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Jason Sparks Live - Update

Saturday September 23, 2023

Archer Croft: Massage Bate

All Archer Croft wanted was a good, quality massage. Maintaining his beefy, tattooed body took a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication, after all. So, he sought out Bailey Wylde a handsome dedicated masseur that happens to find just a touch more passion in his work when a sexy man like Archer ends up on his table. Archer quivers and melts at his touch. Bailey may as well have been handling a bunch of putty with an erection. With well measured strokes, Bailey massages barely-contained moans and heavy breathing out of his client. His fingers roam over the man's sensitive nipples and down to his inner thighs. He molds and works out all the knots in Archer's sore muscles until, finally, the tattooed man gets much needed release.

TheBroNetwork - Update

September 16, 2023

Dirty Delivery

Walking by the barbershop, Mark Vallant notices Bruce Beckham getting a clean shave and decides to walk in for a trim too. When Bruce is done, the suited stud unexpectedly tells Mark to enjoy the trim, it will be on him. It turns out that Bruce owns several establishments and the barbershop is one of them. When Mark’s shave is completed, Bruce walks out from the back and tells the barber he can go home. The two suited studs chat and Mark, who is in finance, is quite impressed with Bruce’s successes as a “big boss” man. Bruce takes the opportunity and tells the muscle hairy daddy to get on his knees and thank him properly for the shave. Being a barbershop owner is about taking care of customers in more ways than one!

Blake Mason - Update

September 08, 2023

Jamie, Austin & Roy

Raw Cocks In The Bathhouse: Almost every European city has at least one gay bathhouse where hard cock and hot cum is guaranteed. Young Austin Ponce is soon discovering the local hookup joint for himself and meeting gorgeous blond boy Jamie Kelvin for some boner riding fun, but he's not the only one. Handsome local lad Roy West can't help but invite himself to the party and the two new buddies are more than happy to have another cock to enjoy. The delicious slurps are enough to have anyone ready to unload their cream, but the sight of Austin taking a deep fucking and tanned boy Roy wanting a turn too is enough to have us all on the edge. It's a glorious, wet, and super hot session of hot tub fun for these boys, all ending in a threesome wank off with cum shots gushing!

Cade Maddox - Update

August 06, 2023

M4M Massage

This pair of supremely talented hands have always wanted to give me a rub, and I'm not one to turn down a good time. I've got to say this was one of the most stress-relieving experiences I've had in a while. Y'all all really going to enjoy the attention he gives to my muscular body 'cause this slick massage had me cumming hard by the end. Head over to Twitter and check out his other xxx work @itsdesmipeach.

Jason Sparks Live - Update

July 27, 2023

Baily Massages Jordan

What's better than ending a long day with a massage? A massage by Baily Wylde, especially as he pays extra attention to your hardening cock, ending in a pool of hot cum all over your stomach! Luckily for us, Jordan Starr has no problem displaying his sexy body for the camera as he gives in to Baily's sensual touch.

TheBroNetwork - Update

July 16, 2023

Casual Sauna

A hot sauna can be as erotic as it is relaxing. This public sauna has bros frequently stopping by to test their luck. What starts as a simple cruising session can sometimes turn into more if the connection is right. Edward Terrant lounges on the wood slats of the steam room bench, working up a sweat in his skimpy jockstrap. His sauna mate has gotten his fill of the heat and the cub beside him makes a swift exit. Edward is quickly joined by Leo Louis, a slim horny guy who is intent on getting his big cock casually worked by anyone interested. As soon as the coast is clear he quickly sheds his towel and flashes his huge naked cock. Edward notices Leo's enticing package and this anonymous cruising session turns into a hot, cock sucking, ass rimming, hole pounding casual fuck session with more than a hint of romantic chemistry.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 09, 2023

Elian 787

Adorable as always, CAUSA's Elian returns with a new summer do and thicker where is counts. And did I mention that Elian leaked precum like a sieve and was on full brick? Elian is 25, 5'10" 145lbs with Brown Hair, Brown Eyes and definitely gay and sexploring.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 08, 2023

Will Nouvak & Gerard

I would do anything for my stepbrother. Last year, I told him I would give his hard-working body a nice massage. He liked that idea, especially knowing the type of massage I gave. So when he visited, I got Gerard Sanz into a nice jockstrap and put him on my table. I grabbed the lotion and worked my way down from his shoulders to his lower back. That's when I went for his ass, opened his cheeks, and started teasing his hole with my new ribbed dildo. It was my first time using it, and watching his hole suck it up was beautiful. I slid the tip in to test the waters. He started moaning, so I kept going. I wanted to see what his mouth would do to my cock, so I put him on his knees to suck and stroke me until I bust.

