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Drill My Hole - Update

May 16, 2022

Silent Fuck

Felix Fox came to hunk Clark Delgaty's class today because he's feeling \"stiff\", and the teacher knows what that means. Clark surreptitiously flirts with Felix as he grinds his dick against the blond's ass while giving corrections, and when all the students are sitting with their eyes closed, Clark takes out his cock and rubs it against Felix's face, motioning for him to keep silent. Felix eagerly sucks Clark's cock as quietly as he can, but when the hung top pounds him doggystyle, he just can't stay quiet any longer. The other students storm out, but at least he can be as loud as he wants as he rides Clark's cock reverse. Felix orgasms as the top drills him in missionary, then sucks out Clark's cum.

Twink Loads - Update

May 16, 2022

James Clark: Encounter 2

Jason Sparks Bottoms - Twink masseur, James, is about as cute as a boy can get. He's blond, blue-eyed, and smooth all over. James has always had a bit of a thing for older men and gets particularly excited when a sexy daddy walks into his massage parlor. Bearded dude, Jason instantly gets the boy's pulse racing as he strips naked and patiently lies face down on the table. The young masseur immediately gets to work. His hands slide and glide sensuously over the older man's body. James reserves erotic massages for his favorite clients. Running his hands over Jason's ass cheeks instantly makes him horny. His dick begins to swell and throb with excitement. He strips naked. Jason brings his hand up to the young masseur's 9-inch tool and plays with it tenderly before gently wrapping his lips around it.

Spunk Worthy - Update

May 13, 2022

Colt's Massage

Colt isn't a stranger to happy-ending massages. During his time in Japan, he took part in one of the local specialties, the "soapy" massage, which he admitted was "Just alright." When I offered to try and one-up his previous massage, Colt took some time to think it over, primarily because he'd never done anything with a guy. With enough financial padding, he eventually made the leap... right up onto the massage table. Colt's back and shoulders were tight from the workout he'd done earlier, so the rubdown seemed appreciated. By the time I'd made it down to his massive legs, Colt was starting to relax from any remaining nervousness he had about what lay ahead. From between his legs, I could see Colt's dick start to get aroused. A few quick passes over it with my hands and he was fully hard.

Men - Update

May 10, 2022

Steaming The Straight Jock

Muscular jock Malik Delgaty and his girlfriend think they got lucky and have the sauna to themselves, but they're quickly joined by Chris Cool. When Chris catches Malik staring after he drops his towel, he's the one who's about to get lucky. Malik makes eye contact with Chris and sneakily strokes his dick, and Chris sneaks over and sucks the top right under his gf's nose! When Malik's girlfriend opens her eyes and catches them, she storms out, bringing over an employee to complain, but the spa attendant is so turned on he keeps watching Malik fuck Chris's mouth through the window! Malik pounds the bottom in doggystyle, then Chris rides the top's dick. The lucky bottom cums as Malik rams his ass, then gets it filled up with a creampie!

Masqulin - Update

May 07, 2022

A Welcome Interruption

Miguel Exotic is in the steam room jerking his big uncut cock. Caught off-guard when Trent King enters, he quickly covers himself with a towel. Trent, however, knows what Manuel was up to but makes no fuss and sits down next to him. Neither bro is sure if the other is into dick, but are both up for trying to bait the other. Trent chills for a bit before standing up and suggestively showing the bulge in his towel. He takes off the towel, lays it down on the bench, and sits down nude. Miguel is intrigued and takes the bait. He keeps his eyes glued to Trent's body until their eyes meet. Miguel responds in kind by jerking his already rock-hard cock; asking Trent to give him a bro-job with a mischievous look in his eyes. Trent goes for it and deep throats Miguel's fat cock.

Trans Angels - Update

May 04, 2022

Massaged By The Imposter

After a two-year hiatus, dark-haired sex bomb Eva Maxim makes an explosive return in this sizzling scene alongside the gorgeous Jessy Dubai. While waiting for a massage, Jessy can’t help but marvel over Eva’s heavenly face and sublime body. Feeling her trans cock harden, ever-horny Jessy follows Eva into the massage room where she dives tongue-first into the hot vixen’s tight butthole! Yearning for a good pounding, Eva allows the sexy brunette to lick her perky nipples and swallow up her beautiful t-girl dick. After an oily rubdown, Jessy treats the glistening goddess to a sensational tit-fuck, eagerly wrapping her stunning fake boobs around Eva’s throbbing erection. Once she has finished stretching Eva’s hungry hole with her thick shaft in doggystyle, Jessy invites the wild and frisky babe to hop on top.

