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Club Amateur USA - Update

November 18, 2021

CAUSA turns 18 with Oliver

Oliver, 49 years old, height 6'01" weight, 210 cock, 6.0" Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Bisexual and Sexploring. Oliver's original "Rub N Tug" was filmed September 19, 2003 when he was 31 years old, and in the last 18 years, Oliver retired from the military and fully embraced his bisexuality. When Oliver contacted me in early Spring, I knew that I wanted to capture him on video again for CAUSA, and asked him if he'd mind waiting until October, so he could be a returning model for Club Amateur USA's 18th birthday. Oliver thought it was an awesome idea and agreed. So, on Friday, October 29, at 49 years of age, Oliver returned for his second go on the table, and this time around, Oliver sexperienced much more than a rub and a tug.

Peter Fever - Update

November 15, 2021

The Massage Exchange 3

The Massage Exchange 3: Muscle Rubdown - "Danny Ice jokes "I thought we were just here for massages!" We know better when we see the look in Alfonso Osnaya's eyes once he gets a load of sexy Asian stud Travis Yukarin's hot body and luscious round butt. His hands knead and pummel, but get closer and closer in to Travis' sweet hole. The horny masseur probes his tongue into Travis' crack, licks and lubes the butt and gets Travis twitchin' for a hard drilling. Alfonso drops his shorts and climbs on the table. His big bare dick slips into that hole like they were made for each other. Tatted Travis bumps his booty up into every thrust. When the camera pulls back we get a glimpse of all three couples ramming cocks into each other. Things are getting hot in here!

Twink Loads - Update

November 12, 2021

Connor Taylor Enc: 2

Killian Knox Bottoms: Encounter 2 - Connor Taylor is a geeky, skinny, red-headed masseur. He's very much a boy with sex on the brain and he regularly gives his clients a little more than they're expecting! Bearded DILF Killian Knox has all the attributes that Connor most appreciates in a man. He's masculine, bald-headed, and built like a brick shit house. As he undresses for his massage, Connor decides that his tip will need to be a carnal one. The massage itself is relatively short-lived with Connor rapidly becoming horned-up to the max as he runs his hands seductively over Killian's astonishing, muscular body. Connor soon strips naked. His giant, pink dick brushes against Killian, who is soon vigorously deep-throating it, causing Connor to sigh, sweat, and swear in a state of pure, euphoric bliss.

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 09, 2021

Marty 727

So, back in January, after three years, when Marty first contacted me while I was on filming hiatus due to the pandemic, I didn't even recognize him. "Wait. Who are you? What was your site name? When did we film together?" Once I dug into my 2257 compliance documentation, I was shocked to learn that this guy was CAUSA's Marty. But for this shoot's purposes, I'm renaming him "Samson." And although "Samson" / Marty didn't have a similar CAUSA first-time sexperience (cumshot up the nose), he was definitely reminded of what he's missed over the past three years after having gotten married and continued along the path of the straight life.

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 01, 2021

Soren 726

In an half-an-hour span, Soren sexperienced three orgasms and one-and-a-half ejaculations. Apparently, he was rarin' to go and wound tight. Of course, that tends to made my job a bit more challenging since Soren was ready to tap out after his first orgasm wherein I squeezed off his ejaculation to just a pool of precum that leaked out onto his abdomen when I laid his softening cock down. When he said that he thought that would be it, my message to him was, basically, suck it up, Buttercup, we're gonna keep going since that was way too soon. Soren asked if he could at least break to go pee, and off to the races he went to whiz one out like Sea Biscuit.

Gaycest - Update

October 07, 2021

The Doctor's Son

TAPE #10: Jerking Off With Dad - Jonathan is such a special boy. I am so proud of the way that he's developed. He's kind, conscientious, and an insanely sexy and sensual lover! We were back at the cabin last weekend. Jonathan's started doing weights. Seeing him in a T-shirt and jock, covered in sweat, lying on his back, lifting dumbbells is a sight which makes me feel very very horny. I decided to show him how to lift a kettlebell for maximum impact on his glutes. Yeah, yeah, I know: I've a vested interest in his ass being as tight and firm as possible but it suddenly struck me as I watched him squatting and lifting the weight that he has the most perfect ass. And in that jock it looked more enticing than ever... It had been my plan to get a big old dildo inside Jonathan for some time.