Trans Angels - Update

July 04, 2023

Fucking Her ASSana

Flame haired hottie Mini Stallion is getting ready for her first yoga class when she is seduced by sexy blonde instructor Tori Easton in the locker room. Since it’s the petite stunner’s first-time doing yoga, Tori pays Mini special attention and helps her get into the doggy position. Aroused by Mini’s tight, firm ass, the busty trans babe sneakily pulls down her student’s leggings and slides her thick she cock into her eager hole! Afterwards, Tori feeds her shenis to Mini in a raunchy blowjob, and then Mini sticks out her tattooed butt to take another drilling from behind. Now it’s time to do some 69ing, with Tori eating out the petite redhead’s juicy pussy and stimulating her clit as she simultaneously fucks her pretty face.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 20, 2023

Cesar & Felix Bonnet

It was my first time getting a massage from Cesar Rose, my stepbrother, for fear was that he would find out how much he turned me. He's gay, and I was only recently wondering about my sexuality, which only made me want his hands on me more. I was already touching myself before he arrived. Then his hands started moving around my shoulders and legs. Breathing in deeply was relaxing my entire body, but I could feel his cock on my back, and it was turning me on. That's when Cesar pinched my nipple as he massaged my back, and I couldn't help but grab my dick. This must have been his plan all along. Soon, my dick was in his hand and then in his mouth. I finally got to suck his cock before shooting my load.

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 14, 2023

Tat My Hole 3

Teddy Bryce, Micah Martinez and Ryan Sebastian show us the way to anal bliss in this hot scene that will have you cumming again and again. If you like muscle studs you love them fucking sucking and fisting that open ass DEEP!!! Just sit back, grab a cum towel and get ready for the ride. You won't be disappointed.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 31, 2023

Charlie Cherry Pounds Jerry

Charlie Cherry really does have it all in the physicality department. He’s so drop dead good looking, his body is perfectly trim and sculpted, and his cock his cock is a masterpiece if you like big, fat, uncut works of art. And what self respecting gay man does not? Jerry Toriz, a newcomer to Lucas Entertainment, completely agrees, and he’s thrilled at the chance to take on Charlie Cherry as a total top. Jerry Toriz is a muscular and masculine looking guy, and that’s exactly the type of man Charlie likes to make his bitch in the bedroom. Jerry Toriz opens his mouth as wide as possible as he sucks on Charlie’s huge cock. And if you like to see as ass stretch around a big, fat uncut cock, then watching Charlie Cherry fuck and breed Jerry Toriz will make your head explode both of them!

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 29, 2023

Rainer 783

CAUSA's resident recovering fundamentalist evangelical from rural 'Murica returns, and as always, Rainer has a love+hate relationship with the pleasure he sexperiences on the table. And I was more than happy to contribute to Rainer's internal struggle.

Jalif Studios - Update

May 26, 2023

Bastian & Greg

In a swanky Parisian sauna, resident masseur Greg Century is putting sexy Bastian Lutty through his paces on a massage table. Both men are naked and both are blessed with beautiful buff bodies. As Greg works his hands over Bastian's toned, athletic frame, what starts as an innocent massage inevitably develops into something worth far more money than what they paid to get in! Bastian makes the first move. He snakes down between Greg's legs and sucks his enormous dick. Greg responds by shoving his hand aggressively onto the back of his client's head and pushing himself deep into the recesses of the tight, yet accommodating throat. Greg is soon hard as a rock, thrusting relentlessly into Bastian's hungry mouth. Greg knows what he wants.

Jalif Studios - Update

May 19, 2023

Kameron & Rafael

In a dark, Parisian sauna, two athletic, well-defined men sit side-by-side in a wood-lined cabin. One blonde haired, one brunette, both rock hard just from being next to each other. The dark-haired man, Rafael Smith, squats and wordlessly sucks Kameron Frost's massive weapon. Rafael is a master craftsman when it comes to oral sex the sound of the suction of his lips echoes throughout the steamy room. Blonde Kameron is soon moaning with riled lust, grabbing the back of Rafael's head and thrusting his throbbing dick deep into the dark haired dude's skull. Rafael leans over the bench. His long-limbed, well-sculpted body glistens in the low light. He presents his tight hole to Kameron, who instantly starts to finger him. The beauty of Rafael's face and body have made him impatient, burdened, horny.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 16, 2023

Klaus 782

Klaus returns and slides back onto the CAUSA massage table, and this time around (similar to Leeroy's prior sexperiences), Klaus was a born-again virgin because he and his girlfriend haven't been engaging in any penetration on him. So, Klaus' second go on the table was much more intense than his first.

Fisting Inferno - Update

May 07, 2023

Tat My Hole

Teddy Bryce, Micah Martinez, & Ryan Sebastian are at it again and they can hardly wait until this sexy hunky threesome gets down and dirty. They are pierced and ready for action tongue fucking ass and getting it ready to take that big fist wrist deep. These heavily oral studs are on fire and you will be too. Just bring some extra cum rags, you'll need them.