Touch That Boy - Update

April 18, 2022

Russell & Daniel

Russell Kern's training to be a massage therapist and asked his stepbrother to pretend to be his patient. Daniel Star agreed. Anything for family. Daniel arrives, and Russell tells him to undress. Daniel strips down to his undies, gets on the massage table, and relaxes while Russell begins massaging his brother's body. Russell takes his time slowly rubbing his brother's neck and shoulders before removing his undies and rubbing Daniel's butt. He focuses on his stepbrother's hole like he did when they were younger. He then moves down towards his feet, and Daniel loves it. Daniel flips over, and Russell starts on his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. That attention makes its way down to Daniel's cock. Russell takes his stepbrother's dick in his hand and starts to stroke. He keeps going until Daniel shoots a big load in his hand.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 16, 2022

748 Trey Daddie

Trey Daddie is 30 years old and stands at 6'00" flat. He weights 165lbs with a nice 8.0" hard cock. He has brown hair and brown eyes and is ready for some Straight and Sexploring. One year ago, TreyDaddie slid onto the CAUSA massage table, and to my surprise, he's back! He and I, both, agreed that it was a much more intense sexperience for him this time around with a near accidental ejaculation because he was so wound up. And if we thought that his eye-rolling was unbelievable, last year...

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 15, 2022

Babylon Breeds Steven

Steven Angel might he hanging out and relaxing at the bathhouse, but sex is always on his mind. He’s always on the lookout for a hot guy who can show him a good time and leave him walking bowlegged. While at the sauna, the sex addict Babylon Prince makes himself known to Steven Angel quickly with some heavy-handed flirting. It takes little time before Steven is servicing Babylon’s cock with his mouth and bending over the sauna bench to get his ass pounded. Babylon Prince also enjoys a sloppy hole, so he plays with Steven Angel’s ass plenty with some near-fisting action!

BadPuppy - Update

April 14, 2022

Daniel & Milo

Milo Zayd is looking for some stress relief and Daniel Star is ready to provide. Milo sits down on Daniel's massage table and Daniel begins rubbing Milo's neck and shoulders. Daniels reaches down to pull Milo's shirt off at which time Milo stands up, strips down to his underwear and then lays face-down on the massage table. Daniel picks up the bottle of oil and applies a generous amount to Milo's back. Daniel stops to pull off Milo's underwear and at the same time takes off his own shirt. He puts some more oil in the palm of his hand and then gently pours it into Milo's ass crack. Daniel's hands and fingers rub the oil all over Milo's cute buns and then Daniel begins teasing Milo's tight pink hole. Daniel continues massaging both of Milo's legs and when he gets to Milo's feet, he spends some extra time massaging each of Milo's toes.

Touch That Boy - Update

April 13, 2022

Mark & Taylor

Mark Freedom is really taking his role as team manager seriously. And that includes giving out massages when needed, especially to his stepbrother Taylor Blaze. Mark wanted things to start very professionally. After a proper introduction, Taylor laid face down on the massage table while in his singlet. Mark begun at Taylor's upper back and then worked his arms. Mark rolled down the singlet to Taylor's waist and got deeper into his stepbrother's muscles. He made sure to work every knot out that he could as Taylor fell into a deeply relaxed state of pleasure. Mark then took off the rest of the singlet and replaced it with a towel over Taylor's ass. He then oiled his stepbrother up and continued all over his backside before flipping him over.

Edward James - Update

April 09, 2022

Debonair & Marcus

Debonair and Marcus Cooper are another sexy set of hard-bodied sexy black studs. It starts out with a harmless massage but like every adult gay porn scene, you kind of know what's going to happen. They start to get frisky and touchy as their cocks get harder. From ball sack sucking to deep hard plie driving fucking, they don't let up for a second. The finally is a face sitting deep rim job with a cum shot right at the end.

