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Blake Mason - Update

August 24, 2023

Austin & Sailor

Austin Ponce Gets A Great Welcome: Imagine booking into your hotel for a brief stay and discovering a gorgeous hottie like Sailor Boy ready to welcome you! The handsome young man is more than willing to meet young Austin in his room, a smooch quickly leads to hard cocks being sucked and both boys enjoying a ravenous flip fucking! No doubt young Austin's stay in town is going to be an exciting one with such a hot young man willing to show him around and have a whole lot of fun.

Young Bastards - Update

August 23, 2023

Taking Jock Boy's Load

Sexy Sly is an aggressive team player, and when he wants something he goes for it. Young Nathan catches him hard and horny in the locker room and in no time at all the kinky lad has the boy up against the lockers, his hands cuffed and his the boy's cock in his rubbing hands. Sly just needs a warm hole to fill and load up with cum, and he's sure found it in Nathan. Rammed up against the lockers and fucked mean and hard on the bench the boy submits to the pounding, his own cum squirting out while Sly fucks his sporty lad cum load into his well-used pucker.

Men At Play - Update

August 21, 2023

Daddy Want 2

Top earning young realtor Manuel Reyes is about to close on a massive deal with real estate tycoon Zac Johnson but not before wrapping his lips around the massive cock. While in the kitchen of one of Manuel’s real estate listings, a suited Zac lies back as Manuel goes up and down the girthy cock that has escaped the fly of his pants. Zac returns the favor by sucking off the realtor and bends over a nearby counter to be fucked. Zac’s stiff cock hangs between his legs all while Manuel takes hold of the big shot’s tie and pounds him from behind. Not wanting Zac to make a mess all over his listing, Manuel uses his pocket square to catch the cum-shot coming from Zac’s big dick. With the cum-soaked fabric now in Zac’s mouth, Manuel pulls out to finish the business meeting by shooting his load all over Zac’s sheer socks.

Alternadudes - Update

August 20, 2023

Destroying His Second Hole

Maxx Stoner is a cock slut who can't get enough dick. When he sees Cesar Xes' rather large cock, Maxx loses his mind and can't think about anything else. Cesar slams his big hard dick down Maxx's throat, making him gag and cough. All the face fucking makes Maxx hard as a rock and after eating Cesar out, Maxx slides his plump cock into Cesar's ass. It feels good but Maxx needs what Cesar has and hops on for a ride. Cesar pounds the moaning whore in front of him until he drains his nuts all over Maxx's sweaty, panting face.

Scout Boys - Update

August 19, 2023

International Scout Boys Ch 6

Consequences: It was meant to be a bit of fun. We've been hosting a group of American Scouts out here in Spain for four weeks now and our time with them is sadly coming to a close. There's a whole end-of-term vibe going on with everyone playing pranks and getting a bit wild. Of course, I ended up taking things way too far. For some reason I thought it would be hysterical to fill Scoutmaster Patrick's favorite walking boots with shaving cream but in the process, he caught me in the act and he was understandably livid.I was hauled into his room and within seconds he had me over his knee, smacking me so hard that tears started running down my face. It was horrible to begin with, but after a while I realized I was enjoying the sensation.

Disruptive Films - Update

August 18, 2023

The End

It's the end of the world as they know it, and they feel stressed. When a nuclear alert comes on the television announcing a danger, roommates Omar Whitaker (Tony Genius) and Angelo Reeves (Nico Coopa) don't know what the fuck to do, but they do know it should do with fucking. Angelo's boyfriend peace's out as soon as he realizes there are only hours left on Earth, so Omar steps up to give his buddy a proper final fuck.

Straight Fraternity - Update

August 17, 2023


21-Year-Old Marine Gets Blown: It's really hot when I know a straight guy is curious and ready to try something new. That's the case with Kevin, a beefy Marine who's nervous but open-minded. With his big arms, nice chest and abs, I know I'm going to have to try to get Kevin to do more than just jack off. I make my move and start stroking him. He just kicks back and lets me do it. While Kevin's head is back, I switch from stroking to blowing. I can feel a tremor go through his body when he looks down and realizes that he's getting a blowjob from a guy. Kevin ends up finishing himself off with a big load that goes all over the place.

