!

Sneaky Peek - Update

September 09, 2018

Slab Of Muscle

My tiny hidden surveillance camera has been filming this changing room for a week now and this awesome slab of muscle fell under its gaze. As he strips off his kit he's watching other guys who've just left and I'm sure that he's admiring their arses and dicks. He has no idea that we're watching him just as he's watching them!

SD Boy - Update

September 09, 2018

Derek Gets Assloaded

In this Director's Cut of the original scene in 100% Raw 1, Sexy musclejock top Braden Fauxe wastes no time burying his face in Derek Princeton's crotch to get the action moving. Derek responds in kind and they're off to the races. Almost literally, as Derek sucks and jerks Braden with a speed and ferocity that lets you know he means business, and needs cock. With that bit of formality and romance out of the way, Derek squats over Braden's rock hard dick and eases it into his hungry hole. Riding hard and with gusto, Derek backs onto the stiff meat and grinds his greedy ass while his buddy gives a reacharound to keep his own dick happy.

UK Hot Jocks - Update

September 09, 2018

Into The Darkness

More anonymous messages are sent out to the hottest boys in the vicinity. Seb Evans is first to get a message, he's at a train station and is killing some time people watching.. or cruising. He makes his way to the unusual location, a bit scared, a lot excited. He doesn't know who is waiting for him inside. The rain is pouring down and he cautiously enters the dilapidated old mill, weaving through the rusty columns barely holding it up. Kayden Gray is leaning up against a wall, stroking is monster cock and waiting. There is a long walk from one end of the building to the other, they see each other, this is just adding to the anticipation.

Spunk Worthy - Update

September 09, 2018

Dixon's Massage

Dixon had so much fun in his porn debut last time that he couldn't wait to come back for another shoot. There were a lot of "logistical problems" getting it set up, though. Life in the military! Alas, things (obviously) fell into place eventually. When I asked him about doing a happy-ending massage, Dixon was even more excited since he'd never gotten any sort of rub down before. Not a "regular" one or even an erotic one in foreplay. Things took a bit of an unexpected twist toward the end that was just icing on the cake. Of course, Dixon gets hard at the drop of a hat.

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