Masqulin - Update

April 07, 2022

Tight Muscles, Tight Asses

Kenzo Alvarez is pretty new to skiing but he’s a solid athlete and was able to keep pace with Alexy Tyler for most of the day. Sadly the same can’t be said for their girlfriends who spent more time inside drinking cocoa than skiing! But, after a long day of hitting the ski slopes, these bros unwind in the hot tub. It’s just what their sore muscles needed to aid in their recovery, and an excellent opportunity to shoot the shit. A slow rubdown from Alexy has Kenzo popping a huge tent in his shorts, and when he stands up so that Alexy can work on his thighs a bit, it’s in the way and insanely tempting. So, Alexy offers to give his ski buddy a little bit more than a little massage. Alexy takes Kenzo’s long dick into his mouth and sucks it, worshipping his body and his toned abs before offering up his round muscular ass.

Masqulin - Update

April 03, 2022

Deja Vu In Argentina

Grosso XL touches down in Buenos Aires. He’s finally visiting one of his bucket list cities and taking an opportunity to reconnect with his old friend, Franco Emar. Franco hasn’t seen XL in about 10 years but he has turned into a bit of a young hustler. Almost immediately upon entering the unit, he admits to Grosso the place is very familiar. It was dark, but he thinks he fucked a client over on the couch. Grosso graciously offers to show him all the amenities the unit has to offer– starting with his big dick! Grosso puts his big tool to use as he throat fucks Franco in the foyer before giving Franco a great rimming over on the couch, he takes him doggy style on the stairs and Franco bounces up and down on his thick shaft.

Twink Top - Update

March 28, 2022

Story: Cole Blue Ch 6

Sport Massage - Cole had always had a thing for older guys and he found Joel very sexy. He instantly knew the physio was also interested in him. He could sense the older man's turmoil and was inexplicably drawn to the reverse power dynamic associated with the idea of seducing a totally inexperienced, straight physiotherapist, twice his age. The seduction was rapid and utterly effective. Cole made no attempt to hide his huge boner and knew that the confused, but excited Joel wouldn't be able to take his hungry eyes off it. Cole was soon calling all the shots, telling the physio to suck him and enjoying the spectacle of the keen, 40 year-old doing everything he could to satisfy him. And Joel was a natural. He'd plainly received enough head in his time, to get a good sense of how to give it.

Twink Loads - Update

March 19, 2022

Connor & Riley Bottoms

Encounter 1 - Geeky, lanky, ginger masseur, Connor Taylor is back, and, as usual, he's got sex on his brain! Connor's got a bit of a thing for older guys and loves it when a true DILF wanders into his massage parlor. Today's client, Riley, is a short, stocky, bearded daddy, with arms covered in tattoos. Connor greets him then gives Riley a few minutes to get undressed and lie face down on the massage table. Connor reappears and the massage begins. The red-head's experienced hands slide across Riley's back and shoulders, then down, over his bubble butt and muscular thighs. It's a hot summer's day, so Connor quickly removes his T-shirt. It soon becomes clear that he's very much enjoying working on Riley's well-chiseled body. His big dick starts to stiffen in his loose-fitting shorts and he's soon playing with it.

Club Amateur USA - Update

March 11, 2022

Will Carrier 745

Will Carrier | Complete Scene | 32 | 5'09" | 130# | 7.0" | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Bi-Open and Sexploring. After a year's hiatus (wherein, both, Will Carrier and I, thought that it hadn't been a year -- maybe nine months), he returns to learn the joys of CAUSA's Pink Ponytail, and then sexperiences two full orgasms and ejaculations -- one of which I had to put a death-grip on Will Carrier's cock in order to stave away the first full ejaculation, and meanwhile, his prostate is pulsing next to the Pink Ponytail. 15 minutes later, we had a second Main Event.

Club Amateur USA - Update

March 04, 2022

Jamie 744

Jamie is back and doing a complete scene he's 30 and at 5'11" 160lbs. and a nice 7.0" hard cock. He has brown hair and eyes as he is straight and sexploring with us today. After a four-year hiatus, Jamie returns to the CAUSA massage table -- as a competitive bodybuilder! And while Jamie's sexperience was, once again, through the roof, this shoot was, somewhat, a comedy of errors. I got the LOVENSE Lush 3 inserted into Jamie's bum, and then, discovered that it didn't have a charge. So, legs up, and next up, I inserted the L'amourose Rosa. It worked for a while and then just stopped. Literally, Jamie squeezed too hard and popped the permanent face plate off of the backside of the vibrator.