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 05, 2021

Kristofer 724

Firstly, I decided to mix it up a bit in terms of editing, and as a result this video follows along each camera angle in lieu of the back-and-forth between face up and face down. Secondly, Kristofer slid into my Twitter DMs on Tuesday, and Thursday evening, he was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table. A stranger to me without a submitted model app, I dove into his manhole blindly. Our post-massage conversation will further sexplore all of that.

Twink Loads - Update

October 01, 2021

Connor Taylor 2

Sean Duran Bottoms: Encounter 2 - Sean looked so hot when he arrived. He's got a V-shaped torso, enormous thighs and ass cheeks which look like they've been carved out of granite! The moment I started to massage him, I boned up big time. I dropped my shorts, went round to the top of the table and allowed my rock hard dick to bounce on the back of Sean's head. It wasn't long before he brought one of his hands up to feel it. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and started sucking me off. And boy was he sucking! He got on his back with his ass over the edge of the table and pulled up his legs so I could get my tongue good and deep inside his hole. I stood up, squatted slightly, placed my rock hard, raw cock against his hole and pushed myself inside.

Fisting Inferno - Update

September 29, 2021


Alone and bound to a medical exam table with plastic wrap, Beau Butler is in nothing but a jock. When master Alpha Wolfe walks in, he rummages through a selection of toys and devices before choosing a candle to drip hot wax all over Beau's body. After Beau is drizzled in wax, Alpha grabs a spiked pinwheel to prick Beau's physique and deliver further menace. Pushing Beau closer to his limits, Alpha produces an electro-stimulation wand, shocking his tight skin, sending sparks flying into the air.  Once Alpha it finished submitting Beau to pain with pleasure, he releases the scruffy stud from the medical table and puts Beau on all fours to work a clear anal trainer into his tight hole. With Beau pre-stretched, Alpha replaces the plug with a surgical glass dildo and drills it deep.

Club Amateur USA - Update

September 29, 2021

Demarcus 723

Demarcus first appeared on AFF back in April. Per my usual, I liked his pix, and moved on. Not too long thereafter, I wasn't seeing him login. So, when he recently re-appeared on the site, I shot him an email, and Demarcus responded that he was interested. Throughout the final days leading up to our scheduled shoot, I noted that he was a one or two-word kind of guy. Not very expressive. Fast forward to Demarcus arriving for his shoot, and once we had the documentation completed, I began talking him through the process. When I mentioned the post massage interview, I watched Demarcus visibly recoil, and then he verbally responded. As soon as I heard his stutter, it was then that I understood why. Immediately, I told him not to worry about it.

Twink Loads - Update

September 15, 2021

Connor Taylor

Bob Lemus Bottoms: Encounter 1 - I couldn't wait to massage Bob. He was a proper DILF! Tall, shaven-headed with a damned fine torso! Almost as soon as I started the treatment I realized he was getting horny. And the more I massaged, the more I appreciated his body. Every muscle had been worked on. My shorts came off fairly quickly. I moved around to the top of the table and allowed my rock hard dick to subtly bounce on the back of his head. Moments later, his hand was wrapped around it, and pretty soon after that he started to suck me off. And boy did Bob know how to suck! His lips were full, soft and wet. He slid them up and down the entire length of my shaft, effortlessly taking my helmet deep into the dark recesses of his throat.

Club Amateur USA - Update

September 14, 2021

Braydyn 722

Braydyn Complete Scene - He's 23, 5'11" 165lbs 7.5" rock hard cock, Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Straight and Sexploring. "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." – Olympia Dukakis as Clairee Belcher in "Steel Magnolias" Today’s CAUSA version: "Orgasm & ejaculation through tears, is Braydyn’s favorite emotion." Another first at ClubAmateurUSA (plus the Lush)!

