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Club Amateur USA - Update

June 28, 2021

Camden 715

ClubAmateurUSA's resident Twink Twank Twunk, Camden, returns to the CAUSA massage table for one last time before he goes off to start adulting like a big boy. Given that Camden is, pretty much, an old pro at this, we were both rather surprised that he was on a perpetual state of ejaculation and orgasm throughout the shoot. Camden was fired up and ready to go for another round a gay male erotic massage and much much more...

Twink Loads - Update

June 23, 2021

Greg Riley Bottoms

Greg Riley Bottoms: Encounter 1 - James' hairy muscle butt gets Greg worked up, and soon the twink's heavy cock is in James' mouth. Greg wants to suck James too and gets the beefy man to the edge of the table for a blowjob before James asks if Greg wants to fuck his ass. And of course he does. That bubble butt works its magic, and Greg piston drives his huge twink cock into his client's meaty ass before painting his back with a creamy load.

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 15, 2021

Tracey 714

Tracey briefly appeared on AFF, and I liked his pix. The next day, he emailed me. I was rather surprised since he listed himself as straight. Within another day, I had Tracey's model app in hand, and he listed himself as bisexual. But he answered another question that he'd never engaged in sexual interaction with another guy. So, I was confused and not quite sure where we'd end up in this video. Well, fasten your seatbelts, kiddos. The vibrating nipple pumps finally make their debut appearance!

Spunk Worthy - Update

June 04, 2021

Lee's Massage

Lee is no stranger to happy-ending massages. While stationed in Japan with the Marines, he took advantage of the "local talent" known for their erotic rub downs and full service baths. Knowing this, I asked if he'd want to get one on camera. From a guy, of course. His first response was "no" right off the bat. Lee had never done anything sexual with a guy before and, like most of the str8 guys, didn't think he'd even be able to get hard, let alone cum. It took a few weeks for the idea to sink in and a sudden need for cash when the phone call came that he was ready to give it a shot. Even though Lee said he wasn't nervous, his body language was telling a different story. It took a couple minutes before he relaxed enough to go to his happy space and enjoy the experience.

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 02, 2021

Rainer 712

I had defined limitations in terms of what I could & could not do. Basically, any sexual activity that in his mind's eye identified that it was another male doing it to him, was off limits. At the end of Rainer's first shoot, he flinched & jerked away even when I was attempting to rub his forehead in order to transmit some calming energy. Nine months later in Rainer's fourth go on the CAUSA massage table, I had free reign after receiving this email: Happy holidays. Just curious if you would like to make another video with me soon. I am willing to let you do pretty much whatever you want this time. I hope things are going well for you. Folks! This is exactly what ClubAmateurUSA has been all about for the past 18 years — changing the world one self-identifying straight man at a time.

Twink Loads - Update

May 31, 2021

Kyle Bryce Bottoms 1

Connor massages Kyle Bryce's back while removing articles of own clothing, and then he gets at his client's hole with his tongue before going balls deep into his hole. Connor is big, and maybe this is what Kyle really came for. His moans say his hole is well and truly stuffed. Connor thrusts faster and shoots a few ropes of cum straight up Kyle's back before shoving right back in his client's hole.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 21, 2021

Drew Skins: 711

One year ago this weekend, Drew Skins first appeared on ClubAmateurUSA, and while he stated that he was bi / open / curious, Drew still has much hesitation / resistance to anal play. From staying up all night fucking strippers to a situation after his video went live, he was clinging to societal expectations of "normal" sexual behavior & some semblance of still be straight. What a difference a year makes! Today, Drew is finally comfortable in his bisexual skin, and this time around, he was an absolute joy & pleasure to have on the CAUSA massage table, and when questioned as to how far his pendulum is swinging these days, Drew answered, "I like dick."

Chaos Men - Update

May 13, 2021

Aiden & Denver Raw

I wanted to see Denver take on the massage table, and with Aiden being a terrific Bottom, he was perfect to be rubbed down. Denver really jumped in and lead the way. He oiled up Aiden, but quickly became fascinated with his ass. He plays with his hole and strokes his cock. He wasn't quite hard yet, so he rolled Aiden over and face fucked him until he was hard. Denver then moved down and sucked on Aiden then rimming his hole. He had Aiden in a perfect position and slid his cock inside of him. My favorite is watching him roll Aiden up on the table and pound into him. He even manages for a bit to suck on Aiden's cock while fucking him. Aiden needed a little break and the two 69-sucked, then Aiden got off the table and started to really service Denver's cock.