Twink Loads - Update

August 16, 2023

Myott & Johnny Bottoms En 2

Myott Hunter had been far too patient. He had been waiting for the day when he could drop another load inside his favorite muscle-bottom's tight, welcoming hole. It belonged to Johnny Ford and the moment they were alone, Myott stripped him and started pumping his throbbing pink cock into Johnny's toned ass. By the end of their session, Johnny's hole was painted with Myott's thick white load, the last of his cum slowly being squeezed into Johnny's never-satisfied asshole.

English Lads - Update

August 16, 2023

Straight & Hairy Aiden Returns

Aiden Kennedy has been away from my camera for some years so it's a pleasure to see him back after he first modeled with us 6 years ago at just 18 years old on FitYoungMen. Aiden has a hairy body with some tans like after enjoying some summer sun! With new, shorter, hair, his handsome features stand out. Aiden strips out of his smart clothes as he shows off his body and gives us a 360 tour of his muscles. He soon is playing with his uncut cock and teases himself to a big erection! He pumps his cock nicely until he squirts a load of cum onto the floor and I follow him into the shower and film him wash off his cummy mess!

Bi College Fucks - Update

August 15, 2023

Baker Takes On Henry & Demi

Baker decides to take his sexual education to the next level. He let me know ahead of time that he couldn't promise he'd be very Baker decides to take his sexual education to the next level. He let me know ahead of time that he couldn’t promise he’d be very responsive to the guy-guy stuff. But as you’ll see, once things get going even he’s surprise how receptive he is for everything! Henry and Demi focus all their attention on him, and he enjoys basking in it. Not only is he responsive he begins craving more of it! Baker finds that he loves the feeling of Henry’s mouth around his big dick just as much as Demi’s, and he’s fully blown away by having two mouths, four hands, two tongues and two sets of lips to work him over! Once the intense physical pleasure becomes apparent, Baker is fully into it and all barriers come down!

Island Studs - Update

August 15, 2023

Hairy Hunky Hobo Eugene

Eugene is a bearded rugged wandering traveler, from Barstow, California with a FULL BUSH of dick, chest, ass and armpit hair who enjoys stroking his thick throbbing cock as he sits fully naked on the warm train tracks, with his big furry donkey balls resting on the metal rail, stands for a Hot Nude Yoga and stretching session with his big cock and balls slapping his hairy muscular thighs, takes a noisy powerful piss in a bucket, grunts like an animal as he releases an explosive load of jizz which strays in every direction, striking his hairy pecs and chest before taking a much needed shower, taking extra time to clean his dirty feet and hairy ass, then spreads his man butt wide open, revealing his hairy man hole, in this EXCLUSIVE new unrehearsed gonzo video from Island Studs!

Randy Blue - Update

August 14, 2023

Alex Ink & Oliver Marks

Los Angeles, CA Late last year, legendary gay porn brand RandyBlue made a soft launch back into the industry, but today marks the beginning of a whole new era of BLUE for the iconic studio. Following up on the debut of the CockyBoys x RandyBlue movie 'BOYS WILL BE BOYS;' released last week, RandyBlue is dropping another scorcher today starring Alex Ink and Oliver Marks! These two rising stars make their RandyBlue debuts in this stunning new scene shot by award-winning directors Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian. Jaxson says of filming for RandyBlue: "I've always been a fan of RandyBlue from the very beginning, so to be able to help bring RandyBlue back to life in a whole new way, in a new porn landscape, is really exciting for me.