Spunk Worthy - Update

September 07, 2021

Nevin's Massage

Nevin is back and I couldn't be more excited. I had my doubts that we'd see this furry str8 Marine again. When I pitched him about doing a massage video, I thought that was it; scared him off. Luckily, his best friend talked him into it. He even drove him to the shoot! (You'll be meeting Nevin's buddy soon.) Okay, so Nevin's never gotten a happy-ending massage before, and was extra nervous about his first experience with a guy. Or so he said. By the time the cameras were turned on, Nevin was pitchin' a tent from beneath his towel. I think he was just a teensy little bit excited about it. With his ass up, I oiled up his back and went to work with my eye (and hands) focused on his hairy crack. I spread Nevin's legs and pulled his rigid cock from between them while rubbing his tight hole.

Club Amateur USA - Update

September 06, 2021

Rainer 721

With multiple devices inserted, attached, or roaming across his rigid manhood, I had Rainer vibrating like a jackhammer on a construction site while writhing on the CAUSA massage table! As I've discussed, previously, Rainer triggers much of my post-pubescent teenage years having been reared in the Southern Baptist Church in Odessalation. So, it's not necessarily surprising, but somewhat surprising, that six shoots in, there are still those moments wherein his anger at himself for enjoying it too much and his anger at me rear their ugly collective head. Six shoots in, I pro'ly know Rainer better than he knows himself since I've been there; I've lived it, but I still believe there's an untapped, undisclosed, matter, situation, event in his past life that still elicits those moments of feeling violated.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

August 24, 2021

Hot Sex

Uncut + Hung + Massage = Hot Sex - Ashill Bay and Valentin Petrov engage in a massage session that leads into a tremendous bareback sex fest where the two handsome and hung studs enjoy their masculinity to the max. As the massage session turns more into a gay fuck session. These two studs get into a hot sixty-nining position and not only suck cock but eat ass too. Followed with some deep hard pounding anal penetration.

Twink Loads - Update

August 14, 2021

Connor & Braden

Connor Taylor & Braden Rush Bottoms: Encounter 2 - Braden was a hot guy. In fact he was just my type. Late 40s, nicely tanned, great body. I could tell from the moment he walked through the door that he was very into me. He was already tenting his shorts by the time I left the room to give him some privacy while he got naked. He was lying on his front on the massage table when I came back in so I started with the oils and gave him a gentle, sensual massage while getting to know his tight, muscular body. it felt great under my fingertips. In no time at all, I'd dropped my shorts and he started sucking my dick nicely - slow and wet. Men that age always know exactly what they're doing. It's one of the reasons why I like them so much.

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 11, 2021

719 James Jacobs

For dayum near 20 years, I've said that our higher power didn't gift just gay men with a prostate and anal pleasure. No, ALL men are created equal, and the pleasure is there for the proverbial taking if you're willing to own and embrace it. So, going into this shoot with James Jacobs, someone who's worked in guy:guy adult content for several years, I did not anticipate him being so averse to anal and prostate play. As I said to James during our post-massage dialogue, "I've had virgin str8 guys more open than you." And here's where we get to the crux of my work for almost 20 years as the prostate whisperer.

Spunk Worthy - Update

August 07, 2021

Baird's Massage

I wasn't sure if Baird would be coming back. Gettin' this shy and conservative Marine naked was a feat in itself. When I asked him about doing a massage scene... well, let's just say it took some time and a big wad of cash to finally convince him. It's almost needless to say that Baird was nervous about getting rubbed down by a guy. But, as it's been said, hard dicks don't lie. As I migrated from his back down toward his furry ass, Baird's dick started poking out from between his legs. That seemed to be the go-ahead to spread his cheeks and play with his hole. And with a finger up his ass, Baird's cock really started coming to life. Knowing now where the magic button was, I had Baird flip over to give his front side some attention.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 31, 2021