Peter Fever - Update

May 09, 2021

Chakra Cum 4

Yoga master Levy Foxx has an uncanny ability to tune and open up his students' blocked chakras. This miraculously works by getting the student to shoot off a wad of precious male reproductive fluid and hitting the desired chakra on Levy's body. Levy's student today is muscular uncut Latino stud Cesar Xes, who has plenty of hot and sticky cum to work with. Cesar's need for energy tuning is the root, the red chakra. Levy takes the problem in hand by grabbing Cesar's big hard uncut root through his yoga pants. Once he's given it a lick and nuzzle, he peels down Cesar's pants to get that powerful skin-to-skin contact with the root. He slurps down Cesar's dick and tries his best not to gag on its massive dimension.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 15, 2021

Classic CAUSA 005 Matt

My gawd, this video was originally shot August 16, 2003 making Matt CAUSA's original Silver Daddy -- and still one of the members' favorites. At 47, Matt was built like the proverbial brick house, and yes, he'll be turning 64 in 2021. DAYUM! We're all getting... better. So, circa 2003, here's what I had to say: Well, well, well...but of course, Matt is another recruit from our favorite swingers site. When he first came to us, he shared that he was bi-curious. Given our more recent experience filming Matt, that was definitely an understatement -- but you'll have to wait to learn more about that... Matt, definitely, set the stage during his erotic massage that great things were From the minute filming began, he got completely into the massage and completely into performing.

GDude-JP - Update

March 06, 2021

Secret Deal 1

I'm playing a uniformed masseur in a traditional massage parlor, professional and focused on giving my clients all the services they desire. When they look at me they imagine the hard meaty cock witing for them if they choose me. When my fist client reaches out for a handful, I politely explain that it's not THAT kind of establishment. But a wallet full of money does a lot of persuading... I slip a wad of bills into my pocket and update the services I'm happy to provide to the right kind of horny and generous customer.

CMNM - Update

February 08, 2021

Tom's Hardon

Under the club manager's watchful gaze, Tom is vigorously rubbing the clients. All that friction has excited him to a degree he can't hide while only wearing his tight little new uniform. His tender dick is stiffening so hard and leaking precum that it bursts free of his pants and the thirsty clients want a taste. Tom is utterly humiliated but he can't stop and lose his job now that things have gone this far.

GDude-JP - Update

January 22, 2021

Private Room Service

Our new masseur Yuma just passed his test and gets to try out his skills on his first client. Ryuji is his longtime crush and Yuma's a little nervous. He starts out with an oil massage on the waterbed, Ryuji looking even more mouthwatering than usual. He upgrades this session to a "special massage" when he rubs his hungry hole into Ryuji's big hard dick. Ryuji takes the talented masseur to bed to complete the appointment with an intense fuck.

GDude-JP - Update

January 07, 2021

Don & Goggle Boy

Sexy muscular Don is one of my favorite models, so when he called me up to ask if he could use my massage room to "service" one of his boys I did not object. As long as I could film it for all my fans, of course! Wearing a sexy jockstrap, Don massaged his "goggle boy" which was a precursor for what he really wanted to do. After some more hot foreplay including dick sucking and ass sniffing and eating, Don was ready for the dick right up his muscular butt! Don't miss this very sexy video directed by yours truly, Gunryu.

Trans Angels - Update

January 07, 2021

Bestie Spa Day

Angelina Please and Gracie Jane are two stunning, sexy blondes who know exactly how to treat themselves on their shared spa day together. The babes wear sexy gold-leaf face masks and chill out, getting pretty together. But with relaxation this exquisite, they can't help but realize that letting go of their stress is making them both super horny. The besties decide there's no harm in two horny girls helping each other out and agree it's time for them to tease and please each other all the way to climax. The smoking hot ladies take turns licking, sucking, stroking and spanking each other as they grind their perfect bodies together, touching and playing together in the way that only best friends can.

Masqulin - Update

December 15, 2020

From Boss To Bottom

Super busy businessman Michael Roman has too much to do and very little respect for others around him. When masseur Killian Knox starts to feel disrespected, he realizes he needs to take control by bringing him from big boss man to eager slut and treat Michael like a whore by filling his little bubble butt with his perfect fat dick. He uses that perfect dick well and you'll love watching exactly what he does with it. Another great scene from Masquilin.

Gaycest - Update

November 07, 2020

Boy's First Time

As the two men sit beside each other, feeling sweat drip down their bodies to their genitals, Cole finds himself feeling frisky for more of his old man. He reaches beneath Mr. Houser's towel, playfully tugging at his member, teasing it to wake up. Mr. Houser can't help but smile, seeing his boy's cock stand at attention, waiting for him to engage. As much as he enjoys his meditative sweat, he can't deny his beautiful boy! Taking his boy's massive cock into his mouth, Mr. Houser laps up his sweat, tasting the unique palette of his boy's body. He licks his large, cum-filled balls, stroking him as he feels his boy's excited member grow bigger and bigger. He can hardly keep down his own erection, excited by his sweet boy's passionate sounds.