Czech Hunter - Update

August 13, 2023

Czech Hunter 700

I spent the last weekend in the countryside. It was a lovely summer trip around small Czech towns, where I looked for guys willing to make easy cash. This handsome dude was selling ice cream as a summer job. At first glance he looked so innocent. I couldn't believe how well money worked on him. I followed the guy inside of the shop so we would have some privacy. I really wanted to savor the moment. Nicely shaved, this cutie was exactly what I was searching for. Staring into his beautiful eyes while being sucked sent shivers down my spine. I couldn't wait to feel his silk smooth asshole. The dude was a bit worried about anal sex but his massive boner was a good sign. Money and curiosity won eventually and my cock tasted yet another amazingly tight virgin ass.

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 12, 2023

Braydyn 790

Given the uncertainty within the industry and within the House of Badpuppy, the method to my madness in 2023 has been to introduce awesome new models soon after they submit their model app and shoot familiar favorites throughout the year as soon after they get back into contact with me (if I didn't hear back from them the last one or two times that I sent them a SMS). That way, there's no pressure going into October to bring all of your 20-year favorites back. Braydyn's one of those from whom I did not hear back in late 2022. So, I was happy to hear from him a few weeks ago and brought him in as soon as his schedule would allow. He first slid onto the CAUSA massage table in July 2016, and today's video is his eighth.

Straight Fraternity - Update

August 11, 2023

18-YO Steven's First Gay BJ

Steven is a college freshman who's a bit shy. He has a tattoo on his chest and doesn't want to show it on camera for fear of being recognized when he runs for President. I guess when Steven is President he'll have a lot of explaining to do about me jacking him off! I start licking Steven's balls then begin blowing him. He's a bit shocked, but rolls with it without saying a word. Steven keeps watching the porn, and his cock gets bigger and bigger as I suck harder and faster. Instead of shooting distance, his juicy load finally leaks out of his cock. I jack and swallow Steven's sweet, sticky dick, then ask him to rate the blowjob. He rated me what?

Bi College Fucks - Update

August 10, 2023

Nikki & Zander Share Adrian

I think Zander had been as eager for some bi tag action as the rest of us! He's a complete and total horn-ball and loves getting it on with guys and girls equally, while also loving to pound away as much as get pounded. So he's really in his element here, breaking Adrian in to some bi action with Nikki! Adrian's quite the lucky guy in this episode, in fact. Both his partners are experts at what they're doing - they each know how to deliver pleasure and make a guy feel good in countless ways, while also each knowing how to put a guy at ease and ensure he has himself a blast. Adrian needed two experts like Zander and Nikki, in fact! He was definitely quite nervous at the outset, ensure how things were going to progress and how he'd take to it. He didn't quite know what to do, and you could see that as the cameras got rolling.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 09, 2023

Kevin & Illy

Kevin Sportwear descends the stone staircase. Farm cellars don't get dustier and more dilapidated than this one. He wouldn't normally go down there, but he knows there's a treat for him lurking somewhere in the half-lit empty corridors. Illy Ria emerges from the darkness. He's cute and considerably shorter than Kevin. He's a little nervous. He knows he's meeting Kevin down there, and he knows what they'll do together, but he's scared someone will stumble upon them. Kevin reassures him: no one ever goes down into this cellar. The reassurance comes with a passionate kiss. Kevin pushes Illy onto his knees and thrusts his swollen dick into the younger man's mouth. Illy's nerves dissipate as he sucks Kevin's rock hard monster. Each thrust finds a way to put him more at ease, almost as if in a trance.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 06, 2023

Eli Seduces Dallen

We're all wonderfully excited Dallen's joined us here at CF, and thrilled he showed up eager and ready to have whatever kind of fun we could throw at him. As Dallen mentioned in his introductory solo, in fact, he knew CF was the kind of place he could engage in a bit of quality exploration and experimentation, and we decided Eli was precisely the kind of guy he should engage in some of that exploration and experimentation with! And listen if you're looking to see a couple guys go at it under goofy pretenses and premises, this ain't the place for you. What we are going to show you, though, is genuine curiosity satiated and satisfied, and a hot young college stud getting his mind truly blown by an experience he's thrilled to finally get to have.

