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Corbin Fisher - Update

May 27, 2023

Give It To me Daddy

The foot fans will get a kick out of this episode's intro, and everyone will get a huge kick out of everything that happens after! It's a fun bunch we've put together in this three-way, and a horny bunch as well all three of these young studs were looking forward to filming this episode and they could hardly wait for us to say, "Action!" and let them get to it. Indeed, as fun and as cute as the conversation is at the beginning, you can tell Rocky can barely wait for the action to start and soon enough he just can't contain himself any longer, takes measures in to his own hands, and gets the action started. While Rocky was the one who could hardly wait for the fun to start, Richie is arguably the luckiest of these three once that action has started.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

May 24, 2023

Straight Boy Tony Gets Licked

After a shower, straight boy Tony hops on the sofa and Vinnie lubes up his cock and goes down on him. Not happy with how Vinnie is servicing him, Tony grabs his dick and starts stroking himself off. When Vinnie starts licking his balls, Tony blows a two day old load into his own hand. Straight boy drama can be fun to watch.

Japan Boyz - Update

May 24, 2023

Tora's Initiation

New Japanboyz recruit Tora is already well-known in Japan for his social media and fan site contributions. Wow! This diminutive guy is very youthful looking, prompting us to rush in and check out his ID. He's 22 verified years old, and knows his way around a hot dick. And that's just what veteran model Akira has to offer. Lying back and clearly already turned on, Tora breathes in deeply as Akira nibbles on his nips and rubs a curious hand over the new guy's crotch. He reaches up to unleash Akira's big thick tool out of his flowery briefs, pops it into his mouth like a lolly. Akira strips Tora naked and feeds him a stiff cock as he hangs his head over the end of the mattress. Akira bends forward over Tora's slim chest and drills a finger into his tight hole.

Defiant Boyz - Update

May 24, 2023

Laze & Tye Sucking Dick

There won't be any fucking in this scene, because Tye and Laze are both bottoms. Laze seems to talk non-stop throughout the session, so it's hard to figure out how he manages to suck Tye's big cock. Laze is a pretty aggressive little bottom with a confident approach to sucking cock, and Tye has a dick that deserves all of Laze's artistry. Having suggested some 69 action, Tye does suck Laze for a bit. When they lean back for the final stretch of side-by-side stroking, the boys get serious about getting off. Tye finally announces he's going to cum, and pumps a load into Laze's mouth. When it's Laze's turn to cum, he drenches Tye with a generous load, before licking much of it off of Tye's chest, face and arm.

Czech Hunter - Update

May 22, 2023

Czech Hunter 688

This warm, sunny morning was exactly what I needed. I picked up my camera and went out roaming the streets. I was hoping to find someone who would help me empty my balls. It didn't take long and I met this college student on the way to the post office. Letters could wait a while so I offered him a game. Winning meant money, losing meant doing a task. It didn't take long and he was sitting on my bed completely naked. It was only a matter of cash to make him wrap his lips around my horny cock. The guy refused to put my dick up his ass but I convinced him to fuck my asshole instead. Too bad the poor dude was so nervous he couldn't get it up. He still wanted to make money and eventually offered me his ass for a little rampage. This was the first time I was happy about someone losing an erection.

Twink Pop - Update

May 22, 2023

Raw Gaymers Part 2

Men U twink Joey Mills can't study all the time, like when he's playing a hard game of Anal Cumbat with his roommate. But it's hard to concentrate on the game when hottie Luke Connors is eyeing him, especially after Luke takes out his long, hard dick! Luke fucks Joey's armpit while the blond stud games, then Joey sneakily sucks him and even gets rimmed! Luke rides Joey, then the guys flip fuck as the dark-haired twink does him doggystyle. Joey abandons his joystick to take turns fucking each other in missionary, and Joey rides that dick till Luke cums on his face.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 22, 2023

Welcumming Back Barron

Hard to believe Barron and Rocky first met at CF so long ago, and it's even harder to believe just what complete and total studs they've matured into since! Both of them are looking hotter, more ripped, and more handsome than ever before and so throwing them into some action together is a surefire way to get treated to some insanely hot sex! Beyond their awesome bodies developing over the last few years, Rocky's also developed into a hot young stud who has no hang ups at all about getting it on with other guys. Something you clearly see in him today is how much he loves getting off with other guys, how much he lets himself enjoy the incredible sensations, how eagerly he'll kiss and grope and suck, and how much he loves getting that flawless ass of his drilled.

English Lads - Update

May 22, 2023

Young Straight Footballer

Young straight footballer Jackson Ward makes his first appearance for English Lads today after doing a couple of shoots for us on Fit Young Men as he continues his journey. Jackson has a lean, slim, body with a slight treasure trail down to an impressive uncut cock! Jackson is one of these laid back and confident lads who isn’t afraid to whip off their kit and show off their body. He gets pumped up with some triceps dips and flexes his muscles before getting comfy on the bed and teasing himself to a nice big erection! With some close ups of Jackson’s feet and toned body, he enjoys playing with his cock! Power wanking himself to climax, Jackson’s uncut cock becomes a fountain of cum as he unloads all over his cock and hands! Great firsts shoot, Jackson! We can’t wait to see you again!