Spunk Worthy - Update

February 22, 2022

Cole's Massage

As much as Cole enjoyed his porn debut last time, I was fairly certain that it was going to be his final curtain call, too. He was really worried that his GF would find the video and was very hesitant about taking the next step in his porn progression. Alas, with enough egging from his buddies, Nevin and Alec, and maybe a sliver of intrigue, Cole came back for not only his first time doing anything with a guy, but his first time getting a happy-ending massage at all. "Curiosity killed the cat," Cole said with a nervous laugh. But satisfaction, especially in this case, brought him back. I found the magic button when my hands moved down from Cole's back to spread his ass and start rubbing his hole. His cock was throbbing from between his legs

Club Amateur USA - Update

February 11, 2022

Elián 743

Elián is 24 and 5'08" tall and weighs 115lbs with a 7.0" big fat hard cock and Brown Hair, Brown Eyes while he's Gay and Sexploring. Would the real Elián please step forward... lol. Elián messaged me, and we were able to film two days before I was sidelined, and once again, this cutiepatootie allowed me to further push his boundaries and his magic button. Apparently, direct prostate stimulation works for this gay top since Elián's cock grew rock-hard after the L'Amourose Rosa Black Diamond prostate vibrator was inserted. In fact, he was so turned on that he stayed on the cusp of cumming, and without warning, Elián suddenly began to blow -- hands free!

Hot Older Male - Update

January 11, 2022

Paul & Steve

Silver Daddies Paul Johnson and Steve Lucas - Hot and hung silver daddies Paul Johnson and Steve Lucas fuck like only daddies can in this hot scene. Steve loves taking big dick and daddy Paul has got a big, beautiful cock that gets rock hard and drills daddy ass to perfection. Both of these silver-headed studs just can't get enough of each other and hold nothing back with deep hard anal sex plowing that hot older hole raw.

Masqulin - Update

January 03, 2022

Learning From A Pro

Darenger McCarthy is a massage therapist who does sex work on the side. Collin Lust has an entrepreneurial spirit and has heard of Darenger’s killer reputation. He is looking at getting into sex work and is seeking guidance from a seasoned pro. He may not have Darenger’s experience and killer body but he wants to learn from the best. Darenger gives him pointers to fully satisfy and doesn’t leave a single inch untouched in this epic tutorial.

Maverick Men - Update

December 30, 2021

Manhandle Massage

For sure one of the hottest sessions we have had in a while, we had our Italian Stallion friend Anthony, give up his hot hairy hole for us. But before we started, we decided to get naked and have a long hot sweaty massage table session, we started off Massaging Hunters beautiful muscle body, then we all took turns ass up on the table, was pretty fucking hot getting my ass eaten out by both of these sexy fucks, but not as hot as It felt when they were both massaging my fat cock with there throats and blowing loads in my face then sitting on my tongue as I slowly stroked my dick, woof, we fucked so long and hard our cocks were raw. This is a long hot video, there is something nasty hot for everyone in this video.

Naked Sword - Update

December 20, 2021

Get . Away. Sc. 2

Boyfriends Beau Butler and Diego Sans are out in search of their friend Michael Boston. He’s been missing since he went on a boat trip with a mysterious local. The pair stumble upon an abandoned resort, windows busted out, pool drained and riddled with rust and weeds. Could this possibly be the resort from the website – the resort that they were told was fully booked so they rented a house? Realizing that they’ve been scammed, they are more frantic than ever about finding their friend and getting off this eerie island. As the sun sets, they search with flashlights, but the boyfriends are chased down and run off the road by a sinister SUV. They vow to find Michael and leave in the morning. Diego showers off but there is something eating away at his mind.

Club Amateur USA - Update

December 19, 2021

Sevian 737

Sevian is 24, 5'05" 140lbs 6.5" hard cock with black hair, brown eyes and he's straight and sexploring. Sevian contacted me online, and within 24 hours, slid onto table. 24 hours later, he was flying out of PHX to return home to the East Coast. So, since I knew this to be a one-and-done shoot with Sevian, I decided to go with the "Full Meal Deal". As we learn in the post-massage dialogue, all of this was a first for him, and based on his verbal affirmations & physical responses, I do believe that Sevian’s sexperience was a thorough success!

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