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May 12, 2024

Coastal Cruising

by Boy Fun

Slim young Tonni Veroncini and Dominik Xoxo know they can usually find someone for some sexy BoyFun just by hanging out and cruising at the beach. Indeed, there's always someone there looking for some dick to enjoy or an ass to fill. They both find exactly what they need with each other, just a simple and innocent glance with Tonni showing off his slim body has the two boys making out on the sand and heading off for some privacy. On the couch and craving cock the sexy new friends share a delicious oral session, stripping down and showing off their smooth bodies while they take turns licking and sucking and stroking each other's lovely penises. Their youthful lust for dong is matched by Dominik's hunger for ass, taking his opportunity to thoroughly lick and slurp his new pal's pucker, making him glisten with wetness before easing his naked inches between his mounds.

By Boy Fun

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May 12, 2024

The Private Clinic


The doctor and his receptionist are making cocky businessman Joseph pay for his rude behaviour storming into their office! Bent over for an anal examination they take advantage of his virgin sphincter testing how far it stretches and seeing how his modest penis responds to penetration. Joseph's indignity and anger grows red hot as his arsehole is plundered and his dick is manipulated.


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May 12, 2024


by Straight Off Base

Straight off base, Corporal Knox, is a very ripped and muscular 20 year old Marine stud from Georgia who stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 190 lbs. He swings by the Major's quarters to bust his nut for the Major's ever ready camera before heading down to San Diego with his battle buddies for a weekend of partying with girls on the beaches there. Corporal Knox wrestled all through his high school years and sports an impressive 8 hard inches of USMC Grade-A Prime Marine meat. At the Major's command, Knox strips from his jeans and gets right down to aggressively stroking his hot, lubed up meat-missile to unload its thick cum-munition onto his tightly ripped abs.

By Straight Off Base

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May 12, 2024

Exploring Rory

by Bi College Fucks

We start with Rory blindfolded, hands behind his back, with Quinn and Bailey swapping back and forth between his dick and his feet. Rory moans his appreciation, getting a kick of the added sensation that results from being blindfolded and having 2 people work him over. Though the girl jumps on Rory’s cock first, it isn’t long before Quinn claims his turn to ride. Happy to share the big dick ramming up into her, she takes advantage of Rory’s mouth and enjoys the front row view of Quinn’s amazing body being put to use on Rory’s hard cock! When Bailey steps to the side to watch the action the chemistry between Rory and Quinn turn up to a nuclear level. Quinn leans over and his and Rory’s rock hard bodies press against each other as they fuck.

By Bi College Fucks

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May 12, 2024


by Cutler's Den

Big dick Braxton Cruz loves to get all boned up and FUCK. Dominic Barr wants that big cock in his throat and a big creamy load to swallow so Braxton need to show him who is boss. Deep throat fucking gets things started and Braxton throws the little guy around the bed room working for that perfect angle of attack. Deep ass fucking and a willing disposition will get the big white ropey cum dessert that the boy really NEEDS!

By Cutler's Den

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May 12, 2024

The Man Next Door

by Disruptive Films

Joseph Morr (Lawson James) doesn't feel his age. It seemed like just yesterday he was in his early twenties tearing up the town. When he meets Gabe Green (Johnny Moon), Joseph doesn't think he has a chance with him. Gabe sees age as a number and shows Joseph how to believe the same.

By Disruptive Films

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May 12, 2024

Ayden & Gene

by Freshmen

Ayden Mallory wakes up next to sexy Gene Allen and decides to prepare a delicious breakfast for his friend before he gets up. When Gene finally opens his eyes, he jumps out of bed to join the sexy naked cook in the kitchen. Soon there is a greater temptation than breakfast. Ayden kneels down and between kisses starts sucking Gene’s cock. Gene loves this bottomless blowjob from his sexy friend but wants to take things even further. After rimming Ayden‘s ass, he slides his dick inside his friend. The kitchen counter is the perfect place for some morning lovemaking but our boys are not willing to be restricted. After moving to the bedroom, they keep fucking right up to a messy cum-shot. The couple move to the shower where we can admire their bodies for a little bit longer as the water washes away all the cum but not their happy faces.

By Freshmen

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May 12, 2024

ASG Auditions: Amone, Jack & Johnny


Meet Amone Bane, Jack Valor & Johnny Donovan! Three new to ASG models, ready to show you what they've got! Which Amateur has what it takes to be a Pro? What do you like about each of the guys? Which shaky rookie model deserves a shot to come prove himself again? Who do you want to see them paired with? Which brands will they fit?The choice is yours! Tell us what you think in the comments. Help your favorites get another shot!


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May 11, 2024

Michael & Matty

by Randy Blue

Michael Jackman and Matty West can barely contain how hot they are for each other from the start to finish. They make out with their bodies are locked together and Matty is already humping on Matty's cock through their underwear. Matty & Michael are even more expressive in their lust when they suck each other. But it's when they fuck that they let it all out. The always physically and vocally demonstrative Matty lets you know how Michael's tongue feels in his hole or how great his cock is. Michael may be a quieter sort but even he's more vocal as he pounds Matty every which way. In fact Matty encourages this, driving Michael into shooting over his hole and breeding him, then fucking a load out of Matty to finish him off. Totally into each other and you'll know it

By Randy Blue

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May 11, 2024

Lumberjacks Cum

by Island Studs

Big 8" Dick Derek & Italian Joey are Back!: Tall, Beefy, Thick 8" Dick All- American Lumberjack Derek is Back for his 3rd Man on Man Action Duo with his Best Bro and "ground guy", Brooklyn raised, Italian Joey in the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular: "Jerkin' Bromance Series"! Watch as these two athletic jocks enjoy showing off their contrasting ripped bodies as they flex, pose, hug in their sexy tight jockstraps and nude with full throbbing erections as their big balls dangle between their tan hairy tights as they stroke cocks together, sword flight with power streams of pee in x2 Piss Duels, hug each other naked and rock hard with laughter, compare their killer contrasting cocks as they stroke, joke and play around together naked, grab each others bubble butts, spark up their chainsaws for more tree trimming together fully nude.

By Island Studs

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May 11, 2024

Greyson & Marcus

by Cocky Boys

Marcus McNeill returns to give CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles what he fantasized about when they first met. Marcus gets what he wants too: a hot ass to rim & ruck with his thick cock! Marcus gives Greyson some top man affection as they explore each other's bods before he goes for the gold: eating out Greyson's hungry hole! Marcus gets the thrill of Greyson's deep-sucking before he drills him and finds a hole willing and eager for his cock. So eager in fact that Greyson rides him effortlessly, even as that cock grows even bigger. Eventually though Marcus takes charge, flipping Greyson and fucking a load out of him and shooting a big one over his hairy abs. At the end, Greyson is wowed by his load AND he's still marveling at Marcus' cock!

By Cocky Boys

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May 11, 2024

Moaning For More Cock

by XL Fucker

Gutão Devorador is back and he really put Taylon through his paces. After a long round of throat fucking he flips Taylon over and just goes to town on his tight ass. Taylon told us he loves a big dick but we don't think he was expecting just a long and rough pounding. In the end, although a little worn out, he manages to get the load out of Gutão and into his ass!

By XL Fucker

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