Cum Dump Star - Update

May 22, 2023

Talented Mr. Bobby

Bobby got sucked in! It's eaten em' up. Cum in smooth hunk of burnin' shame yummy yummy with a side of drool. These hot and hung guys won't stop there either. You know they want to bust a few nuts in a few places so our talented Mr. Bobby gets all the cum he could ever want in a hot session like this.

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 21, 2023

Dane & Jamie Break In Beau

Dane shows Beau some tricks and new moves to try out on the skate park. The lesson doesn’t end there either, and though Dane might have stolen the show outside, he makes sure to let Beau know he, and that nice cock of his, is the real prize! We have to give it to Dane, he knew exactly what he wanted and went for it. After enticing Beau with his skills and body he showed him what he really could do with it! Beau doesn’t disappoint either, Jamie already knew the skills he had so she was eager to join in the fun and we see again how good of a lay Beau is. Beau has Dane edging for minutes on end! Everything works out stupendous for Dane and he gets absolutely everything he wanted: a mouthful of Beau, a girl for them to split and a quality first time fuck from the super hot BCF newcomer!

Active Duty - Update

May 20, 2023

Jay Tee Turns with Cam

Jay Tee and Cam Steele get to know each other and their kinks. But when it comes time for them to fuck? Holy shit this sex is incredible. Watch on as Jay and Cam flip fuck and suck each other off in this incredible scene.

Jock Breeders - Update

May 19, 2023

Jordan & Zack

Tall and beefy stud Jordan Starr and muscle hunk Zack Dean are two big bros who can't wait to work each other over! They strip each other down to their jockstraps fast. Jordan tongues Zack's muscular ass, squeezing his cheeks as his tongue slides in and out of Zack's hungry hole, getting it wet and ready for his dick.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

May 17, 2023

Straight Boy Cory Needs Head

Straight boy Cory hasn't gotten off in a couple of days, so he stops by Vinnie's for some servicing. After he gets naked, Vinnie goes to work on his big cock. As he blows him, Cory answers several cell phone calls and stays rock hard, while watching himself in the camcorder monitor. Cory soon manages to pop his nut in Vinnie's mouth, and he swallows it down.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

May 17, 2023

That's My Boy

It's hard to do anything but suck a nice piece of daddy meat when it's so close you can taste it, and it's calling out your name while daddy sits back and enjoys it. And then what do you do as the one who's sitting back, teasing this beautiful piece of twink ass sucking your cock? You get behind him and give his smooth ass a good taste while your boy moans for your cock to fill it and use it for the pleasure hole that it is. Now the boy must prove his worth and not back down from the raw pounding it will take, as long as daddy knows how to treat it right. And it's the primal connection for a parent to take care of and nurture their young that you get when this group of stepdads spend some much needed one-on-one with their stepsons.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 16, 2023

Klaus 782

Klaus returns and slides back onto the CAUSA massage table, and this time around (similar to Leeroy's prior sexperiences), Klaus was a born-again virgin because he and his girlfriend haven't been engaging in any penetration on him. So, Klaus' second go on the table was much more intense than his first.

Aussies Do It - Update

May 16, 2023

Larkin Screws Aston

Larkin is a slim handsome Aussie with a broad smile who describes himself as caring and empathetic. Aston is a dark, sexxxy bottom, proud of his positive energy and attitude. Sounds like a good match, especially when they start whispering to each other how turned on they are. As they set up their "fuck pad" with new bedding they can't help sneaking a few hot kisses before the actual hookup. When they make a mess of mattress stuffing on the floor, they're all giggles and more kisses. Once the bed's properly made, Larkin settles back and lets Aston get the first taste of hot uncut cock. But he's quick to return the favor as he slurps down Aston's tool as he tweaks a nipple with his free hand. It's plain to see Larkin and Aston are on a happy, carefree level. Sex is something to enjoy and have fun with, and they're here to enjoy the ride.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 16, 2023

Ty Tucker & Trevor

Hung, straight 20-year-old Trevor has agreed to push his limits a little more today, so I hook him up with Spence, a.k.a. gay-for-pay stud Ty Tucker. First, I get the guys naked and sitting close to each other. Trevor still won't kiss another guy, so I have them start playing with each other's nipples and stroking their cocks. Ty goes down on Trevor's enormous dick, sucking him until he's rock hard. Then it's Trevor's turn for his first ever taste of dick. They lube up and stroke for a bit before Ty goes back down on Trevor's pole. Since Ty's too afraid of getting fucked by Trevor's huge cock, they trade blowjobs instead. The first one to cum gets to shoot on the other one's chest, and what a load it is!