Peter Fever - Update

May 04, 2023

Introducing Zed Sheng

Lean, mean Singaporean Zed Sheng, AKA "Tool-boi", is a muscular 105 pounds at 5'6". The chain and padlock around his neck are the first hint he's into some kinky fun. After coming to the US ten years ago to study, he learned some fetishy gay tricks along the way. Now married to fellow porn model Thik-tool, Zed got his first taste of porn shoots assisting behind the camera. Once he decided to step into the spotlight, his new name Tool-boi was chosen to recognize that he's his Daddy's boy. His interest in bondage and kink dates back to a boyhood attraction to Hong Kong gangster films where the hero is tied up and captive. The sight of a harnessed stud bound up really gets him HOT! You can find out the whole story on Instagram, under his Tool-boi moniker. Also getting HOT is Tool-boi's glistening body and rock hard cock in a roasting sauna.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 25, 2023

Soren 780

Soren 780 with a complete scene at the age of 43 built sex at 6'02" and 195lbs. Soren has a sexy shaved head with dreamy brown eyes and he's more than ready for some straight & sexploring. Back by popular demand, Mocha Lotta Hotta Soren returns to the table in his fifth year as CAUSA's resident DILF! As always, Soren's perfect prodigious penis is engorged and tingling as soon as filming and my caresses begin. And, also, as always, sucking out his soul is the best path to Soren's intense orgasm

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 19, 2023

Quinn 779

At 20 years of age, Quinn first slid onto the massage table in July 2007 in the 219th CAUSA video, and now, pushing into 36 years of age, 16 years later, Quinn is sliding on in the 779th ClubAmateurUSA video. Way back then, Quinn had just begun to sexplore his curiosity with his then girlfriend and one of his buddies in a threeway. Today, Quinn is open and equitably bi with both guys and girls, and one thing has always been true when Quinn is on the table, he loves himself some prostate play!

Fun Size Boys - Update

April 02, 2023

Story: Marcus Ch 13

King Size Rubdown: Mr. Stone was used to clients having natural, spontaneous erections during a massage. This was normal, and the experienced masseur would never draw attention to it, as most times a client's erection faded as they got used to his touch. However, during their first encounter, Mr. Stone couldn't ignore that Marcus was erect for the entire session. The coy little guy even made hard eye contact with him at several intervals during the appointment. As Mr. Stone began the second, more intensive deep tissue massage, he silently thrilled at the sound of the petite twink's soft sighs. He observed that Marcus had already closed his eyes in deep relaxation. Marcus was in heaven, but still cognizant of something quite different about Mr. Stone's approach this time around.

DamianXDragon - Update

March 28, 2023

Powers of Man

Deepstroke One - Here's the first in a series of bates and bate coaching. Learn the 12 strokes in the Deepstroke series. Joel of Powers Of Man demonstrates the techniques while edging my uncut cock. These strokes prolong your solo bates and when you're bating another bro. I definitely can't wait to practice these strokes when I bate solo, lend a bate hand to my bros or to my clients when they are on my table.

Men - Update

March 18, 2023

Papi & Tyler

Tyler Berg locks eyes with Papi Kocic as he sits outside with his coffee watching the shirtless, tattooed top wield his hose. Papi wades across the pool to say good morning, and the bottom greets him with a hungry kiss. Tyler worships Papi's body and sucks his cock, then Papi tongues Tyler's hole and fucks him doggystyle on the table. Tyler loves Papi's dirty talk as he gets drilled in missionary, then rides the top's big cock. Tyler asks for it harder as Papi pounds him till he cums, and gets on his knees for a facial.

DamianXDragon - Update

March 07, 2023

Welcum To The Gaythering

Heat is the transfer of kinetic energy. Kemono Dragon and I share our heat at The Gaythering's Miami Beach sauna. The temperature rises and we satisfy our innermost passions. These guys know all about passion, hardcore gay sex and so much more.

Club Amateur USA - Update

March 06, 2023

TreyDaddie 776

TreyDaddie | Complete Scene | 31 | 6'00" | 165# | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and Sexploring: Back during the first five years of producing Club Amateur USA, my native German friend would, literally, call me from his plane at Sky Harbor when he landed (or from Houston Intercontinental before he took off) to let me know that he was coming into town, briefly, for business, and he needed the CAUSA massage table treatment (sans cams) while on the ground here. Thom would drive his rental car over from PHX, and we'd usually have about an hour to see how many times I could bring him to orgasm. I remember this one particular time wherein the pleasure was so intense for Thom that he, literally, started crying, and also, as a result of this extreme intensity, Thom's big ol' uncut Bockwurst would stop working.

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