Venus Lux - Update

August 06, 2023

Venus Fucks Jack

Today, Jack stopped by for a little afternoon fun. He's always up for anything so had him worship my body and take my cock into his mouth and deep in his ass. We had such a great time.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

August 05, 2023

Exploring Straight Zacks Sexual Limits

After convincing him that he'd feel more comfortable stretching his sexual boundaries, if he was disguised, Zack wears a ski mask and starts watching one of his favorite porn videos. Soon he's stripped down and stroking. After he brings himself close several times I decide to join in and put my own ski mask on, kneel in front of him and grab his dick. I drive him crazy by stroking it and in no time he's thrusting up to my lips. I can taste the precum when I barely lick the head of his cock. As I continue on he blows his load in my mouth. I don't think he expected that.

Bentley Race - Update

August 03, 2023

Aussie Andy Conboi

When I met the very cute Andy Conboi at my gym over summer, and he agreed to model for me, I couldn't wait to get him over to my studio. When his first shoot went so well I wanted to get him back for another solo photoshoot and video session. Andy is one of the sweetest and funniest boys you could meet. He picked out a cute outfit of sneakers, socks, tight denim shorts and a tank top for this shoot. We had a lot of fun trying different poses and eventually getting him naked. Now some of our sneaker fans will be happy to know that he keep those extra high sneakers and socks on for his hot new jack off video. Whilst fucking himself with a dildo Andy gives the biggest gush of cum I've seen in a long time. I can see now why all my mates want to get in to shoots with him.

English Lads - Update

August 03, 2023

Young Straight Gym Stud

Rob London is a handsome young straight lad with a very cheeky personality and today he transfers over from FitYoungMen for his first video. Rob has some great tan lines, big muscles, and lucky for us he loves to show off all his hard work from training in the gym. Rob tenses his muscles and shows off his peachy white bum as he strips out of his clothes. He can barely keep his hands off his cock and soon is wanking his uncut one to a big hard erection! His two best mates are sitting in the background and Romeo even pops in to help his mate out by setting him up a naughty video! These best mates know each other very well! Comfy on the chair, Rob power wanks himself to climax and unloads all the cum he's been saving up for us! I then film him in the shower washing off his sticky mess!

Straight Off Base - Update

July 30, 2023

Shane Webcam Solo

Shane, just out of the Marine Corps, drops by Major Wood's penthouse and hops on the webcam for some hot fun with the Major providing some off-camera direction! Muscular Shane seductively plays to his very appreciative webcam audience and rubs out a nice thick cum load on his hairy stomach.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 30, 2023

Rolf 789

He's BAAAAaaaack... Color me shocked when on the 3rd, I received not one, but two, submitted contact forms from Rolf. So, on the 5th, I messaged him, and on Friday, Rolf was sliding back onto the ye ol' CAUSA massage table. And lemme just tell y'all that tatted-up and furry Rolf is one sexy muthahfuckah! And as is historically true of Rolf, his cock was at full brick by the time he hit the table, and once again, Rolf leaked precum like an outdoor dripper system. Oh, and by the by, just between us squirrel-friends, it seem ol' Rolf took some time during lockdown to re-discover his manhole. I'll just say that given this newly discovered knowledge, I and the Pink Pigtail are looking forward to Rolf's return in the Fall. But for now, after four years, let's get reacquainted with new and improved DILF Zaddy Rolf at 41.

Straight Fraternity - Update

July 29, 2023

4 Man Circle Jerk

Blue, Colten, Connor and Jace: The guys cum over for some pool time, and afterwards I show them a porn I just bought. When their cocks come out, so does my camera! Blue is the first guy to bust his nut, and it's a big one. Jace is next, and he unloads all over his chest and leg. Connor and Colten can't hold it anymore either, and pretty soon the room is swimming in cum.

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