Bentley Race - Update

May 15, 2023

Herman Barranco

During my visit over winter in Berlin I was finding a few hot boys to warm up my apartment. One of the boys is the gorgeous Herman Barranco. This 29 y/o fit Spanish boy was visiting Berlin at the same time. When I saw some photos on his online profile I took a chance and asked if he would be interested in modelling for me. I'm so glad he did because he's even more beautiful in real life. He was a little nervous at first getting his clothes off in front of me. Even though it was a cold grey day in Berlin we managed to get some nice photos and make a hot video with Herman jerking off on my bed. He's a really beautiful and turns out to be a talented photographer too. I'm hoping our paths will cross again this year.

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 14, 2023

Toby & Maya Share Sawyer

Sawyer's never one to say no to a little fun, so when he finds Toby hooking up on the couch, he's ready to dive right into the fray, getting his big dick worshipped by he and Maya right from the get go in this bi-tag. While Toby is fucking Maya, she's sucking Sawyer off, before Sawyer blows Toby and then slides into his tight ass. Toby loves the feeling of being completely filled up as Sawyer mounts him doggy-style, before he gets flipped over on his back and has the cum fucked out of him! Never one to let a good load go to waste, Sawyer cums all over Toby and then licks it all up!

Men - Update

May 10, 2023

The Cum Burglar

All Joey Mills wants is a taste of his tall, muscular top roommate Chuck Conrad's cum, but Chuck won't mix business with pleasure, so Joey has to take things into his own hands. After he spies on Chuck shooting his load into a stroker, Joey slips on a ski mask and sneaks into Chuck's room to steal a taste of that jizz. Chuck catches the horny bottom in the act and teaches him a lesson, fucking his face, then pounding him missionary and doggystyle. Chuck didn't bank on Joey wanting just that, and the bottom rides him, then takes every inch of that thick cock in piledriver till he cums all over his own face! Joey happily takes a second facial and finally gets to taste Chuck's cum.

English Lads - Update

May 10, 2023

Young Horny Straight Lad

Casper makes his debut video with us today and he's a complete natural. Casper is one of these extremely horny young straight lads who wanks his uncut cock all time and loves edging! He teases his cock to almost cum several times! All his training is paying off as he shows off his muscular, tanned, smooth body and flexes his muscles! Casper covers himself in oil and most of his huge erect cock! He enjoys showing us how he fucks as he pretends to fuck the bed and shows off his peachy bum! Having not cum for two days, Casper is busting to shoot his load! When we finally let Casper cum, wow, he shoots for England! Thick cum everywhere! I then follow his peachy bum into the shower and film him washing off his big sticky mess.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 09, 2023

Nico Stiles Gay For Pay

21-year-old Nico Stiles is building his gay-for-pay resume, and today he's matched for cock size by hung Daddy Franco Dax. I ask Nico to tell me how he feels doing gay-for-pay work because he seems pretty laid back about it. The way he's acting is a green light for me. I get in there and grab his dick when he leans forward to show his ass. I rub Nico's naked body, and he says it feels good. It feels great to me! I pull out my hard cock and make Nico stroke it while I play with his dick and balls. I've got to get that giant dick in my mouth. I suck Nico's cock and turn around so I really deepthroat him. He throws his head back and moans with pleasure. Then I jack Nico's cock until he takes over. The whole situation is so fucking hot that I shoot an enormous load all over Nico.

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 08, 2023

Bryce Bangs Bailey & Kenny

Bailey and Kenny, being from the same town, have been friends for quite a while. Whether or not they’ve hooked up in their years of friendship they won’t say, but something about their interactions here make me believe that they’ve done this before so I threw Bryce in the mix, and with the addition of a third partner the experience is brand new, exciting and three times the fun! All 3 know how great much fucking multiple partners at once is. You get to watch hot action happening in front of your eyes all the while getting laid! So they knew the kinky fun that there is to be had here. For Bryce, the thrill is in making the other two horny for his cock and getting to shove his rod in any hole he wants! For Kenny, he gets to fuck with absolutely no boundary!

Men - Update

May 07, 2023

Booty Swapped

Trevor Brooks really wants to get his dick wet, and talks his girlfriend Aften Opal into hooking up in the living room, as long as they're quiet enough that houseguest Joey Mills doesn't see them! After Aften sucks his cock and he fucks her pussy, though, Aften stops him when he tries to put it in her ass. Trevor finishes off in a toy plastic ass, but gets caught! His gf tries to throw the toy away, but Joey fishes it out, then gets an idea, hiding under a blanket so Trevor will fuck his hole instead. His plan goes to perfection and the top fucks him doggystyle, then he rides that dick till he cums. Aften walks in just as Trevor shoots on Joey's face!’

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

May 06, 2023

Real Deep Massage

J was coming over for a deep tissue massage and a stretch after his game, and got exactly that. Something tells me he was hoping for the extra treatment, and Jacob did not disappoint. The full body massage didn't last long before J had Jacob's thick meat in his hands and mouth. It was at that moment he realized exactly how stretched and deep this massage was going to be.

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