James & Alex

Alex Tyler was having a few shoulder issues after a game of softball and needed to get it checked. Luckily, his brother's roommate is training to be a massage therapist and is always looking for people to practice on. After a few questions and a quick examination, Alex took his shirt off for a more hands-on approach. He laid down, and James Fox began rubbing his back. James then climbed up on the table, removed Alex's shorts, and started on his lower back and butt cheeks. Alex starts to moan as James played with his asshole. James then put all his body weight on Alex, which turned Alex on a lot. James then turned Alex over to rub the front. He grazed Alex's dick as he rubbed his body, which made it twitch.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 26, 2021

Gracen 718

From his first appearance on the massage table in CAUSA 501 in June 2015 to today in CAUSA 718, Gracen's authentic, genuine spirit and natural beauty forever changed the trajectory of ClubAmateurUSA! For that, I am eternally grateful. While Gracen's butt is off limits, and I, absolutely, respect that, his ginormous BBC is all mine when he slides onto the table. And six years in, in lieu of continuing to try to push Gracen's boundaries (he's remained pretty steadfast with those over the course of his filming), I prefer now to just focus on giving him ultimate pleasure. For whatever reason, Gracen doesn't get laid that often (I will happily volunteer to be his 24 / 7 on-call FWB), so after I sucked his cum and his soul through his bricked manhood.

Twink Loads - Update

July 22, 2021

Connor & Jax

Connor Taylor Jax Atwell Bottoms: Encounter 1 - Young masseur Connor opened the door to his new client and his jaw instantly hit the floor! Jax was dark and tanned with just the right amount of facial hair. He plainly had a very good body under those loose-fitting clothes. Connor assumed he was straight and probably way out of his league, so as he left the massage room to give Jax a bit of privacy whilst undressing, he decided he was gonna keep things professional. But his cock didn't get the memo! Connor walked back into the room to find Jax lying almost naked, face down on the massage table, his jockstrap framing a perfect, smooth bubble butt. Connor wasn't wearing anything under his shorts, so, when his dick stood to attention, it stuck out of the fabric at a 90 degree angle.

AmateurGayPOV - Update

July 21, 2021

Vacation With Step-Brother

What happens on vacation stays between step-brothers! Especially when a hungry, virgin hole (Valentin Amour) is fed some brotherly cock. These two studs are hanging out at the pool and one things leads to another, they get into the trouble...the good kind of trouble. There's some sucking and deep ass fucking finishing off with a nice facial. Yum!

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 20, 2021

Adam Wolfe 717

This is a new favorite shoot for me simply for the fact that it's Adam's authentic sex-perience, and once once you listen to our 20-minute post-massage conversation, Adam's life after joining the Marines at 18 led him to the CAUSA massage table at 30 in 2021. And although he feels that his post-service PTSD leads him to being over-sexualized, Adam had not truly discovered the power of his prostate. As you'll hear me say, "That's my job." (After I gave him "permission" to let go.) Shortly thereafter, Adam exclaimed, "You're playing my prostate like a fucking drum!" "You... are... fucking talented!" I'm pretty sure that Adam Wolfe didn't anticipate this shoot going the way it did. From milking his prostate to edging him while finger banging his manhole.

Masqulin - Update

July 06, 2021

Escort Service 2

Gabriel Clark needs a massage. After browsing online at Rent Men, he decides to contact the masseur and escort Skyy Knox, who has good client reviews on his skills and sets up a session for after work. When Gabriel arrives for the incall, the masseur gets right to work - and it's so good that Gabriel's cock gets excited. With other desires in mind, Gabriel confirms that he'd like the "full service" from Skyy. There's more than tightness released in this sensual and erotic massage experience.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 05, 2021

MandingoMar 716

The porn gods have, once again, blessed ClubAmateurUSA as MandingoMar slides onto the CAUSA massage table for his first time, and for both he & me, there are some additional firsts. MandingoMar is another of those enigmas wrapped in a conundrum tucked inside a riddle. While he has had sexual interaction with other men prior to filming (receiving oral & topping), MandingoMar sexperiences his first direct prostate stimulation, and by his own admission, it brought him to the brink of ejaculation while still face down on the table. Once flipped over, I quickly learned that his nipples are directly hardwired to his manhood that went from flaccid to ginormous in the blink of an eye — or this case, after a few flick of my tongue across his nipple.

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