Raging Stallion - Update

August 28, 2020

Cock Hunter 4.1

Wade Wolfgar is alone in his private bath-house room jerking off when Sean Harding lets himself in and wraps his lips around Wade's girthy, uncut cock. Sean makes extra sure not to abandon Wade's heavy balls as he gags on his pole. When Wade has had enough of Sean's mouth, he bends the jockstrap-wearing cocksucker over and slams his cock in Sean's hole. Bent over and taking ever inch, Sean can't get enough of Wade drilling and smacking his ass. After taking it raw on all fours, Sean spins around and sucks the cock that was just deep inside his insatiable hole. Sean wants more so Wade lays back, so Sean can receive his cock from up top. Flipping on his back one last time, Wade strips off Sean's jock and breeds his hole one last time before Sean busts his nut all over his hairy chest.

Reality Dudes - Update

August 15, 2020


The sauna isn't the only thing making this gorgeous Latin twink's temperature rise as he stares out the window at the naked muscular hunk in the hot tub. He joins him, caressing his wet body before stroking and sucking his cock. The horny top bends him over to pound his ass doggystyle, and they don't even have to turn on the jets to make this jacuzzi hot hot hot. The bottom sucks the top's cock as he jacks off till he cums.

Bi Empire - Update

August 08, 2020

Day at The Spa

This is going to be one of the best days anyone can have at the Spa. Little do these three know but they are in for a treat. Enjoying a massage by the sexy big-titted Sofia Lee, Rick is offered a free treatment upgrade by her stepdad. It starts with getting his dick sucked while getting a face full of Sofia's big juicy tits. Threeway MMF bi-sex can be some of the hottest and these three really show us how it's done. Looks like it's time for us to hit the Spa too.

Raging Stallion - Update

August 07, 2020

Cock Hunter 3

Piggy stud Brian Bonds is servicing two fat cocks at the glory hole. When he finishes, he wanders to the steam room and finds Dev Tyler stroking his cock. Intrigued at the sight of Dev, Brian shoves his cock into his new friends' mouth. After sitting back and getting a sopping wet hummer from Dev, Dev cuts to the chase and climbs on top of Brian to ride his meaty cock. Bouncing up and down bareback, Dev moans out as Brian stretches his hole. Switching positions, Dev lays back in the sauna to give Brian new depths in his ass until Brian lets loose and cums deep inside Dev's warm hole, making Dev erupt his load all over his own cock.

Men Over 30 - Update

August 05, 2020

Sauna Beef

Riley Mitchel and Jacob Woods are two beefy hot studs who love fucking tight asses in the sauna! They love the warmth of the steam mixed with the heat from their hot man-on-man desires. These two thirty plus year old massively muscular adonis hunks are not only a pleasure to look at but amazing at gay hardcore sex. You can always tell when models are really into each other and the scene. Riley and Jacob have no problem with that and you can tell; they are really into each other as well by the way they both reach an intense and passionate climax together!

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 26, 2020

Lang 688

First time being rimmed & direct prostate stimulation, Lang's response is classic straight guy, "I wasn't sure how to feel with some of it," and "Just... never... felt that before." All valid responses & explanatory to his still processing the sexperience when we discussed after the massage. Now, a little sidebar. Is it so wrong that I just want to go kamikaze on Lang's nipples? I mean... Asking for a friend... And while we're a little off topic, maybe it's the madness of six-plus weeks on lockdown, but from the butt slap & nipple torture to the oral cumshot, something had me much more free & loose during this shoot. It may be my neighbor's hot guest (that's quarantining with her because it's healthier for him to be here than in his home state) is driving me even further into madness.

William Higgins - Update

July 25, 2020

Adam & Jeremy Raw

Adam Mucha is a lucky guy, getting his cherry busted by Jeremy Robbins. They sit on the massage table and chat for a while. Then Adam gets naked and lays on the table, face down. Jeremy drips oil onto Adam's sexy body and begins to massage his back. Adam's bak glisens with the slick oil as Jeremy's hands work all over, and down onto the sexy ass. That pale ass contrasts with the sun tan and looks so good as Jeremy squeezes the cheeks. Then Adam turns over, onto his back. Oil is dripped onto his hairy chest and Jeremy massages all over. His hands work down ot Adam's cock and that grows quite hard as Jeremy feels it. Soon that cock is in Jeremy's mouth as he sucks hard on it.

Hairy and Raw - Update

July 04, 2020

Kosher & Aiden

Big and beefy Aiden Storm is a good top. He clearly knows how to handle a submissive bottom. Even if they're not a sub bottom, those curious about taking cock from the hung, burly young Daddy with a boyish face, end up as a complete and total whores by the time Aiden rewards them with his seed. As good as Aiden is, he's even better in a bathhouse. Something about the environment brings out his true base instincts. When he's in a bathhouse, Aiden is no longer Aiden but a sexual animal lusting for pig bottoms in need of a big fat cock. Kosher Pig, shorter, bearded, with curly blond hair, is such an animal. Except he's just as much a hunter as Aiden. The difference is that Kosher Pig can sniff out hung tops who can fuck him silly while pounding him bareback and giving him all the protein stored in their balls.

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